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Crossout review

Blowing up cars is cool, especially with other cars that have sniper rifles and rocket launchers attached to them. If that appeals to you in any way then Crossout is a game for you.

It will take a bit of patience at the beginning, your simple rust bucket of a car won’t have many capabilities, but it will give you enough to get by in your first matches. Each match you take part in is 8v8 and the objective is simply to destroy the other team or capture their HQ. You’ll race across the vast wastelands to hunt down and destroy your opponents. Winning matches will give you access to more experience and more car parts to start to build you a machine of destruction.

You need to get to level 10 before you get to battle with your fellow humans, which is fine, to a point. It gives you a chance to get used to the game and also a chance to build up more of an impressive vehicle. The AI vehicles are pretty stupid though, always crashing into walls or driving off cliffs, it’s funny to watch at first but quickly gets tiresome.

Where things should be fun is in the crafting, but you’ll need to be patient. You’ll need to take some things into consideration when building your machine. Weight, for example, is important, making the car too heavy will make it slow, whereas a lighter vehicle will move around more freely. You’ll also need to consider the car’s Centre of Mass. if you unbalance the car you’ll have all sorts of issues when driving. It’s great fun putting your car together thanks to the easy-to-use build mode. If you save enough in-game credits, you can purchase cars through the player market.

You’ll eventually upgrade your car with items such as rockets, stealth fields or giant grinders while other objects such as skulls, headlamps, spears, exhaust pipes just add to the visuals rather than affecting the physics of the car, you are encouraged to decorate your vehicles as they contribute towards XP.

It’s great being able to see what the community has created in their own worlds and thanks to the exhibition mode you can. Each vehicle you view can be downloaded and you can even have a little test drive with them. If you have the same parts available you can use the template as your own.

This is all great except you are let down but constantly needing to grind your way through the game for little reward unless of course, you are willing to spend a bunch of cash through the microtransactions, it almost undermines how fun the game can actually be.

The combat is great, vehicles can be torn apart piece by piece. You’ll see lots of vehicles with wheels missing or parts falling off. There is nothing more satisfying than disabling an opponent to the point that they have no wheels or weapons but are still alive, leaving them for an easy kill. Matches are quick, they finish within a few minutes and it’s not long before you are back out again to take on another team. The excellent physics make for some great gameplay.

The game feels very much like World of Tanks mixed with Mad Max, it’s a frantic and chaotic game, that is let down by the grinding and the confusing menus. It’s a great looking game and gives you a chance to let your imagination run while with your vehicle creations, you just might get frustrated by the waiting though.

Thanks to Plan of Attack for support TiX

Trove review in progress

To some it would be easy to dismiss Trove as “just another Minecraft clone”, but to do so would fail to appreciate the unique approach Trion Worlds have taken in their own personal take on the voxel-based sandbox genre.

Unlike Minecraft, Trove concentrates more on combat and questing than the distinct world building focus of the former. Utilising a range of unlockable character classes, each with their own particular skills and abilities, gives Trove a distinctly more MMO feel. These classes are purchasable through in-game currency and once unlocked allow the player to change between classes on the fly, allowing for a much more flexible approach to how you tackle each area or quest. These characters all fall under melee, ranged or magic based attacks, and with a dozen classes to choose from there will always be one that fits your particular playstyle, whether it be the Knight or Lunar Lancer getting up close and personal, the Gun Slinger or Shadow Hunter taking out your enemies from afar before they have a chance to get close, or the Ice Sage or Tomb Raiser throwing massive Ice Crystals or summoning minions respectively to slow and distract your enemies while you whittle down their health with your basic attacks.

Trove utilises a hub world system, where portals to randomly generated adventure worlds of varying difficulties are available as you progress, allowing you to take on more difficult challenges as your character and gear level up, with the more difficult levels requiring an equipment value of 10000 and a character level of 29-30 in order to survive the enemies you would face.

Each Adventure world in itself is made up of a patchwork of Biomes from the primary 11 zones, and each has its own themed enemies, quests, dungeons and music, allowing easy recognition of each as you enter or view them on the overworld map. Within each are home plots, where you can set out your personal space as you progress, acting as a save point when traversing the world. These personal plots are fully modifiable and here is where most of the players will experience a similar voxel-based world building as you would expect from this genre of game.

As you begin, the opening tutorial quickly transforms into a progress quest chain, introducing you to more and more aspects of the games mechanics and environments. As you approach the mid game, you start to find that the resource requirement for this chain grows exponentially, with the later progress quests requiring rare materials that drop very infrequently. It is at this point that the solo player becomes less and less viable, as the ability to create a clan and pool resources becomes tantamount to efficient resource gathering towards a shared goal. Entering the realm of Korean MMO’s, the grind required to effectively complete these later quests will undoubtedly sour the experience for many playing the game casually.

