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  • Fortified! review

    Fortified! review

    Fortified! melds 1950s sci-fi with tower defence wonderfully. Alien saucers and a plethora of robots that wouldn’t look out of place in films such as Lost in Space and War of the Worlds, march forwards towards rockets armed with nuclear warheads, as you and up to three fellow heroes protect these rockets over multiple attacking […]

  • Relive that B-Movie vibe in Fortified

    Relive that B-Movie vibe in Fortified

    I remember, years ago, when all this was fields and the aliens came down and invaded on a weekly basis. In black and white. Fortified, from indie developer, Clapfoot, is looking to revive that 1950s B-Movie theme. Fortified is a cross between a tower defence title and a third-person strategy shooter. Clapfoot have likened it […]

  • Xbox One gets ‘Fortified’ for 2016

    Xbox One gets ‘Fortified’ for 2016

    Clapfoot will release their upcoming title Fortified on Xbox One in early 2016. Touting itself as “PixelJunk Monsters meets Team Fortress 2”, Fortified is a base defence game with a twist – it’s a third-person shooter mashed with RTS. Check out the alpha footage below of this 1950s sci-fi shooter.