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Fighter Within Gameplay Footage

Some Xbox One with Kinect 2 Fighter Within gameplay from VikkStar123 on YouTube. Saw this and had to share. Looks incredibly fun!

Fighter Within – Xbox One Launch Trailer

Launching November 22nd alongside the most talked about console of the year (probably) – Xbox One, here is the official launch trailer for Fighter Within. True friends don’t pull their punches. Choose your fighter and let off some steam on intense multiplayer sessions. Discover Fighter Within, for friends, who fight !

Ubisoft’s Fighter Within Trailer

Previously outed via Google Cache, Ubisoft has now today confirmed that Fighter Within for Xbox One and Kinect will be available at launch this November. Fighter Within delivers on the long awaited motion fighting promise, inviting players to prove their fighting skills and sharpen their plan of attack in order to beat their opponents. Fighter […]

Ubisoft’s Xbox One Kinect Fighter Within Detailed Thanks To Google Cache

Up until now information on Ubisoft’s Xbox One Kinect title ‘Fighter Within’ was pretty slim – but now thanks to the power of the world wide web and the ever caching Google, wonder no more!¬†Fighter Within, is described as the next-gen game that provides you the excitement of a real fight, throwing you into the […]