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Fortnite is getting an Avengers: Infinity Wars crossover

Fortnite, as we all know is taking over the world and thanks to the 4.1 update it may just increase that grip.

Starting today, Epic Games have started a limited time event coming which will feature Avengers: Infinity War baddie Thanos. The crossover will come in the form of a new mode where players will try and collect the Infinity Gauntlet containing all six Infinity Stones, which when equipped turn you into Thanos and grant a significant boost of power.

Other players will need some serious firepower to take down Thanos. Only Rare, Epic and Legendary weapons appear in this Limited Time Mashup.

There is plenty of information on the 4.1 patch on the Epic Games website.

Fortnite is now an Xbox One X Enhanced title

Fornite is the latest game to be enhanced for Xbox One X. In their latest blog, developer Epic Games stated that “Fortnite on Xbox One X pushes the game’s visual settings comparable to what you’d see on a PC set to “Epic” quality.”

“This includes better-quality reflections (including screen space reflections being enabled); higher quality post processes like motion blur, anti-aliasing, and depth of field; great draw distances; more detailed foliage; shadow casting enabled on more lights and objects; and higher resolution textures and shadows.
Content is rendered at 80% of 4K and then upsampled to 4K via a high-quality software upsampler. The HUD is rendered in 4K.”

The TiX crew played the latest update (1.9.1) this week and all commented on the graphical improvement. There were also a number of game features added in this patch, including Smoke Grenades and Leaderboards in Battle Royale, and new weapons in the Save The World mode, as well as the return of mutant storms.

All the update details can be read in full at the Fortnite developer blog.

Epic Games announces new “Horde Bash” mode for Fortnite

Epic Games have announced that Horde Bash is coming to Fortnite on October 5th. With it come some enraged husks, a new mode, new weapons, new Heroes, and more! Horde Bash is, obviously, Horde mode in Fortnite.

Horde Bash starts in a staging area. You’ll have unlimited time, but limited resources to build a portable horde fort. Once you’ve designed the perfect fort, exit the staging area and party with up to three friends. Your forts will be ready for action when your team hits the ground. As you survive, you’ll receive more resources and more rewards to Challenge The Horde.

With the new update comes a new event llama. The Scavenger Llamas holds four new Heroes, nine weapons, two new Defenders. Earn the Scavenger currency by completing quests and playing the new Challenge The Horde mode. The Scavenger weapon set is delicate, but they’re all cheap to craft.

Introducing Scavenger Heroes with new, never-before-seen perks.

  • Raider Soldier – Loves the shotgun and close encounters.
  • Ammo Harvest Outlander – If you need ammo, this is your Hero.
  • Trap Specialist Constructor – Get a damage boost & durability boost.
  • Energy Thief Ninja – Generates and leeches energy from melee combat.

Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation finally launches

This generation of consoles has left little to fight over with many of the gaming audience deciding on platform choice by loyalty, variety of exclusives or the platform that their friends are playing on – so why don’t PlayStation and Microsoft play nicely and let us all play together via cross-platform?

While it may be a long road ahead for full cross-platform play, a huge step has been made today with Epic Games’ Fortnite appearing to open cross-platform play. The soft launch was first noted on Reddit – seemingly – Xbox gamertags were appearing for PS4 players.

So what gives? Why hasn’t there been a huge song and a dance about this historical moment in gaming? Is it a glitch, or even a test? Answers on a postcard… in the meantime keep everything crossed that the gaming gods have finally granted us the cross-platform play that many of us have desired for years.

Fortnite releases new mode called Battle Royale

Whilst Player Unknown Battlegrounds continues to be the new hotness, other online service-based games continue to evolve and add new modes that could take inspiration from the PC behemoth! After the Mob Wars update to GTA Online, Epic Games have released a new mode for Fortnite called Battle Royale.

So, arriving to Fortnite players on September 26th is Fortnite Battle Royale. 100 players. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last commander standing wins.

But what did Epic Games say about this new mode? “We made a PvP mode for Fortnite. We love Battle Royale games like PUBG and thought Fortnite would make a great foundation for our own version. A few months ago Epic’s Unreal Tournament team began experimenting with the mode while the original Fortnite team kept updating the core game. The new Battle Royale mode was so much fun we decided to share it with everyone to get feedback. To maintain game balance we kept the PvP mode completely separate from the PvE mode.”

Fortnite was a popular game on its release here at TiX. The release of Destiny 2 has put a dent in my Fortnite playing time, but this mode looks insane and I can’t wait to check it out!

