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Farming Simulator 15 adds racing wheel support

While you’re trundling around in your huge Massey Ferguson or John Deere tractor-cum-combine harvester, don’t you wish you could be pretending to be driving something else? Something like a Ferrari 458 Spider? Well, now you can, as developer Giants Software have announced support for the following 2 excellent Thrustmaster racing wheels for Farming Simulator 15 […]

Farming Simulator 15 review

In a world where games like Batman Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3 are gracing our consoles, it’s sometimes hard for other games to get a look in, then again, there are games that promise the chance of driving a Lamborghini tractor, which means games like the Witcher can wait. Welcome to my field of dreams, […]

Farming Simulator 15 launch trailer

In case you having been living without an Internet Connection for the past week you may have missed the fact that the biggest game of the year has just released. That’s right, Farming Simulator had launched on consoles, allowing you to manage and develop your own farm: harvesting, breeding (cows, chickens and sheep), sales of […]

Farming Simulator 15 gets multiplayer madness on Xbox One

Focus Home Interactive are gearing up for the release of Farming Simulator 15 by outlining the new online multiplayer feature for the Xbox One version of the game, a first for Farming Simulator on consoles. For those of you who’ve always wanted to spend your life hip-deep in, erm.. muck, only without the smell, you […]

Farming Simulator coming to Xbox One this May

I’m not going to lie here, I really enjoyed my time reviewing Farming Simulator and this news just makes me happy. Farming Simulator 15 will release on the Xbox One on May 19. The game comes with Brand New physics engineers for the first time you’ll be able to manage and develop your own farm: harvesting, […]

Focus Home Interactive at GDC15

This years Game Developer Conference is from March 4th to 6th in San Francisco and with less than a month before it all kicks off, Focus Home Interactive; an independent French publisher, have today revealed a line-up of titles and new announcements which will be showcased (behind closed doors!) during the show. Blood Bowl 2 developed by […]