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Dying Light : The Following Twitch reveal

Tune in to Twitch on Saturday, August 22nd , for a live-stream of Dying Light: The Following, an upcoming expansion pack for Dying Lightfrom Techland. The stream starts tomorrow at 10AM PDT (6PM CET/DST) and will be hosted by members of the Dying Light team : Maciej Binkowski and Pawel Modlinski. The duo will be showcasing […]

Dying Light : The Following details and trailer revealed

After a successful showing at Gamescom 2015, Techland has released the reveal trailer for Dying Light: The Following – a story-based expansion set in a massive new area that’s as big as the original maps from Dying Light combined. Dying Light: The Following will see Kyle Crane travel to a hazardous outback ruled by mysterious and […]

Massive expansion ‘The Following’ headed to Dying Light

Techland teased that there would be a special announcement for Dying Light at Gamescom next week – but they’ve buckled and unveiled the surprise early – a ‘feature-heavy’ expansion called The Following, which includes some vehicles for you to race around and cause some zombie roadkill in. The story-based expansion will be made available for free […]

What’s next for Dying Light

Dying Light has received tons of support post-launch, with frequent bug fixes, new content, and special seasonal modifiers. It’s the game that keeps on giving. Now, 6 month after release, developers Techland are gearing up for even more content. It will be revealed at Gamescom behind closed doors, with the public reveal following shortly afterwards, […]

Yager ceases development of Dead Island 2

The Dead Island series has seen a rough few years, and after deciding that Techland weren’t the right studio to develop the sequel – leading them to create Dying Light – Yager took the reins of the island infested zombie game and were set to release Dead Island 2. After one or two delays, Deep Silver […]

Summer with Dying Light

This summer, join the Dying Light community with weekend events starting 4th July running all the way to August 30th. The first weekend event has started with ‘Spider Crane’ giving you unlimited grappling hook shots and almost no fall damage, explore, kill and swing around the city of Harran like Spiderman! I can imagine a […]

Dying Light DLC Competition extended

With all the negative press surrounding Bungie/Activisions Destiny & Red Bull exclusivity deal, many took to utilising their suffering at the hands of the community at large to promote their own game.   Most attempts fell flat, Planetside 2 in particular; given their own troubles, yet one developer has managed to find the balance that keeps […]

“The Bozak Horde” Dying Light DLC Dated

Techland have announced the next piece of DLC for Dying Light.  It’s called  “The Bozak Horde” and is due to release on May 26. The new game mode lets players enter the Harran Stadium and take on a series of twisted challenges laid out by a deeply-troubled psychopath named Bozak. The mode is designed for co-op […]

TiX Podcast: Fast and Furious

Welcome to the official This is Xbox Podcast. Your hosts Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrett are here to take you on an audio journey of Xbox game impressions and opinions, bad jokes, Xbox news, worse jokes, guest interviews, really terrible jokes, and a fortnightly competitive challenge. Beware of strong language, and awful, awful jokes. In […]

Dying Light gets crazy one-day event

April 1 – the day the internet is a interesting place to visit – can you really trust anything you read on a day where many sites insist on pushing through bogus stories that are far from amusing! It’s only fitting then that Techland get this in before March is out – Dying Light’s world of […]