Although the graphics are your typical voxel fare, each class has a huge range of equipment, with styles and stats that allow you to easily focus on key aspects of your character, with specific builds starting to take form as you progress through the difficulties of the Adventure worlds. These equipment items can be disassembled at your home plot to allow you to permanently apply the style over the top of your equipped gear, much akin to how Lord of The Rings Online applied cosmetic appearances, allowing you to make your character look as unique and bizarre as you would hope.

Without even touching on the crafting side of the game, which does require significant resources, there is a ton of things to do, with hourly challenges popping up that may favour taking on dungeons in certain biomes or completing it with certain character classes, that gives the game some much needed distraction when you are grinding for your progress quest.

Having only reached the “Uber 1” adventure world, there is still a lot of game that has gone unexperienced as yet, and I would like to revisit this review once that is done to assess how the game balances grind vs reward as you move up the ranks, but as with all MMO’s there is a distinct time investment required to reach those lofty heights that are near impossible in a review timescale.

Overall, Trove is a deeply enjoyable open world MMO, with deep and robust loot and crafting systems, that would give a lot of big budget MMOs a run for their money, and only the distinct grind fest that appears mid game detracts from the overall experience.

This is definitely one to enjoy with friends, and if you can get a group to play together there is a lot to enjoy in Trove, and with it being free-to play, there’s no excuse to not dive in and give it a try. We hope to elaborate more on Trove, and provide an overall score, in the coming weeks as we experience the end game content.

Thanks to Xbox and Trion Worlds for supporting TiX

Steep is free to play this wekend

This weekend on Xbox Live you will be able to hit the slopes as Steep is Free to play from 10th March at 8:01am GMT to 13th March at 7:59am GMT.

Players who choose to purchase the game online during this free weekend can do so at a discount, and without losing their progress. Starting March 10th, there will be a 50 percent discount on Steep’s Standard Edition and a 40 percent discount for Steep’s Gold Edition on XBL until March 21st.

The latest Steep title update brings enhancements to the tricks system and g-force impacts. Additionally, new camera angles and the ability to capture replay videos without the HUD, gives players even more freedom to show off their best stunts with the editor mode.

Warframe starts 2017 with new update

With 26 million registered players Warframe has seen a slow but very successful rise to the ranks that it is at today. After 2016’s “War Within” update that was Digital Extreme’s biggest update so far it may have been hard for them top that and continue to be successful. 2017 However has got a very promising start for Warframe newbies and fans alike. Digital Extreme have announced that their latest update entitled “The Glast Gambit”  not very easy to say after a few beers but it shows that Digitial Extremes are serious about holding onto Warframe’s fan base.

Key highlights of The Glast Gambit update feature:

NEW WARFRAME: Plague your enemies with the Infested powers of Lotus’ newest warrior, Nidus. Spread the Infestation by spawning maggots that seek nearby enemies, manifest plagued tendrils to immobilize foes, and redistribute the damage you take to infected victims.
NEW COSMETICS: New community-made Customizations from the TennoGen program have arrived on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One! Console players can now get their hands on the Volt Amp Skin, Volt Arrester Helmet, Mag Orbit Skin, Chroma Tarrasque Helmet and the Excalibur Sentient Slayer Skin from the Market to stylize their Warframe.
NEW QUEST: Nef Anyo has stolen the children of the Mycona Colony, and the Tenno must challenge Nef in The Index and beat him at his own game.
NEW WEAPONS: Handle new Weapons and Customizations with care as they have been corrupted by the Infestation.
HEMA – Wield this symbiotic burst-rifle designed to leech health to forge its ammo, and then restore health with each headshot.
HIRUDO – Rip into the enemy with fists of razor sharp cartilage. Steals health with each critical hit.
RIVEN MODS: Expand your strength by wielding a new Riven Mod for Secondary Weapons — but know that you must prove yourself before their powers are revealed.
THORAC SYANDANA: Drape yourself with the new sinuous spine of Infested anatomy.

Do you know whats the best thing about this is? It’s still free, thats right no money needed so there’s nothing really really stopping you is there?

The Glast Gambit is available now on the Xbox Store.

Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder – Sea of Moving Ice update is available now

Cryptic Studios’ free-to-play MMO Neverwinter, has just received its latest update, introducing several new features to the already rich multiplayer RPG.

Continuing the story from Storm King’s Thunder, the threat of the Ring of Winter persists, leaving Neverwinter and its surrounding lands in peril. Adventurers must gather support against Jarl Storvald and his stronghold while navigating dangerous surrounding waters with the new khyek. Along the way, they’ll be able try their luck at an updated fishing system, hunt for bottles filled with treasure maps and uncover lost relics to earn powerful artifact weapons.

Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice 1

This update to introduces:

· Assault on Svardborg – This new level 70 trial pits 10 adventurers against the mighty Jarl Storvald in the heart of his stronghold, with both Normal and Master difficulty levels.

· New Adventure Zone – Adventurers will traverse over half a dozen large ice mountains and several smaller icebergs to muster support against Jarl Storvald and his threat of endless winter.

· New Means of Travel – The khyek is a new nautical vessel players will use to traverse the Sea of Moving Ice.

· Fishing Mini Game – Adventurers can hop in the khyek and cast a line to catch over a hundred different species of fish, gaining reputation used to access and upgrade powerful new weapons.

· Treasure Hunting – While reeling in their daily catch, adventurers may discover bottles filled with maps, leading to treasure throughout the Sea of Moving Ice.

· Artifact Weaponry – Reclaiming lost giant relics from enemies through new activities is an effort that won’t go unnoticed, as players will earn weapons far stronger than any seen before.

Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice 2

Gigantic open Beta available on Xbox One and windows 10 now

Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga’s Gigantic is now in Open Beta as part of the Xbox Game Preview Program. The free-to-play competitive action MOBA is available on the Windows Store (Windows 10 PC’s and Xbox One) across North America and Western Europe and features cross-play between the two platforms.

Gigantic is a free-to-play competitive action MOBA developed by Motiga, offering a light-hearted and charming MOBA experience aimed at all types of gamers. players are pitted against each other in two teams of five heroes, and with the aid of their massive Guardians compete to dominate a variety of maps. The game combines combat with fast-paced teamwork, strategy, and skill, as players are required to work together and fight relentlessly to defeat opposing Guardians with spells, guns and swords.


Gigantic will always be free-to-play and its entire roster of heroes and creatures are unlockable through in-game currencies earned by completing matches and fulfilling Fortune Cards. Purchasing the Founder’s Pack grants players instant access to 16 Open Beta heroes (plus four future heroes) ready to battle for supremacy. Finally, Founders will receive two limited additional “Imperial” skins and two exclusive Founder’s profile icons. Gigantic and the Founder’s Pack is available now on Windows 10 and Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview Program, but will follow on Arc (PC Windows) at a later date.

In its free-to-play version, Gigantic will feature weekly rotations of six heroes, from a roster of 16, and three maps: Siren’s Stand, Ghost Reef and Sanctum Falls. Each hero features a unique playstyle that can be further customized through skill trees during each match. You’ll need to work together as a teams to attack enemies while claiming points on the map to summon powerful Creatures. Players will power up their team’s Guardian by controlling the battlefield and defeating enemies. Victory is awarded to the team who can overpower their opponents’ Guardian.


Players looking to unlock more for their Gigantic experience can also purchase the Founder’s Pack ($39.99) to gain access to all 16 current heroes, four upcoming heroes and additional unique rewards. Valued at over $150, the Founder’s Pack offers a substantial savings to players looking to establish themselves right away.

Gigantic is an entirely new action MOBA experience that combines high twitch skills and deep strategic choices. Paired with innovated design that includes giant Guardians (to fight with and against), and creatures that you can summon, Gigantic is way beyond Overwatch or Paladins,

said Chris Chung, CEO of Motiga.

We’re carving our own destiny.

We’re certainly looking forward to checking it out. See you on the battlefield.

Warframe and The War Within coming to Xbox One later this month

Digital Extremes announced at the Game Awards that their new story-focused expansion to Warframe, The War Within, will hit Xbox One this month for free.

With its release, the free-to-play action title will treat players to a journey through a lore-filled cinematic quest including new missions, planets, enemies and more. Additionally, to coincide with this announcement, Digital Extremes is launching a Warframe Prime Gaming Giveaway featuring complete, custom Prime Gaming Setups for PC, Xbox One and PS4 as well as a chance to play the next Warframe Prime gear a week before its released to the public.

For a glimpse of the new quest and player customisation coming with The War Within, check out the videos below:

The War Within quest will push both Warframe and Operator past their limits as they venture into the Grineer Queen’s fortress to unravel mysteries about the Tenno’s past and hidden capabilities. These twisted Monarchs have lurked in the shadows, preferring to let their minions do their dirty work – but now it is time to uncover their true intentions face-to-face. In addition to the cinematic quest, The War Within update also includes new weapons, customizations, maps, and enemies, as well as a few secrets to be revealed closer to launch.

