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Xbox Live Gold Family Pack Converting to Individual Memberships This Month

xbox live logo 2013

Microsoft has issued formal notices detailing the changes to the Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack. All will come to an end on August 27th as part of a plan to make way for additional services on Xbox LIVE. The future of Xbox LIVE Gold on the Xbox One means that every individual account on a console can share the multiplayer benefits and other LIVE features without additional subscriptions. LIVE is changing for the better with Home Gold!

To ease the transition and to soften the blow for members who might not be getting an Xbox ONE (perhaps) a bonus is being offered. Microsoft will give each converted individual Xbox Live Gold membership 3 months of Xbox Gold in addition to any time remaining on your membership terms.

After your memberships have been converted, the only Gold Family Pack features that will no longer be available are activity monitoring reports and Microsoft Points allowances. Xbox Live family settings with parental controls will still be available.

Just to tease you with the wait for an Xbox One – why not watch the unboxing video just one more time!