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101 Ways To Die launch trailer released

101wtd_2The release date for the dark and insidious physics puzzler, 101 Ways To Die, is creeping ever closer. As such Four Door Lemon and Vision Game Publishing have announced a new launch trailer showing off the murderous mayhem that ensues behind the closed doors of the Splatenfuder mansion.

As Professor Splatenfuder’s lab assistant, you are tasked with finding the most violent and brutal ways to maim, slice, burn, explode, rip and impale lab-created creatures known as Splatts by utilising a variety of madcap and deadly implements, in order to replace the professors life work – his book on 101 ways to die.

101 Ways To Die is out on the 22nd March and will be priced at is priced at £10.99/$14.99/€14.99.

Dare you delve into the depravity of Professor Splatenfuders magnum opus, and ensure none of the Splatts surive?


New trailer for 101 Ways to Die

Developers Four Door Lemon have released a new trailer for their upcoming physics-based puzzler 101 Ways to Die.

Dr Splatunfuder has dedicated his life’s work to a twisted “recipe book” focused on the death of his enemies. However, an unfortunate laboratory accident resulted in the destruction of the first draft. As the ethically challenged assistant of Dr Splatunfuder, players must assist him piecing the fragments back together; page by page; chapter by chapter; kill by kill as they progress through a fiendishly clever array of game puzzles.

By utilising a variety of madcap and deadly implements, players must trap and punish lab-created creatures known as Splatts – before ripping them apart in the most stylish and imaginative ways possible. And whatever you do, don’t let them escape.

101 Ways to Die is due to hit Xbox One on March the 24th. You can check out the trailer below: