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TiX Podcast: Dissecting E3

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast.

Join Greg Giddens, Steve Peacock and special guest Derek McRoberts for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 29 Dissecting E3.

In this episode the trio discuss as many of the E3 announcements as they can remember, as well as some of the recent content to hit the TiX site, and they introduce their new site: This is VR. And of course there’s the usual silly banter you’d expect.

Apologies for Derek’s audio, it turned out pretty bad.


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This is VR

E3 Video Playlist

Microsoft Conference Round-up

Sea Of Thieves gameplay footage

Xbox Play Anywhere: Confirmed titles

Watch Dogs 2 debuts Infiltration Mission gameplay

So E3 as always was filled with exclusive gameplay footage and sneak peaks at what’s to come and Ubisoft came up trumps with unseen gameplay footage of Watch Dogs 2. Along with this was a Hack Everything Trailer, giving you a real taste of what’s instore in the next Cyber Hacking adventure.

In Watch Dogs 2 you take the role of Marcus, a member of the Dedsec Hacker group, as he jumps, rolls and hacks his way around the streets of San Francisco. From the clips we can already see that the fluid movement and parkour is on par with the Assassins Creed series, maybe even better so this is definately one to look out for if jumping from building to building and hacking is your thing.

Watch Dogs 2 is avaiable to pre-order now and will be released on November 12th.

E3 showcases Sea Of Thieves gameplay footage

Ahoy their mateys, It’s been nearly a year since we first took lookout from the crows nest and gandered and what booty we could plunder from Rares up and coming pirate adventure Sea of Thieves. Well me hearty’s they are back in port once again at this years E3 to give us another taster of what being a pirate legend is really about.

Not happy with just showcasing their new Cinematic Trailer for E3 the team carried on with never seen before footage of real gameplay. With still no release date announced we are just hoping it wont be another year before the game comes back into port once more. So all aboard and lets set sail for a swashbuckling adventure.

We Happy Few lands E3 trailer

We Happy Few

At TiX, we love E3. When it’s not making the site so busy that it makes Dave cry, it allows all manner of developers to showcase the stuff they’ve been working on and might be close to completion. Compulsion Games are one such studio. They’ve been busy, beavering happily away on their 1960’s utopian action title, We Happy Few for some months now.

Over that time, Compulsion have been posting regular updates on their YouTube feed detailing the process they go through for animating the various characters. If you have a few minutes to spare, they’re well worth a watch.

We Happy Few is a game that is based, as I mentioned, in the very British town of Wellington Wells in the 1960’s. You are Arthur Hastings, encouraged, along with the rest of the population, to take the state-provided happy pills. In a fit of rebellion, Arthur decides not to take his pills and instantly becomes a frowned-upon ‘Downer’.

Spend the next hours of your life trying to avoid the happy folk of Wellington Wells, whiling away their life in blissful denial. Reconstruct the past, find your way out of the town. You’ll have to blend in with the other citizens though, they don’t take kindly to those who don’t abide by their not-so-normal rules.

We Happy Few will be heading to the Xbox Game Preview program from the 26th of July. It looks kooky, right up my cobbled alley. Here’s that E3 trailer, which comprises of the game’s opening sequence.

E3 Microsoft Round-up Let’s Play

E3 is well and truly underway, with EA, Bethesda and Microsoft all delivering their conferences so far. And to follow up with our prediction videos we have the first of two round-up videos discussing what’s been announced so far.

Join Greg Giddens and Neal Jarrett as they discuss the many announcements from E3 2016 so far, whilst playing Dead Rising 3’s Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α. Expect some brutal zombie violence and plenty of information and opinions about E3 2016.

Keep an eye on the channel for further E3 discussions over the next few days.

It’s all about Survival in The Division’s next DLC

Tom Clancy’s The Division had a busy time at the Ubisoft E3 press conference yesterday. Opening with information on the pending DLC Underground, which will be available on the 28th June. In Underground you will fight under the streets of Manhatten for big prizes, the deeper you go the tougher it gets but the rewards are high and no instance is ever the same.

