Far Cry Primal

Can you survive Far Cry Primal’s new mode?

Far Cry Primal’s look back at the Ice Age starts off as an intimidating place to live, but once you’ve tooled up a bit, the land will bend at your will – especially when you have a pet Sab...[Read More]

New mode coming to Far Cry Primal

If you mention Far Cry Primal to some people you might get the response, been there, done that and got the t-shirt but life in the stone-age is about to get a whole lot harder. Ubisoft have announced ...[Read More]


Very few developers have been brave enough to put down the rifles and rocket launchers and opt for a primitive take on the FPS genre. Ubisoft have done just that with Far Cry Primal. There’s spears, a...[Read More]

Making of Far Cry Primal documentary released

Far Cry Primal is out in a mere few days, but if you can’t wait for Ubisoft’s latest take on the Far Cry formula, this time set in the Stone Age, then the short documentary video below tha...[Read More]

Far Cry Primal gets some Mammoth sized bonus DLC

Time is running out to pre-order Far Cry Primal – if you do, then you’ll get a Mammoth sized piece of DLC to explore. Legend of the Mammoth includes three exclusive missions, where you play as a...[Read More]

Far Cry Primal survival videos

Meet Keith. Keith is a badger… yes badger! Keith will sink his teeth and claws into whoever you take a dislike to – go ahead – watch him in action. Of course there are larger animals out in the wilds ...[Read More]

New action trailer charges in for Far Cry Primal

With the launch of Far Cry Primal later this month, Ubisoft has released their brand new live action trailer “The Charge”. This trailer gives players a glimpse of the challenge that will a...[Read More]

Far Cry Primal Sampling tour

  GAME is going back to the Stone Age this month as 49 stores kick-off 2016 in pre-historic style with a tour of Far Cry Primal sampling events. The special openings will give gamers a chance to ...[Read More]

New Fary Cry Primal trailer emerges

A new trailer for Far Cry Primal has been released by Ubisoft. You can see a description of the trailer, tilted “King of the Stone Age” can be found below with the trailer. In Far Cry Prim...[Read More]

Fancy staying in a cave? Here is your chance!

As part of the promotion for Far Cry: Primal – Ubisoft are giving a lucky(?) winner and their friend/enemy the chance to spend a night in a cave, yes you read that correctly. CaveBnB will give p...[Read More]

Learn Wenja with Far Cry Primal’s Collector’s Edition

  Wenja is the language of Far Cry Primal, which been adapted from the Proto-Indo European language. If you fancy learning a few phrases, then look no further than the Collector’s Edition, ...[Read More]

Tame Far Cry Primal with Beast Master

There’s some ferocious beasts lurking around Far Cry Primal’s Stone Age. A lowly bow and arrow or a spear just isn’t enough to bring these beasts down – luckily Takkar isn’t yo...[Read More]

Ubisoft officially announce Far Cry Primal

Last night Ubisoft began to tease a new game, the unveil was slightly ruined by IGN Turkey letting the prehistoric cat out of the bag – Far Cry Primal has now been officially unveiled and rather than ...[Read More]

IGN Turkey slip out Far Cry Primal

Earlier today Ubisoft started a live broadcast on YouTube with nothing but a placeholder image and a tagline to go on. The cave painting of a lonely looking man was soon joined by several other charac...[Read More]