FIFA 16: Goals of 2015

I think I’m pretty handy at FIFA so I’m disappointed to announce that I didn’t make the Goals of 2015 list, but there are some pretty sweet strikes to check out in the video from EA ...[Read More]

Sports Game of the Year

The year is coming to a close and so it’s time once again to take a look back at all the great games that have been released in 2015. Every day up until the end of the year we’ll be revealing our top ...[Read More]

FIFA 16 Review

As an Arsenal fan I’m used to the disappointment of coming on fourth place, I’m also used to hearing Tottenham fans telling me that ‘this is their year’ and how North London is going to be white etc e...[Read More]

EA Sports to remove 13 female players from FIFA 16

EA Sports has announced it is removing 13 players from the female roster in FIFA 16 due to the inclusion risking their eligibility for collegiate athletics. Due to the fact that the players are “curre...[Read More]

FIFA 16 TV ad revealed

EA wants us to play beautiful football, and the advert below shows why. FIFA 16 releases in just two weeks time, will it be able to hold on to its football crown or will PES 2016 be stealing the show ...[Read More]

FIFA 16 demo now available

EA have just released the Xbox One version of the FIFA 16 demo, which you can get here. You’ll be able to play as a whole host of teams including Barcelona, Seattle Sounders, Manchester City and...[Read More]

FUT draft – A new way to play

In FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, fans can compete in single player or online in a single knockout string of four games to achieve rewards – the more games win, the better the reward to utilise in your FUT...[Read More]

Xbox @ gamescom – FIFA 16 Bundle and new Legends

A brand new set of Legends were announced for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team today at gamescom. Vitor Baia (FC Porto, FC Barcelona) George Best (Manchester United, Fulham, Fort Lauderdale Strikers, Los Angeles...[Read More]

FIFA 16 – No touch dribbling trailer

EA Sports have released a brand new trailer showing off Leo Messi in a mo-cap suit and showing fans the new no touch dribbling feature, giving attackers a new way of exploiting defences in FIFA 16. Me...[Read More]

E3 EA Conference – round-up

Bethesda kicked it off, Microsoft then wowed us, but it’s now time for veterans EA to show us what they have in store for us this year and next. First off is a new teaser for Mass Effect 4, show...[Read More]

E3 EA Conference – FIFA 16

FIFA 16 is making a huge set of improvements, including no touch dribbling and precision crossing, the brilliant trailer can be found below and there will be plenty more details about the game coming ...[Read More]

PES 2016 announced

Konami have revealed the PES 2016 will release a full week before FIFA 16, on 18 September. There is a huge amount of new features that are listed below, in fact, you might want to get some snacks: Ad...[Read More]

FIFA 16 to include International Women’s teams

EA Sports have revealed the first feature for FIFA 16 – International Women’s teams. 12 teams have had the full motion capture experience and England’s Steph Houghton seems very exci...[Read More]

EA to reveal first new FIFA 16 feature

As the football season draws to a close EA have decided to release the first details about this years FIFA title (assuming there is a FIFA by the time the game comes out). The details will be revealed...[Read More]