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Xbox and Bonnaroo Music Festival Join Forces


This June it is anticipated that more than 80,000 people will trek to a farm in Manchester, TN, for the 13th annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to watch a world-class music lineup perform on 13 stages over four days. For music fans who can’t make the trip to Tennessee, (and for those who’ve never even heard of the event) Xbox and Bonnaroo have the next best thing – bringing the festival experience right into your living room.

This new partnership will give Xbox users unprecedented access to the live Bonnaroo experience through an exclusive, interactive television event that will be streaming in high-definition where available. Enjoy live music like never before, with multiple streams featuring the best performances, biggest artists and amazing SuperJams.

Setting the stage for this, the 2014 Bonnaroo Lineup Announcement Megathon, aka BLAM!, will be broadcasted exclusively on Xbox and syndicated on Bonnaroo.com on Wednesday, Feb. 19, with the pre-show event starting at 12 a.m. GMT and BLAM! at 2 a.m. GMT. BLAM! hosts, Taran Killam (“Saturday Night Live”) and comedian Hannibal Buress, will reveal all in this Bonnaroo-style party featuring a SuperJam with the Flaming Lips and Ben Folds, plus special guests. Download the Bonnaroo app from the Xbox Live Dashboard on Wednesday, Feb. 19 and get ready to watch.

BLAM! 2014 will be a colossal celebration of music, comedy, surprises, and of course, the 2014 Bonnaroo lineup.

Plantronics To Host Live Gaming Tournaments During Gadget Show Live @ Christmas

gadgetshow xmas

Gamers will be able to compete in live gaming tournaments for Minecraft, FIFA 14, Injustice: Gods Among Us and F1 2013 at Gadget Show Live @ Christmas, which takes place 1-3 November at Earls Court.

The tournaments, which will be held on each day of the show and are free to enter, are sponsored by Plantronics and daily winners will walk with away with fantastic Plantronics gaming headsets, including the brand new – not yet in the shops – RIG stereo headset and mixer. The following tournaments will take place each and every day.


  • Hunger Games – Survive in 8-player last man standing Hunger Games competitions. Be the last person standing to be in with a chance of winning a prize!
  • Parkour – Run, jump and climb as fast as you can and set the fastest time on the specially created obstacle course.


  • 8 player tournaments – Take part in regular short FIFA14 tournaments against fellow football game fans and see if you come out the best!

Injustice: Gods Among Us

  • 8 player tournaments – Quick tournaments throughout the day – come and beat the competition in Warner Bros’ super hero fighting game for a chance to win.

F1 2013

  • Fastest lap challenge – Set the fastest lap each day on the Silverstone circuit for a chance to win, on the latest F1 game – F1 2013.

Entry is free and it will be done on a first come first served basis with finals being hosted on the Game Zone Stage at 16.30 each day.

On the door tickets limited – save money and book online at www.gadgetshowlive.net

Playmob Launches Peace Games for the UN’s Global Peace Day


Playmob, the London-based technology company championing charitable fundraising through games, today announced the first details of its Peace Games initiative.

Taking place during ‘Peace One Day’, the annual day of global unity on 21st September 2013, Playmob will be running Peace Games Live, a 24-hour live stream event designed to raise funds for worthy causes (http://www.twitch.tv/peacegames). Funds raised as part of the initiative will go towards providing vaccinations for children in war torn areas, education around peace and raising awareness of the movement. Playmob also envisions that Peace Games Live will demonstrate the passion, creativity and generosity of the gaming and development communities.

Peace Games Live will be directly broadcast from the UKIE London Office (http://ukie.info/), streamed globally through Twitch TV. Structured like a telethon, Peace Games Live will encourage donations to its charity page by providing exciting feature content from competitions, podcasts through to competitive gaming shows.

Peace Games Live is also being supported by creatives and celebrities from the games industry, with Mike Bithell the creator of BAFTA Games award-winning Thomas Was Alone already confirming his attendance. Playmob is planning to announce more names and content from Peace Games Live in the coming days.

Activision Confirms CoD Ghosts and Destiny at Gamescom This Year


Activision is hoping to build up more excitement around next-gen by confirming that Destiny will also be at Gamescom alongside Call of Duty: Ghosts in the Activision booth, located in Hall 7.1 and Skylanders SWAP Force will be featured in SONY Computer Entertainment Deutschland booth, located in 7.1 in the Koelnmesse GmbH Exhibition Centre in Cologne, Germany from 21st – 25th August, 2013.

