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Zen Pinball FX 2: Balls of Glory review

Ball of Glory adds four new tables to Zen Pinball FX 2, each based on a different Fox animated comedy, and whilst the tables feature nothing particular new with their mechanics, excellent aesthetic authenticity truly brings each to life, resulting in terrific fan service. Moreover, each table is also highly accessible. The majority of the […]

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Review

“Can a woman really be Mayor, or will she just menstruate all over the city?” and so begins the over accentuated in-your-face profanities that seems to pour itself out from just the games main menu screen before you have even played the story – and does it get any better than this? Sadly not as […]

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Coming This Fall

Activision in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox has officially announced today, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, heading to games console’s this Fall.