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E3 rises to the Call of Cthulhu

call of cthulhu

It’s been a few weeks since Focus Home Interactive announced that they would be publishing Cyanide Studios’ dark, Lovecraftian title, Call of Cthulhu. That announcement was accompanied by a couple of images and some scant information. With the rapidly approaching E3, Focus have released an atmospheric trailer for this new moody title. Being the official […]

The Technomancer gets a new trailer

The Technomancer

The Technomancer, the sci-fi RPG set on Mars, is due for release on June 28th on Xbox One. the other day a gameplay trailer unveiled some of the features of this upcoming RPG – character evolution, dynamic combat, crafting, equipment customization, multiple ways to solve quests – as well as a at the story, where […]

The Technomancer unleashes new gameplay trailer

The Technomancer

The Technomancer, the sci-fi roleplaying game being developed by Spider Games, has just released a new gameplay trailer. This trailer grants you further insight into the game set on Mars. The gameplay trailer shows the true RPG nature of the game starting with the character creation screen. From here you can customise your appearance and […]

Xbox One to receive the Call of Cthulhu

call of cthulhu

After switching developer from Frogwares to Cyanide Studio back in late January this year, the first two teaser screenshots have crept in for Focus Home Interactive’s Lovecraft-inspired Call of Cthulhu. The title is an investigation style horror with stealth and RPG elements, based on H.P. Lovecraft’s horror universe, and is adapted from Chaosium’s pen and […]

Experience life and death on Mars in The Technomancer

Step into the world of the Technomancer. A dystopian Mars world, colonised by humans hundreds of years earlier. Focus Home Interactive have showcased the unique environments offered by Spider’s epic RPG. Face the dangers on the red planet as a corrupt police force attempts to hunt you down. The Technomancer takes place after a cataclysmic […]

The Surge opens up with new artwork

So, who liked Lords of the Fallen? Developer Deck 13 have today revealed the first set of artwork from their brand new IP, The Surge. This hardcore new action RPG will feature tight combat mechanics and unique, exciting equipment and an upgrade system that’s bizarrely tied to dismemberment. This new artwork gives us a sneak-peek […]

Farming Simulator 15 adds racing wheel support

While you’re trundling around in your huge Massey Ferguson or John Deere tractor-cum-combine harvester, don’t you wish you could be pretending to be driving something else? Something like a Ferrari 458 Spider? Well, now you can, as developer Giants Software have announced support for the following 2 excellent Thrustmaster racing wheels for Farming Simulator 15 […]

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition review

I used to love RPG gaming. Fighting unrealistic odds with nothing more than cold steel and some fantasy magic on your side to save the world from impending doom. I last played a decent RPG when I still had a console from the dark side. That game was Champions of Norrath, based on the Baldur’s […]

Divinity: Original Sin will bust you up

Who’s up for a fight then? Larian Studios and Focud Home Interactive, it would appear, but don’t worry, it’s all good fun. The developer and publisher merely want to show off the combat in the upcoming Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition. The fighting is either torturously tactical, or fast and furious, depending on your […]

The High Elves take on the Orcs in the latest Blood Bowl 2 matchup

Blood Bowl 2 kicks off on September 22, and the High Elves and the Orcs are at each other in the latest trailer. The sport, set in the world of Warhammer, is a mashup of American Football and the tabletop battles of fantasy creatures – the latest trailer marks the final tease before the game’s September launch. […]