The Activision booth will feature an interactive “Show Mode” experience that will display video and gameplay footage from Call of Duty: Ghosts, Destiny and Skylanders SWAP Force in a stunning panoramic 190° cinematic theatre experience.

To match the epic feel of Destiny, the demo-theatre will be the biggest ever built in Gamescom history – 72ft in length, 43ft wide, and the height of a 3-storey house at 26ft high and with 192 seats and will showcase a seven-player live-demo set in Old Russia, bringing the buzz and experience from E3 straight to German fans for the first time. The theatre will be accompanied by a custom-built ‘Fallen’ statue, offering visitors to the booth a chance to create and upload their very own Destiny photo moment and the GameStop info booth will be offering limited edition Destiny t-shirts. Fans will also be able to get their hands on a series of exclusive Destiny trading cards by tracking down the giveaway points across the show, which includes the GameStop info booth and the Destiny theatre. On the first day of the consumer show, Activision and Bungie will release a new ViDoc entitled “Out Here in the Wild” that gives viewers behind-the-scenes access to the creators of Destiny’s rich universe.

Sadly no one from ThisisXbox will be attending Gamescom this year, but you’ll see us next year so feel free to pelt eggs at us for not going in 2013.

London’s Lovebox Festival On Xbox LIVE Next Weekend

From next weekend, Xbox will bring London’s hottest music festival ‘Lovebox’ to living rooms across Europe with a truly immersive interactive coverage broadcast live from the UK’s capital. Brought to you by Xbox Live, Gold subscribers in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Italy will be thrown into the action on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of July from 6pm – 11pm BST.

Viewers will be encouraged to shape the show through interactive voting on the Xbox Live dash and get involved via Twitter by using the #XboxLovebox hashtag, with the best tweets appearing on-screen throughout the show. The partnership marks the first Lovebox broadcast on a game console and provides the Xbox audience with a truly unique offering.

BBC Radio 1’s Alice Levine and The Voice of Ireland’s Eoghan McDermott will take viewers backstage to present live and uncensored from the festival, giving fans unprecedented access to some of the music world’s biggest stars and ground-breaking acts. The experience will also include behind-the-scenes footage with interactive content, live intimate DJ sets and interviews with the performers, as well as a host of other pre-recorded special features, exclusively broadcast on Xbox Live.

Look out for details on the dashboard next weekend!

ThisisXbox Attends Gears of War: Judgment Day Event

gears of war judgment logo

As many of you are probably aware, Microsoft held a small event in London recently showcasing some of their upcoming game Gears of war: Judgment. I was lucky enough to have been invited and get some time with the game hands-on, and on a far more personal level than I had before having only played two rounds at last year’s Eurogamer Expo being watched by crowds of people I don’t know. Within minutes it is easy to see that People Can Fly have paid a lot of attention to keeping the core elements of the Gears franchise we know and love in there, while adding a nice few tweaks to make the multiplayer and single player alike feel, well, a little different as opposed to essentially being a full price piece of DLC.

Thursday arrives and I make my way to Bond Street; I manage to arrive nice and early giving me extra time to have a hamburger and some fries from McDonald’s. It has to be said, Microsoft chose the right building for the job, from the tube station to the building of the event, shops, stalls, standard modern London buildings, then, nestled in between all of these, stands a Victorian building with two huge stone pillars outside and a very large wooden double door leading you in, the most “Sera-esque” building I’ve seen in a while, and I do live in London.


I am let inside and led to the basement where the mood was instantly set. There I met some Twitter winners and some people from other Xbox news sites attending this special event, and had a brief wander around at the impressive setup and decor until we were all told to sit down for our introduction.

Led by none other than AceyBongos (XBOX EMEA Social Marketing Manager), we were all told we would be spending two hours with the game, 40 minutes on a single player level and the rest on multiplayer. We were given a small rundown of the campaign level and the multiplayer mode we would be playing, and off we went. I’ll treat this the same way we were treated and split this up into two parts, single player and multiplayer, so enough about my trip and what the place looked like, the important part, gameplay!

