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Fable Fortune deals onto Xbox One

Lock your chickens up because Fable is once more out in the wilds on Xbox. Released today, Fable Fortunes takes the card game formula that has seen so much success with Magic and Gwent, and adds a twist of Albion.

There are six heroes to choose from, each with their own abilities and cards, and the option to be good or bad – a trait that Fable is renown for.

“Fable Fortune has been real labour of love for the studio. We’ve built several card games and are huge fans of the genre. Our core goal with the design of Fable Fortune has been to create a game based around choice and consequence, with a deep level of strategy.” Said Founder of Mediatonic, Paul Croft,  “We’re entering Early Access / Game Preview because we’re keen to grow and evolve the game with the community’s input. We’re aiming to become one of the best games in the genre.”

Return to Albion with Fable Fortunes

Lionhead Studios may well have ceased, but Fable lives in within the hearts of Flaming Fowl and Mediatonic, who are releasing Fable Fortune – a collectible card game based in the world of Albion.

Releasing July 11 on Xbox One and PC, Fable Fortune features six heroes each with their own powers and cards. Best of all is that the devs are based her in good ol Blighty, so expect the same crazy chicken kickin’ humour that the Lionhead team once made their calling card. Now all we need is an E3 announcement of a new full Fable game, rather than the somewhat flawed Fable Legends, and all our Albion chicken kicking needs will be fulfilled.