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5 Game Sequels Or Revivals We Would Love To See

With the Xbox One fast approaching, and we prepare ourselves for the next generation of games, and with Microsoft boasting 15 exclusives (8 of which being brand new franchises), I have decided to look back through my gaming past and have picked out the 5 games that I would love to see again. Too Human:- […]

ThisisXbox Top Ten: Xbox HD Re-Releases

Over the past few years, it has become apparent that a new fad has come into fruition. Dressing up our old beloved games in a new high definition gloss, and releasing it out to the world once more. Today’s gamers have accepted these releases at a huge scale. Accepting them rather then scorning them. It’s a […]

If You Like Technology – Meet N3RDABL3

To kick off our new feature of showcasing some of the best technology and gaming websites from around the net, let us introduce to you a 2012 start-up for all things techie – n3rdabl3.co.uk The concept n3rdabl3 (pronounced ‘nerdable’ for those interested) began at the beginning of 2012. Founded by Aaron Richardson with a great […]