Dead Rising 4 to be revealed at E3

Capcom Vancouver’s Twitter feed has been a buzz with Dead Rising promotional material for a couple of months now, showing off classic moments from the franchise as well as directing us towards t...[Read More]

E3 Microsoft Conference – Rare Replay


Craig Duncan Studio Head at Rare took to the stage to deliver the news that we can all celebrate Rare’s 30th Anniversary with a jaw-dropping collection of 30 iconic games, lovingly presented for Xbox ...[Read More]

E3 Microsoft Conference – Exclusive Gigantic announced

Gigantic was announced during the Microsoft Xbox E3 Briefing. Confirmed as both an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, Gigantic is a visually stunning evolution in team action gaming, where freedom of ...[Read More]

ThisisNotXbox Top Ten: Best Playstation 3 Exclusives

  Many a jealous gamer has spouted their mouths off with ridiculous slurs such as ‘PS3 has no games’. Those of us with superior intellect know that it does in fact have many games. He...[Read More]

XBLA Exclusive: The Splatters Coming Soon – New Trailer

SpikySnail Games has today announced that The Splatters will be coming exclusively to the Xbox LIVE Arcade this spring. The Splatters, was an IGF finalist and Indie Game Challenge nominee (then, under...[Read More]