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Time is running out for Evolve #StageUp

What lies in Evolve’s future? The answer to that could be unveiled later today as the timer that recently appeared on the game’s official website expires at 17:00 BST. Evolve launched to quite the mixed reception – In Greg’s review he felt that: Evolve is quite the Marmite game, personally I love it but I know many people […]

‘Jack’ into Evolve with a new character and map

Evolve has evolved its own gameplay into Hunt 2.0, which includes a whole host of changes and tweaks that were expressed by the community and is launched via patch 5.0 – the full patch notes can be found over on the game’s official website. To coincide with the patch, Turtle Rock have also unveiled a new Hunter and […]

Evolve – Hunting Season 2

A new season of characters is coming to Evolve. Hunting Season 2 includes 4 new Hunters, 1 new monster, and 5 exclusive skins. Get the first Hunter, Lennox the melee female Assault, on 24.06.2015. Additional details on Lennox: Suited up in her self-made mech armor, Lennox is a melee Hunter armed with a combo dealing Plasma […]

Evolve gets some free DLC with Arena Mode

In this new free DLC, Evolve has managed to entice its fans with five fixed dome arenas across 14 maps, that is 70 different venues to prove you are the best. Monsters will spawn in as stage 2 beasts with no less than 50% armor, there is also wildlife around to feed on to make […]

Sit back and ‘observe’ some Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios always planned for their monster title to take the eSports scene by storm – to help move this along a little bit they have announced plans to bring a brand new “Observer” mode to Evolve. Coming “soon”, the mode will introduce a variety of spectator options, which are aimed at bringing the game […]

Evolve review

I’ll admit to being sceptical about Evolve when it was first announced. The concept of 4 vs 1 just didn’t appeal to me, I mean, how could that be fun! I therefore gave the Alpha a miss but when it came to the beta, curiosity got the better of me and I just had to give it a try. I […]

Evolve top 5 tips

Struggling with Evolve? Chloe Skew, one of the producers at Turtle Rock Studios shares with us the top 5 things that you should know before you play.

Something for the weekend: Evolution of the Video Game

This week it’s all about Evolve. 2K’s monster game has arrived in stores and sees four hunters team up against a larger than life monster that “Evolves” throughout the course of the game. For this week’s Something for the Weekend I give you the Evolution of the Video Game – see what I did there! Featuring Pong, […]

First Impressions Video: Evolve

What’s our first impressions of Evolve? Very positive. Join Greg Giddens as he completes the monster and hunter tutorials and embarks on a little solo monster campaign play in the latest First Impressions video.

Evolve launch trailer unleashed

It’s Evolve launch day! If you don’t have your copy yet (like us) why don’t you check out the launch trailer below.