Fortnite’s Survive The Storm update thunders in on August 29th!

Fortnite review

Survive The Storm update on the way for Fortnite

Fortnite has become very popular over here at TiX, with Rob rating it very highly on his review. Fortnite review. Its also worth checking out his video review for his wonderful use of the noun “thingamijig”. However, Epic Games have announced that an update is on the way for the zombie killing Minecraft mash-up.

The developer has released the following message on its social media platforms. Survive the Storm – New mode. New Weapons. New threats. Same scared llamas.” Other than that, all we know is that it’s coming in late August or early September.

Fortnite review

I’m definitely one who gets sucked into the hype, but for some reason, Fortnite passed me by until a week or so before release. I watched one trailer on YouTube and I was hooked. However, on the face of it the game seemed pretty straight forward, but when I finally got to play it I quickly learned that Fortnite has some depth to it, in fact so much depth I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface yet.

Fortnite has so many layers to it you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t address them all. I am also finding it quite hard to define exactly what type of game Fortnite is. To give you an overview it’s an action RPG, grind fest, builder, loot fest management game. Just to give you a brief snapshot of what is actually going on, loads of storms have hit the earth and turned mankind into the walking dead. The zombies look a little like twisted versions of the ones from Plants Vs Zombies but there are different types, some bigger and some with special abilities. You play a commander whose task it is to gather resources, survivors, and weapons in order to survive the apocalypse.

The main aim of the game is to defend a point on a map from hordes of zombies, or Husks as they are called. The overall aim doesn’t change and a lot of the time it’s rinse and repeat. You start each mission with time to gather your resources. You swing a massive pick axe, hitting objects to break them down into resources that you need to build your fortress and create ammunition. Pretty much everything on each stage is destructible so you’re never really short of stuff, but it does get old quite quickly and it is very time-consuming. It’s a necessary evil, no resources then you can’t do anything but turn up and be a nuisance to your team.

Once you’ve gathered enough and found the main objective then it’s up to you and your team to defend it by building a stronghold that will prevent the husks from attacking and destroying it. Building is brilliant and extremely simple. With a touch of the B button you can quickly switch to build mode, select the item type you need, either wall, floor, stairs or roof, and away you go. You can edit each piece and quickly select a pattern to suit what type of piece you need to create your masterpiece. I love how easy the building element works, it’s straight forward and not complicated at all. On the odd occasion, you can build a radar when you find it on each map, following the pattern is easy and straight forward so bravo to Epic for making it that way, I think it could have been so much more difficult if they wanted it to be.

Once you’ve got bored of gathering (or a team mate has) and you have activated the thingymajig then the horde begins its onslaught. Zombies are spawned from within a storm and typically attack from one direction at a time, with the number of zombies increasing, and adding additional types, as the mission progresses. The combat is very nicely executed and your arsenal ranges from small arms to large machine guns and melee weapons. You can also use a special ability. I played the ninja so I was a dab hand with a sword and had an airstrike as my backup when things got busy, but the cooldown for such devastation comes at a price and can only be used once every three minutes. The third person angle provides a good point of view of what is incoming and very rarely are there any nasty surprises. Ammunition for your weapons can be made on the fly, which I think is a brilliant touch, however, that’s only if you have the resources to make it!

Throughout each mission you’re awarded medals for combat and resource gathering, this will help towards the end game loot chest that you’ll get for completing the mission. Speaking of loot, Fortnite has tonnes of the stuff! In fact, and I never thought I’d say this, I think it has too much! This is a matter of opinion, though, and I know of some folk who think there isn’t enough. As well as the end of mission reward chest loot, there are also Llamas…..don’t ask, because I have no idea why they chose Llamas. The Llamas are basically a pinata that you smash and it drops additional loot, such as new characters, experience, weapons, etc. On rare occassions, your Llama won’t break and it automatically upgrades to the next tier of Llama making the loot inside more desirable.

Of course, with Fortnite allegedly going free-to-play next year they need to make money somewhere, so you can buy coins and spend them on Llamas if you so wish. I did find that loot was plentiful but this had the opposite effect I expected. For me, it became boring getting the loot and wondering what to do with it all. You get schematics for new weapons, survivors, XP boosts, traps, followers and coins but all this does is give you the exclamation mark in each subject to let you know something new has arrived, then you spend ages getting rid of them and not really knowing what you’re supposed to do with all this stuff. If I was to slate Fortnite for something it would the fact you get far too much far too quickly and for some this could lead to frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed by what’s happening. Eventually Fortnite reveals the use of all these unlocks you’ve been collecting, but it takes hours upon hours before everything is fully explained. A nice touch to all the loot, though, is a collectors book where you place an item into a section relating to the loot type, this takes it out of your inventory and into the book. I did get a sense of nostalgia doing it and it kind of reminded me of when I collected Back to the Future stickers all those years ago. I’m determined to fill the book that’s for sure.

