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Unravel Two officially revealed and available now!

The leak earlier today may have spoilt the surprise a little, with an ESRB listing for Unravel 2 suggesting we were in for a sequel, but fortunately the real meat of the reveal was saved until the EA’s E3 2018 conference. Indeed, Yarny is back in Unravel 2 but not alone, another yarn character joins the fun.

This time around Yarny’s thread is cut during a boating disaster, but after washing up ashore, another, this time blue yarn character, appears and connects the broken thread to their own. Now, you and a friend in co-op, or you alone switching between the two fabric friends, must perform platforming through what appears to be the same kind of gorgeously rendered natural locations at the previous title. The emphasise now is on cooperativeness, solving physics and platforming puzzles together to get to places you couldn’t get alone. Additionally, it was announced that their will be more instances of danger than the first game, with more chase sequences and exciting moments driving the experience, and with a new wall jump ability and the ability to use each other as anchor points to swing around, we can’t wait to try it.

And most excitingly of all we won’t have to wait, Unravel Two is available now, right now! In fact, yours truly and Senior Editor Richard Berry will be playing it on Mixer tonight from 2045 (Saturday 9th June) if you fancy taking a look.

Anthem gameplay, release date and details shown off

EA’s answer to Destiny, Anthem, shows us once again the Iron man-esque figures of Javelin exosuits and they look every bit as badass as when we first caught a glimpse of them last year. Muse thumps out during the cinematic trailer that is shown off at EA Play with a cool remix version of Uprising, while huge enemies fill the screen and high action fires out – this looks like it is something to get excited for.

Powered by Frostbite, the open world missions of Anthem are set in a shared living world where everyone playing sees the same thing, it’s only when you return to the base hub world that Anthem turns into a single player story. Anthem has also been built so that additional stories or events can be seamlessly slotted into the world in a way that they haven’t been able to do so before, which has come from community feedback where gamers want to continue playing in the worlds long after the main story has climaxed.

With four classes to choose from – Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and storm – each freelancer (player) can pilot any of the four suits at any time. From the looks of the gameplay trailer, the world has a huge sense of scale. The sheer height of the environment is really impressive – ground, air and water – you can move and fight seamlessly within these battlegrounds, with underwater environments adding a great dynamic to the game.

Destiny inspired… maybe, but there is also a heavy does of Titanfall and I don’t mind saying that Anthem has jumped to being my most anticipated game. Anthem is also Xbox One X Enhanced and I am sorely tempted to finally upgrade just for this game – it looks stunning. I won’t have long to save though, Anthem releases February 22, 2019.

FIFA 18 free trial available now

Want to experience the FIFA World Cup through more than just passively watching the tournament unfold? Well EA have stepped up to provide what you need: a free trial of FIFA 18.

Through the free World Cup update available on FIFA 18, you can play through the tournament, re-writing history as you see fit and generally experiencing the joy of football at the highest level on the world stage. The FIFA 18 trial is feature complete but with a limited run for the World Cup, so if you’ve got a football craving, jump on in. It’s available now on every platform.

UEFA Champions League coming to FIFA 19

EA’s E3 2018 press conference has started delivering reveals and, to no one’s surprise, FIFA 19 is coming out later this year on September 28th. However, what was a surprise was the reveal that the next instalment will include the UEFA Champions League for the first time.

FIFA 19 will embed the UEFA Champions League in Career mode, Story mode and Ultimate Team, allow you to experience the thrill of chasing that cup anyway you fancy.

Beyond this, FIFA 19 will feature the usual refinements we’d expect from the annual sports title, but this year EA have made a point of mentioning that they have taken feedback from the community and FIFA pros to create a better, more fluid, responsive and intuitive experience. We’ll find out how this translate to play in September. Check out the trailer below:

Sea of Solitude is the next EA Originals title

Following on from Unravel, Fe and A Way Out, the next EA originals title is Sea of Solitude. Gameplay first appeared two years ago, but being produced by a small indie games studio, Jo-Mei Games from Berlin, it’s no wonder it’s taken so long to unveil the game properly but it looks to be worth the wait.

Releasing in early 2019, you play as a young women called Kay who is trapped in her turmoil of loneliness. Stuck in her spiral of madness, Kay turns into a monster – can she become human again?

Navigating the flooded world in her boat, Kay meets other shadow-like creatures who were also once human – are they key to her becoming human again? Dreamlike sequences plague her – which represent heartache, empathy, and hope – these moments look a lot like the Batman Arkham Scarecrow sequences, which is certainly no bad thing.

Respawn tease Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Vince Zampella was in the crowd watching EA Play and while slightly cagey, he unveiled some juicy tidbits of their new game. Jedi Fallen Order has you play as a Jedi during the dark times when the Jedis were being hunted. In terms of the films, this of course places the game between III and IV.

Releasing holiday 2019, I think it’s safe to say that Vader will be a big part of the game, maybe in a Resident Evil Nemesis capacity, after all, you cannot expect to go up against the dark lord and win…

First look at Battlefield V multiplayer

During EA Play we got our first (short) look at Battlefield V multiplayer and the Frostbite engine looks as good as ever. But is it more of them same as previous years I hear you murmur? Well if it isn’t broke don’t fix it – but yes DICE have tweaked things further.

Smashing through windows you can quite literally get the drop on your enemies and catch them by surprise. I was always a fan of stationary weapons, but the problem with them is that they are… well, stationary. In Battlefield V you can move stationary weapons around the battlefield – in one scene one is even being towed by a truck.

Destruction is back and bigger (and better?) than ever – tanks were shown ripping through buildings, which was easily my favourite pastime in Bad Company. The best news is that there will be no loot boxes and no premium pass. Surely EA haven’t learnt their lesson?

Unfortunately – for me at least – here comes the massive sigh. Battle Royale is coming to Battlefield, although with Battlefield’s system I might actually enjoy DICE’s take on what’s becoming an oversaturated game mode.

More from Battlefield V is going to be shown of during the Xbox briefing with Nordly’s War Story – one of the single player stories. With the below trailer also featuring an Xbox One splash, it’s safe to assume there will be some form of exclusive Xbox content.