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Forza 5 – IGN Car Pack DLC for Xbox One

Turn 10 and IGN have teamed together to release the ‘IGN Car Pack’ for Forza Motorsport 5, a new DLC pack offering-up a selection of new cars to be used in-game. The pack contains 10 new cars, but the catch is even after purchasing the pack for £8.99 from the Store, you’ll still need to […]

Forza Horizon – IGN Car Pack With Halo Skin Available December 4

Available from Tuesday, 4th December on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the December IGN Car Pack includes limited-production exotics and all-conquering off-roaders that can tackle any of the diverse road surfaces of Forza Horizon. The December DLC content includes six vehicles (plus one free car available to all Forza Horizon players) that cover the spectrum of automotive […]