It didn’t end there though and Ubisoft gave us a little peak into the future by showing a teaser trailer for the final DLC. Titled Survival its you against them, The Hunter against the Prey, food and water is scarce and its a true fight for Survival. The odds are against you and the storm doesn’t care if you live or die.

With a unannounced release date but hints that it will be sooner than we think, Survival is one to look out for. It didn’t end there though and in celebration of Ubisofts 30th Birthday it was announced that three new player skins will be coming to The Division. Celebrating the history of Ubisoft and what made them great, the team have delved into past and as a free gift to the community will be giving, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell player skins as a way to say thankyou.

So what do you think and what would you like to have seen in Ubisofts, The Division E3 update?

E3 2016 – Ubisoft shows us the wild side

E3 continues and the conference’s keep on coming, this time it was Ubisoft and one of the titles they made time to talk about was the new Ghost Recon game Wildlands. Frankly, it looks spectacular. A huge open world map with strategic freedom to approach a mission as you wish.


You can play solo or co-op with four players as you make your way through the landscape taking down a cartel’s cocaine operation. As well as an explanation of more of what’s to come there was also a spot of gameplay to watch. Ghost Recon; Wildlands will come to Xbox One on March 7th 2017



Xbox announce Play Anywhere

The announcements were coming thick and fast at Xbox’s E3 showcase and one major change was to future game purchases. Titled Play Anywhere, future games purchased with the Play Anywhere logo will hold a duel license for both Xbox and Windows 10 PC’s.

This means you can play, save your progress and achievements on your Xbox One, and then continue where you left off on your Windows PC. This will also make cross-platform play easier with titles in the Play Anywhere series and will be evident in the up and coming Gears 4 release.

E3 2016 – Bethesda conference round up

Bethesda are back at E3 for the second time and they have landed with a bang (albeit after a slight delay on the start time). A whole host of really exciting news has come out of the conference, here’s a quick round-up for you of the highlights.

Elder Scrolls

  • Skyrim re-mastered for current gen consoles, yes the rumours where true. Skyrim is coming back in a fully remastered version.
  • Two additions for Elder Scrolls Online, the first is the Dark Brotherhood DLC out this week on Tuesday (14th of June) the second is One Tamriel, a level free mode where the whole world is open to you free from level restrictions, you can party with who you like and go where you want. Coming in fall this year.
  • Elder Scrolls Legends – a new game, this is a strategy card game for mobile devices.

Fallout 4

  • Some more dlc coming in a variety of forms. The first named Contraptions adds machinery and more workshop options. A build your own vault and Nuka world, which looked like it may be a theme park of sorts, but we will have to see.
  • In conjunction with the work being done on Bethesda VR Fallout 4 will be released in 2017 on the HTC vive.


  • Snap map update with logic options single player additions and lots more.
  • 2 new multiplayer modes, Exodus (a 1 flag CTF style game) and Sector a multi zone capture game
  • Unto the evil – the first premium dlc with 3 new multiplayer maps called Offering, Cataclysm and Ritual. A new playable demon called Harvester and a new gun, as well as new taunts and armour sets.


  • Dishonoured 2 announced with a big gameplay reveal and a release date of November 11th 2016, special edition collectors are available with some toys and additions for the big time fan, for a short time pre-orders will also get you a copy of the first game.
  • A reboot of Prey, set on a spaceship with a psychologically thriller twist, a very impressive trailer was shown but not what looked like in game footage#
  • Quake Champions – arena shooter coming to PC
  • fallout shelter – new enemy battle and more content and will be available to play on PC

Loads more conferences and news to come! Can’t wait to see what else comes up



What’s this new Xbox One update released today?

Our Xbox senses are tingling.

Today a 300 odd MB update rolled out for Xbox One. Now it could very well be a patch for the preview members testing the new dashboard, but we sense possible groundwork for something due to be announced in tomorrow’s Microsoft conference. Are we right? Are we crazy? Are we both? stay tuned for updates and we’ll let you know when we figure it out.