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  • Bethesda announce Fallout 76

    Bethesda announce Fallout 76

    After yesterday’s teaser tweet, Bethesda have today revealed their latest work in the form of Fallout 76. The game appears to be set in Vault 76, the trailer shows the well maintained vault, all decked out for a party, where they seem to be celebrating ‘Reclamation Day’. According to Kotaku: From what we’ve heard, this […]

  • Bethesda tease their E3 showcase with an image

    Bethesda tease their E3 showcase with an image

    Much like last year, Bethesda have gone and released a tantalising image to tease their E3 showcase this year. The image tells us it’ll al kick off on June 11 at 1830 PT (0230 June 12 for us Brits), but otherwise the image doesn’t offer many hints. We see Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Prey, Quake, Doom […]

  • Fallout Shelter coming to Xbox One next week

    Fallout Shelter coming to Xbox One next week

    Coming out of nowhere, last year’s hit mobile management sim, Fallout Shelter, will be launching on Xbox One on February the 7th. Like it’s mobile version, Fallout Shelter on Xbox One will be free-to-play, allowing you to build your dream Vault and protect a variety of citizens from the horrors and radioactive fallout of the […]

  • First Fallout 4 DLC coming in March

    First Fallout 4 DLC coming in March

    Speculation has been rife about when the inevitable Fallout 4 DLC/expansions would be announced and we finally have some info. The first piece of DLC will hit digital stores as early as March. Moreover, two more are due in the following months of April and May. First up in March we’ve got Automatron, which will […]

  • Fallout 4 review

    Fallout 4 review

    The wasteland is full of dangers, wonders and mystery. It’s powerfully compelling, practically longing to be explored. Moreover, exploration is profusely rewarding. Every nook and cranny hides ammo, medical supplies, crafting and building resources, wasteland lore, easter eggs, enemies, missions and general adventure. It’s meticulously crafted to look lived-in as well as match aesthetically with […]

  • Fallout Beer review

    Fallout Beer review

    With Fallout 4 a mere couple of days away from release, fans are getting in the mood for exploring the wasteland by listening to the OST and even drinking Fallout branded beer. I’ve been preparing for the wasteland with the latter. So, how did the Fallout Beer turn out? Rather well, it turns out. A […]

  • Get apped with Fallout Pip-Boy

    Get apped with Fallout Pip-Boy

    Pip-Boy may be a sensitive subjective for UK gamers, but for those lucky enough to have had their Pip-Boy edition confirmed, you might want to get yourself apped up for Fallout 4’s release and download the official Vault-Tec and RobCo Industries iOS and Android app. You don’t need a wearable Pip-Boy to use the app either, although […]

  • Fallout 4 Beer is on its way

    Fallout 4 Beer is on its way

    Bethesda have today announced that they have teamed up with Carlsberg UK to offer fans a beer with Fallout branding, Fallout BEER they’re calling it. Inspired by Vault-Tec Industries and the multi-award winning Fallout videogame series, Fallout BEER is described as a 4% alcohol by volume (ABV) pilsner lager, with a refreshing zesty hoppy taste […]

  • Fallout 4 season pass and limited time offer

    Fallout 4 season pass and limited time offer

    Today Bethesda unleashed the Fallout 4 Season Pass onto Xbox store for pre-order at a small price of $29.99. This will give players access to all future DLC that is ever made for Fallout 4 and going by what Bethesda have done with downloadable content in their previous games, this sounds like a good deal, Bethesda […]

  • Fallout 4 Season Pass is coming

    Fallout 4 Season Pass is coming

    Bethesda have announced earlier today that a Season Pass will be coming for Fallout 4 and as a commendation to the most loyal of fans, all the DLC they ever make for Fallout 4 will be part of this Season Pass, it will be priced at $30, however there is no indication as to what […]