Campaign: Sadly, campaign was to be played alone which was a new experience for me, even as a fan of the franchise since Gears of War came out in 2006, I had never played campaign without a co-op buddy, but it did not matter. The scene was set with a lot of COGs gearing for war (heh, gearing… For war) and discussing a rumour of a high ranking officer becoming a war criminal in a matter of a week – Enter Baird and his squad being escorted from a Raven to what looks like a courthouse in a much less wore torn version of Sera we have ever seen without it being a flashback. This sets the tone for the mission, I can’t say the same for the rest of the game but the mission I played was entirely narrated by Baird while on trial giving a much more story-esque feel to everything. I have no intention of going into any detail of the story I witnessed, so I’ll focus on new gameplay elements that make campaign feel different as I previously mentioned.


First thing you’ll notice is the Gears of War emblem spray-painted onto walls around Sera, you can get close and activate it! With this it’s time to switch things up; complete an area in a specific amount of time before Hammer of Dawn strikes hit, or work though an area only using Locust weapons – every emblem you activate has a different completion requirement that additionally gives you a nice score multiplier. Next and most important for replay-ability, is the new “SSS” or “smart spawn system” that is in place. I can’t say if it’s a rotation of different mixes or completely random every time as I only replayed and area once, but both times I was greeted by completely different classes of Grubs, along with different weapons and changing spawn points giving every area a new feel for at least a few playthroughs. A mini version of horde mode is also present in the campaign; you will be told to fortify and hold down a specific area for a while until help arrives or people are moved. You have the ability to pick up a few auto turrets lying around and you need to place them where you see fit, but rather than being destroyed through a wave these turrets will simply run out of ammo, giving you the chance to go and refill them or take on the horde without the help.

As impressive as the new additions to campaign are, as always with Gears, multiplayer is where it’s at. I believe the mode we were playing was called “Overrun”, this is what beast mode SHOULD have been back when Gears of War 3 was released. As usual, two teams, one COG one Locust. The COG team are tasked with defending a power generator, set up fences like in horde and hunker down. You’re using classes this time so no running to grab a weapon before everyone else. Each class has different weapons and class specific gadgets, from healing grenades and ammo boxes to repair tools, bear in mind though, repair tools cannot rebuild a broken fence or turret, it can only repair broken ones. COGs spawn with low ammo so a team-mate with an ammo box is a must. You will have about 5 or 6 minutes depending on the map to defend the generator, if you fail the round ends, or on some maps moves on to the next generator in a different area in a way that reminds me heavily of Battlefield’s “Rush” mode. On the Locust side of things it is basically beast mode with slightly less grubs to pick. No Berserkers which may upset some at first, but when the round is over and you’re running as a COG, you’ll be pleased. That isn’t to say the Locust don’t have some heavy hitters, I didn’t test them all out but I had a LOT of fun playing as a Corpser, which can even add a slight stealth element if you do it right, the burrow ability gives you the chance to get behind enemy lines, under fences and pop up to hit some weak points for massive damage. Maulers have a new “shield spin” ability though I can’t say I saw a specific use for it. As expected you have the Kantus as medic, Tickers for living bombs and Wretches to stun enemies and stop them from being able to fire for a couple of seconds giving your team mates an advantage.


There are a few other classes, the ones you would expect like a Serepede and standard Drone, but I didn’t use them so I can’t talk much about them. All the firepower you get as a Locust may leave you wondering how the hell they manage to balance that out. Ammo guys being able to drop supply boxes at will and them having a Boomshot with potentially unlimited ammo really evens the odds, a medic near the said supply box to keep the healing grenades going and you have a force that even the most deadly Grub would be scared to face. The teams were mixed up every game (which usually consisted of two rounds, sometimes three) and my team never lost a single game taking the generator out within a minute and a half in one round as the Locust, while holding the horde off for the full time every round as COG, proving the combined strength of so many big, ugly locust can still be pushed back by a good team working together.

After a while the consoles were switched off and we were given our phones back to take some pictures now no screens were on (did I mention they took our phones away from us so we couldn’t sneakily record any footage? Well they did, I felt naked). Some photos of the setup and our surroundings were taken and were sent back outside to the cold streets of London, ever more hyped for next month when the world will finally be able to do what I’m sure many have wanted to do since beast mode was announced, play as some of the more dangerous Locust, and own some real people.

Get excited people. This is NOT to be seen as Gears of War 3.5 with a new campaign. Gears of War Judgment will make many Gears fans very happy.