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Enemy Front – New WWII FPS Out Now

http://youtu.be/WoK1T6LECY4 Square Enix with CI Games, have released Enemy Front, a new first-person shooter action game set against the backdrop of the Warsaw Uprising during World War II. Enemy Front has been described as a truly modern FPS, featuring realistic visuals, open-ended levels and a richly interactive combat experience that breaks out of the standard […]

Enemy Front: Stealth Game Play Trailer

This trailer showcases the stealth element of ‘Enemy Front’, and highlights numerous ways in which players can sneak, shank and silently shoot their way through heavily-fortified Nazi grounds to further the cause of the Allies. Enemy Front is out for Xbox 360 on June 16th

Enemy Front – First Gameplay Trailer

Shoot, snipe or sneak past Nazi forces as American war correspondent Robert Hawkins as he teams up with resistance fighters opposing the Nazi regime.  Players can meticulously plan out their route, picking off enemy soldiers with pinpoint accuracy from a distance, disable and dispatch troops through sabotage, or go in guns blazing.  Open-ended levels allow […]