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Retro style A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV now available for free

Previously only available as a pre-order promotion, A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV is now available to everyone for free.

Available to download via Xbox Games Store, A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV takes place 30 years before FINAL FANTASY XV, featuring retro-style graphics and a fast-paced combat system. The action centres around King Regis and his faithful companions (Weskham, Cid and Clarus) defending the royal capital from raiding monsters.

This retro RPG is set to feature:

•Deep Combat System – Combos, counters, and Regis’ signature “Warp Strike” combine for lightning fast real-time combat that rewards fast reflexes and smart tactics.

•Companions – Three distinct companions offer unique and new ways to attack as well as tailored super moves that deal massive damage.

•Magic – Ignite the battlefield, freeze your enemies, or electrify your foes with Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic.

•Summons – Call upon epic Astral entities to decimate your foes in jaw-dropping ways.

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare – FREE New ‘Zomboss Down’ DLC Out Now

Out Today for Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions,  the hilarious shooter Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare heads to the Wild West in Zomboss Down, the brand-new free* downloadable game pack. The new pack will feature even weirder shooter fun with the new Cactus Canyon Gardens and Graveyards Map, eight new playable characters, over 200 wild customization items, an increased Level cap from 20 to 30 for each character, and all-new challenges to accomplish.

In Zomboss Down the plants have blasted down Dr. Zomboss’s blimp and unleashed packs of zombies, who are now roaming the desert and battling their way through the wreckage to reach the local golf course. This golf course doubles as a super-secret facility housing a Cactus army on the unbelievable new Gardens and Graveyards Map, Cactus Canyon. Players will also enjoy increased character levels and eight fun new characters like the Archeologist Zombie, the Wrestling Star Zombie, the Law Pea and the Sun Pharaoh. In addition, players will discover weapon upgrades and skins for new characters, new accessories, tattoos and facial hair, and even more.

Rainbow 6 Vegas For Free Thanks To Games With Gold


Stop the Press !! – forget Grand Theft Auto when Rainbow 6 Vegas is available to download for nothing on Xbox LIVE. Major Nelson tweeted the good ol’ news earlier today, but unless you want to grab a few extra Achievements can you really be bothered to download such an old title during the GTA V launch?

We thought not!

In Tom Clancey’s Rainbow 6 Vegas – Special operatives take to the chaotic streets of Las Vegas as an escalating terrorist siege in “Sin City” threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights. The future of global security hangs in the balance as you battle to defend classic Vegas locations and environments like Fremont Street, the Strip, and casinos

It’s free until September 30th 2013.

World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Available Now


Did anyone notice that World Series of Poker: Full House Pro has launched on the Xbox LIVE Arcade this week? We didn’t either – but it’s definitely there and also for free from Microsoft Studios and Caesars Interactive Entertainment.

World Series of Poker: Full House Pro takes the Xbox Live arcade hit “Full House Poker” to a whole new level and brings the most realistic and authentic version of the World Series of Poker live tournament to Xbox Live. Poker players can build their bankrolls as they compete against opponents from around the world while personalizing their experience with flashy avatar accessories, amazing chip tricks, and real-world casinos.

  • From single-player mode, to single-table games and full-blown tournaments, you never need to worry about finding a game that suits your style.
  • Jump in and play with real competitors any time, day or night.
  • Receive a free stack of chips each day to kick start your climb up the leaderboard where you can challenge players at any level you wish!
  • World Series of Poker on ESPN announcers Lon McEachern and Norman Chad provide commentary during play, giving gamers the authenticity as if they were on ESPN playing in the World Series of Poker.
  • A constant stream of updates and new content, there will always be a reason to come back and see what’s new!

Magic: the Gathering 2013 FREE Game for September?

Gameswithgold magic 2013

Magic: the Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 has been outed as the next free game in the Games with Gold promotion on Xbox LIVE (possibly). The Australian dashboard displayed an image with the Magic’ 2013 art shots giving an assumption to the next title in the line-up of free releases in the build up to the Xbox One launch.

The image was spotted by REDDIT user TheGesion as shown above.

Games with Gold will end in December and the current free game available to download until September 1st 2013 is Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2 Case Zero.

Thanks LevelSave


Xbox One No Longer Requires Kinect


Another reversal from Microsoft who is listening and really delivering on consumer feedback as part of what could be an initiative to further boost sales of the Xbox One console when it is released later this year. Kinect will no longer be a requirement and the console will function and work very well without it. This is in addition to a DRM Reversal, no longer needing to be online, as well as a wired headset being included with every Xbox One in the box!

Xbox Corporate Vice President Marc Whitten revealed that Xbox One owners will be able to use all of the console’s core functions regardless of whether the new Kinect sensor is connected during an Ask Microsoft Anything session with IGN. Due to the changes, player identification, voice commands, and all the extra features that Kinect can deliver will be disabled as a result, but players will still be able to play games and access entertainment content.

What will be interesting to know as a result of this reversal is if Microsoft are planning to release a Kinect-Free Bundle which will ultimately lower the RRP of the console price and put the console directly and firmly head to head with the cheaper PS4?

Maybe this years Gamescom Keynote speech will hold the answers.

We’ll keep you updated.

Source: IGN

World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Out Now in Canada


Update: It’s in Beta and server not functioning correctly!

Original post below:

For some unknown reason and without any formal announcement it has come to light that World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, has popped up on the Xbox LIVE Arcade in Canada. At the time of writing it is only available to Canadian gamertags. The download is just over 1GB and the game allows you to personalize your experience with flashy avatar accessories, amazing chip tricks, and real world casino venues. Free chips are awarded on a daily basis.

The news caught our attention via Twitter:

When the game hits other regions we’ll be sure to keep you posted. If you’re in Canada you can download via Xbox.com too!

Reminder – Assassin’s Creed II Free This Afternoon on Xbox LIVE

Assassin’s Creed II will be free to download from Games on Demand today as part of the Games with Gold promotion for Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers which sees a free title available on the 1st and 16th of every month.

As confirmed by Xbox LIVE’s Larry Hryb:

As part of the “Games With Gold” program announced at E3 in June, I wanted to give you a heads up the next title will be Assassin’s Creed II. Normally US $19.99, Assassin’s Creed II will be will be free for Xbox LIVE Gold members staring tomorrow through July 30th .

Assassin’s Creed II will be FREE until July 30th 2013. If you check out the Games channel later today you will also see a selection of discounts on other Assassin’s Creed related content and DLC.

Games With Gold – No Assassin’s Creed II or Halo 3 for July


Major Nelson has confirmed that the FREE Games with Gold game for July is in fact NOT Assassin’s Creed 2 or Halo 3, but some cheap nasty Xbox LIVE Arcade game instead. Defence Grid The Awakening will be free on the marketplace for Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers today.

Major Nelson tries to defend the E3 Press Briefing which heavily misled press and gamers to believe that the Games with Gold would start with Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3.

However, from the video clip of E3 below, the exact wording used to describe Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3 as part of the Games with Gold was “and to kick off that program I’d like to share just two of the titles we’re going to offer over the next few months – Assassin’s Creed two, and Halo three”