In order to play the quest upon its release, Warframe players must have completed The Second Dream quest and unlocked the Pluto-Sedna Junction. Digital Extremes are also encouraging players to ready their loadouts and don their best-dressed Warframe and Operator before playing the new quest. And if you fancy sharing your load-outs with the Dev team feel free to tag it #TheWarWithin.

Furthermore, as a thank you to the Warframe community for their unending support, and in celebration of The War Within’s release, Digital Extremes have launched the Warframe Prime Gaming Giveaway. Here what you could win:

• Top-of-the-line Origin PC with custom Prime-designed cases loaded with a GTX 1080 Founders Edition graphics card, Intel Core i7 6700k processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and 24″ monitor; plus Razer® peripherals and accessories
• PS4 Pro Gaming Setups – Custom Prime-skinned PlayStation®4 Pro, Sony® 4K HDR 50″ TV, Sony® Surround Sound system
• Xbox One S Gaming Setups – Custom Prime-skinned Xbox One S, 4K HDR 50″ TV, Surround Sound system
• Top Tier Prime Access Packs (first release of 2017) to be delivered to your game account one week before its released to the public – Prime Access is a premium program offering instant access to the most coveted variants of Warframes and gear


To be eligible for a chance to win, you must log in to play Warframe between Thursday, December 1, 2016, and Wednesday, February 1, 2017, and fill out an entry form on the official website at www.warframe.com/en/giveaway. Warframe Prime Gaming Sweepstakes is limited to residents of North America, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Some exceptions apply. Full details and rules are available here: www.warframe.com/giveaway.

Fable Legends will be free to play

Fable Legends F2P

Residents of Albion! Did you hear the news?


You read it right, Fable Legends will be free to play on Xbox One (with an active Xbox Live Gold membership) and for Windows 10.

So what does free to play actually mean for Fables Legends? Over on the official Fable Legends website the developers; Lionhead Studios, laid out three commitments:

  1. Open – You’ll be able to play Fable Legends from beginning-to-end without spending a penny. That means you’ll have access to the entirety of Fable Legends’ storyline and all of the quests Lionhead Studios release in 2015 and then… forever.
  2. Fair – Everything in Fable Legends that affects gameplay can be earned by simply playing the game.
  3. Generous – Lionhead Studios have a clear goal to have a happy community of players. To that extent they’ll be updating the game with exciting new quests to play through, Heroes to play as, Villain creatures to control, and lots more.

Playing Fable Legends, either as a Hero or Villain, will earn players Silver. This Silver can be spent in-game on a selection of goodies that make your Hero and creatures more powerful.

As with all free to play models, there will be a real-world money option also. Players will be able to purchase gold to use in the same way as silver. Lionhead Studios have said this gold can be used to ‘purchase many of the items that are also available for silver’. This could potentially mean that real-world money won’t open up all items to players to retain a sense of fairness.


Heroes of Albion

Lionhead Studios will be launching Fable Legends with a wide array of unique Heroes. At any time, there will be four of these Heroes available to play for free. They’ll then be rotating the four Heroes available on free rotation, so you’ll have a chance to play them all. But don’t panic, any progress you make with a Hero will be saved, and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off when they appear next on the free rotation.


Of course, not everyone will want to play as a Hero so for the Villains amongst us Lionhead Studios have you covered. As you progress through the story you’ll come across all manner of mischievous creatures, and you’ll find that creatures are all native to specific areas of Albion. Using your silver or gold, you’ll be able to gain the allegiance of creatures and use them in any quest.

Lionhead Studios also released a comprehensive FAQ document on their new free to play announcement. You can read it here.

Our ThisisXbox Founder; Jason Andrews, and I got to get hands on with Fable Legends whilst at Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany. If you haven’t already, you can read our full write up here.

Fable Legends has yet to receive a confirmed release date but keep your eyes on ThisisXbox for more updates.

AirMech Arena Free-to-Play for Xbox 360 This Summer

Ubisoft and Carbon Games has announced their partnership today to bring AirMech Arena to Xbox Live in time for the summer. The fast-paced, free-to-play game will be available for download on Xbox 360 later this year!

In a war-torn future, powerful weapons known as AirMechs dominate the battlefields in the fight for scarce resources. Players command giant transforming robots and capture and protect bases while building colossal armies to fight waves of enemies. As gamers conquer fortresses, they unlock powerful units, pilots, items and AirMechs, and can customize their armies to fit their personal gameplay preferences.

AirMech Arena supports single-player, multiplayer cooperative and multiplayer competitive gameplay for teams of two to three players. Teamwork is vital to succeed in multiplayer as players must work together to defend their fortresses against an onslaught of relentless enemies.

AirMech Arena will continue to receive regular updates post launch with content drops that include new AirMechs, units, maps and events.