F1 2015

F1 2015 review

Ever since F1 2010 was released I’ve been hooked, so imagine how disappointed I was to discover that F1 2014 was a non-starter on the new generation of consoles. A year later F1 2015 is alive and I’m ...[Read More]

F1 2015 roars in with a new trailer

With the British Grand Prix literally days away, it’s bound to rain, Codemasters and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe have released a trailer to remind us all that F1 2015 will be there to pick...[Read More]

F1 2015 Canada teaser trailer

With the Candian Grand Prix only a few hours away, Codemasters have released a new F1 2015 teaser trailer. F1 2015 is the first F1 game on the new generation of consoles, the game releases on July 10.

F1 2015 delayed

Codemasters are renowned for their superb racing games and they’ve been around since the year dot. With the Monaco F1 Grand Prix this weekend, what better time to release the teaser trailer for ...[Read More]

F1 2015 will run at 900p on Xbox One

Codemastershave cnfimred that F1 2015 willrun at 900p on the Xbox One and will also hopefully be hitting 60fps. Game designer, Steven Embling told Eurogamer: Everyone at the studio is doing fantastic ...[Read More]

F1 2015 announced

Codemasters have announced that F1 2015 will be releasing this June. The game has been built on an all new version of EGO tailored to deliver the ultimate F1 experience and act as a significant step f...[Read More]