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Rock Zombie announced for Xbox One


What happens when an all female rock group holds a concert that’s invaded by zombies?

EnjoyUp Games’ Rock Zombie happens.

Take control of either Sasha, Crystal or Zoe and grab your guitar. Hammer the zombies into submission with your Fender and perform special moves to finish them off. You can even straddle your motorbike or sit behind the wheel of your car and run them down.

Rock Zombie borrows heavily from the golden age of arcade gaming with it’s hack ‘n’ slash approach but it’s not just about traversing from scene to scene trying not to break your G-string.

20 levels of addictive zombie bashing action are on offer as well as a compelling story. There are other weapons to collect too and various art pieces in the Zombie Vault. All of this is set to a hard rock, alt metal and nu metal soundtrack.

When can you get your grubby paws on this feast of zombie slaying goodness? Rock Zombie is due to hit the Xbox One on the 4th of December this year.

Rock on!

Here’s the original WiiU trailer to give you a taste of the metal-on-undead action.


EasyUp Games bring us Rock ‘N Racing


OK, I’m going off on a nostalgia trip again. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, here he goes.” Well, this time, it’s with good cause. Back in the 90’s, the Amiga spawned some great racing titles. Super Skidmarks was one of those titles.

EasyUp Games have taken that concept, even if that’s unconsciously, and created Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX. Race a tiny 3D vehicle around a wide variety of tracks, in three separate game modes, including multiplayer with up to 8 participants.

It will boast realistic physics for driving, jumps and crashes. It will offer the most entertaining and exciting races with loads skids piled in as bonus. All of this, and Rock ‘N Racing will allow you to plow around the dustbowl in glorious 1080p.

Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX will be ‘lights out’ on the 16th of October, with a 20% discount on the price until the 26th of October. Go! Go! Go!