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Meguiar’s Car Pack for Forza Horizon This March


Turn 10 Studios and Meguiar’s, the world’s leader in car care, has today announced the upcoming release of the March Meguiar’s Car Pack for Forza Horizon.

The new car pack will be available on March 5 for download on the XBOX LIVE Marketplace, adding six cars for Forza Horizon players to collect, drive and customize with a 7th bonus car for Horizon Season Pass owners. Available for 400 Microsoft Points, the March Meguiar’s Car Pack brings a mix of rare exotics, modern street machines, and some racing collectibles. (Note: Season Pass owners can download the pack at no additional cost.)

The March Meguiar’s Car Pack includes:

2013 Audi RS4 Avant – Featuring performance usually reserved for sport coupes, the RS4 Avant starts with a wide body, low stance and roof spoilers designed for attention. Throw in a direct-injected V8 capable of more than 400 hp, and you’ve got a wagon that can haul your family and a weekend’s worth of gear at speeds of up to 174 mph.

2013 BMW M135i – Filling in the gap for the out-of-production M Coupe, the M135i combines the comfort, styling, and road-gripping enthusiasm that you expect from an M-badged BMW with the day-to-day drivability of a standard model. The M135i will earn approving nods from the folks strolling down Main Street and will turn the heads of drivers as it disappears headlong into the horizon.

2012 Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG – A pinnacle of off-road performance, the G65 AMG has a price tag that’s nearly as staggering as the power delivered by its twin-turbo V12. Little wonder then, that Mercedes calls this “the most powerful series-produced cross-country vehicle in the world.” Take it for a spin along the back roads of Horizon’s Colorado and try to disagree.

2003 Ferrari Challenge Stradale – Get behind the wheel of this track-bred beast from Maranello and prepare to exercise your grinning muscles. Based on the 360 Modena, the Challenge Stradale is lighter, more powerful, and more responsive. In other words, it’s more of what makes the Prancing Pony so special.

2004 Peugeot 206 RC – A hot hatch with French flair, the 206 RC borrows its two-liter power plant from the larger 306 line and brings a nimble sports suspension to conquer the twisting roads of Forza Horizon. While it’s a fine drive on tarmac, the 206 RC absolutely comes alive with rally upgrades, attacking those dusty bumps and curves with relish.

1998 Nissan R390 (FREE Download) – Its race-bred twin, the R390 GT1, took four of the top ten spots at the 1998 24 Hours of Le Mans. That’s just one of the reasons this carbon fiber masterpiece is highly valued by collectors and racers alike. The R390’s ample V8 delivers more than 550 hp of power in a body that weighs just over a ton. In short, it’s light, fast, and oh so much fun to drive. The R390 is this month’s free download sample car.

2010 Joss JT1 – Season Pass Bonus Car – A prototype with serious aerodynamic cred, the Joss JT1 is a fine choice for some high speed “Forza Horizon” cruising. In the real world, Joss fans expect the first production models to hit the streets this year; until then, see what’s in store for deep-pocketed speed freaks with the JT1.

Meguiar’s will release more detailed information on the special events and reveal the participating automaker in the coming weeks.

See the cars in action and watch the trailer below:

Forza Horizon VIP Membership Now Available


Good news for Forza Horizon fans, if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on VIP membership it is now officially available for download on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Previously available only to Forza Horizon Limited Collector’s Edition owners, VIP membership offers players a host of perks, including exclusive in-game content, new in-game functionality, and special recognition within the Forza community.

The VIP Membership DLC in Forza Horizon costs 800 MS points and includes the following:

Forza Horizon VIP Car Pack – This five-car pack features some of the rarest high-performance exotics in the world, and each car is destined to become a highlight of every “Forza Horizon” VIP’s garage. The five cars included in the VIP Car Pack are:

2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder – Going topless in an all-wheel drive super car might be illegal in some places, but just try and catch this culprit. The R8 GT Spyder has enough power and traction to leave nothing but the brief memory of its taillights in the mind of anyone trying to match its pace.

2011 Koenigsegg Agera – As beautiful and powerful as a Nordic winter, the Agera is one of the most interesting of the current breed of hypercar. It packs the requisite manic power numbers (courtesy of a 940 horsepower twin-turbo 5-liter V8) with a form factor that could only come from the famed Swedish manufacturer. Featuring brutal acceleration and a top speed north of 260 mph, the Agera is special in every respect.

2011 Lamborhini Sesto Elemento – Faceted like a cut diamond, there’s no mistaking the Sesto Elemento for anything else on the road – even other Lamborghinis. Sesto elemento is Italian for “sixth element;” if you don’t have a periodic table nearby, that’s carbon, a not-so-subtle hint that its body is composed entirely of the woven stuff.

2012 Pagani Huayra – The Huayra has been a long time in the making; designer Horacio Pagani began work on the car in 2003. But, like all works of art – automotive or otherwise – true beauty takes time.

2011 RUF Rt 12 R – Starting with the traditional body-in-white, RUF completely rebuilds or replaces the rest of the componentry with stunning results: 730 horsepower and 693 ft-lbs. of torque, enough to rival all but the most extreme supercars. While the R can do things that few cars can equal, it does so precisely and without drama. A skilled driver will find few better tools in which to practice his craft.

Exclusive in-game gifts from the Forza Community Team – VIPs should check their Forza Horizon inbox today for a new car designed by phredesign, and look for a VIP Car Battle Facebook poll on our official Facebook page later in the week for a chance to vote on the car you want to receive for free!

VIP Rivals Events – VIPs can race in custom-made Rivals events to test their skills against fellow “Forza Horizon” VIP members

Expanded Storefront: VIP members receive additional slots for their in-game storefront in “Forza Horizon”. These slots can be used to showcase new user-generated content such as photographs, vinyl groups, designs, etc.

Expanded MyForza gallery space: VIP’s can store an additional two videos or “Big Shot” images in their MyForza gallery

VIP icon affixed to each VIP member’s Gamertag in “Forza Horizon”

NOTE: Current “Forza Horizon” LCE owners who have redeemed their VIP membership code should not re-purchase VIP membership for “Forza Horizon”, as they currently enjoy all benefits associated with VIP membership.

Source: ForzaMotorSport

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Microsoft Announces Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack

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