One thing that is important to understand is that Fortnite is still in development, regardless of who paid what for it and the amount of money people are spending on micro transactions, the game is not finished and there are a few niggly little bits that could be ironed out. One annoying thing is a glitchy match making systems making the game freeze whenever a random joins your session. I often thought my Xbox had frozen and sometimes it took ages before it resolved itself. These things will be ironed out by the time it goes free-to-play, I’m sure of it, and by then it will be up to you to buy new characters, chests and bloody Llamas to keep the game afloat. With any game like this, there are always updates and improvements making the experience better and that’s reassuring to know.

Once the annoying stuff has been addressed and fixed Fortnite stands to be an amazing game. Fortnite’s appealing gameplay and claws that keep dragging you back for more aren’t easy to shift. Epic could have done a better job in explaining different features such as squads etc. but on the whole, if you’re not bothered by a game,s side objectives then you can pretty much jump into Fortnite and smash your way around a mission or two.

The cartoon like graphics make the game very light hearted, it wouldn’t have the same feeling if the environments were more serious and sinister with proper motion captured characters and detailed graphics. The voice acting and sound is on point and Fortnite is generally a happy and upbeat game that’s easy to look at and listen to.

Like I said right at the start Fortnite has more layers than a show piece wedding cake, to tell you them all would take ages and I’ll be honest I don’t fully understand them all yet either, I mean I haven’t even mentioned the massive skill tree’s yet have I?….I’ll leave that there for now. As gamers, we ask for games with depth and Fortnite has it. I was excited for Fortnite from one trailer and the game hasn’t disappointed me, although at times the resource gathering and management can get very old but the combat and quirkiness of the game quickly make up for it. I feel that my multiple hours though is certainly not enough to get a full grasp of what’s on offer and I’ll definitely be diving in for months to come, so feel free to join me. To check out some gameplay and this review watch the video below.

Thanks to Epic Games and Xbox for supporting TiX

Build and fight – Fortnite launches today

Grab your pickaxe and a handful of munitions, and take to the crazy world of Fortnite, a game that combines adventure, exploration and creation into one package – oh and there are also zombies…

Launching late last week on early access, Fortnite has officially launched today and you can check out the addictive world that Epic games have created below in the launch trailer. I’ve poured countless hours into the third person shooter over the weekend, and witnessed some great cooperative gameplay (even with randoms) and some truly astounding creations built from wood, brick and metal – it’s brilliant fun.

“As we created the world of Fortnite, with its heroic moments and quirky sense of humor, we knew it would be important to have a mixture of veteran voices and exceptional new talent in order to connect the players to the game’s story,” said Creative Director Darren Sugg. “Just as we’ve built Fortnite with the players, we were honored to have a group of amazing performers become part of our community and to help us bring this brand new world to life.”

Build massive forts, fight zombies, craft and loot… what more could you want from a game!

Fortnite from Epic Games arrives on Xbox One on July 25th

I have to admit i didn’t know an awful lot about Epic Games new IP “Fortnite”, but after watching the trailer and learning more about the game, this is now slap bang in the middle of my radar!  Fortnite launches on Xbox on July 25th in the early access Game Preview program.

In Fortnite, players team up to build massive forts and battle against hordes of monsters, all while crafting and looting within giant worlds where no two games are ever the same. With E3 looming, Epic Games debuted a new gameplay trailer highlighting Fortnite’s unique mix of exploration, building, defense, and combat.

“Bringing Fortnite to life has been a true labor of love by a talented and dedicated team over many years,” says Darren Sugg, Creative Director on Fortnite. “We’re excited to share the experience and start playing along with more gamers in Early Access this summer.”

Fortnite Founders Packs give players entry to the Early Access Season, access to exclusive in-game events in 2017, and offers a huge value on stuff like Heroes, loot, weapons, and in-game boosts. Players who pre-order a Founder’s Pack will get a four-day head start beginning on July 21, along with the exclusive Storm Master Weapon Pack. Additionally, Epic Games has partnered with Gearbox Publishing to distribute a boxed retail version of the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

More info on Fortnite can be found at the official website www.fortnite.com and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.