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Guitar Hero Live introduces Rival Challenges


FreeStyleGames, not content with redesigning the gameplay for Guitar Hero Live are now exploring new ways to make the game even more of an interactive and interesting experience.

Going live now, they’ve introduced Rival Challenges to GHTV as a direct response to the community’s desire for more head-to-head competition within the game.

The feature will match similarly skilled match-made players in a 1-on-1 song battle.To unlock Rival Challenges, you’ll need to be level 10 or higher. These will happen twice in every half-hour show on GHTV and the song choices will be picked by the game, so you’ll need to be prepared. What do you get for winning, other than bragging rights, an inflated ego and that smug look? You’ll get an extra 100 Status XP.

Also now available in GHTV is the ability to favourite a song and a new daily 3-token reward for those who have used all of their Play tokens for GHTV. Simply log in to GHTV with zero plays and you’ll get your reward.

Jamie over at FreeStyleGames’ community site also hints that there will be some festive themed events coming up shortly for GHTV too. You can also get some more information on the new Rival Challenge feature if you head there.


Guitar Hero Live gives you the chance to get in the game


Have you fancied yourself as a music video star? Want to couple that with starring in Activision’s new Guitar Hero Live game? They are doing exactly that, with the only downside being it’ll be to an Ed Sheeran track.

Crowd-sourcing at it’s finest will be achieved through Guitar Hero TV Star, a mobile app initiative through musical.ly, and will invite players to lip-synch to sections of Ed Sheeran’s hit, Sing.

The result will be a world premier, user-generated music video for the track in GHTV.

Activision’s CMO, Tom Ellis;

Guitar Hero Live gives you the thrill of being a rock star by playing in front of real crowds or awesome music videos, so we wanted to give fans the opportunity to become stars of their own music video that will be featured and playable in the game. This is something that has never been done before and we believe it is the perfect way to celebrate the launch of the game. With GHTV, the game’s online playable music video network, we can deliver all kinds of gameplay experiences that just weren’t possible in the past. To put real fans into a video that people can play along to in the game is an expression of the innovation that we have built into Guitar Hero Live and we’re excited for fans to play along, and sing along, to the music.

Do you want to know more? Visit Guitar Hero’s official site here for further details, but hurry, you’ll only have until the 25th of October to submit your lip-synch.

Guitar Hero Live is set for curtain-up on the 23rd of October.

Guitar Hero Live tracklist announcement


Activision and FreeStyleGames have revealed the next group of tracks for Guitar Hero Live. This list features some classics as all of the tracks, listed below, have appeared in the previous Guitar Hero games. Activision are reintroducing them to the incoming title to bring that little bit of nostalgia to the living room, and deliver a new way to play the songs with the new, redesigned, six-button guitar controller.

Here are the tracks announced today:

  • Living Colour – Cult Of Personality
  • Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live)
  • Ratt – Round and Round
  • Slipknot – Before I Forget
  • AFI – Girl’s Not Grey
  • Warrant – Cherry Pie
  • Incubus – Drive
  • Faith No More – Epic
  • Audioslave – Cochise
  • Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
  • Queen – We Are The Champions
  • Disturbed – Down With The Sickness

To get you in the mood for the release, in around two weeks, the title has created it’s own Spotify playlist, which they’ll be updating as new songs become playable in GHTV.

Guitar Hero Live looks set to hit the stage on the 23rd of October in Europe or the 20th if you’re in North America.

Guitar Hero Live set to win the crowd


There are only a couple of weeks until the newest and probably most anticipated edition of the Guitar Hero franchise hits the shelves. Activision Publishing have hit the campaign trail hard with a live action trailer directed by veteren comedy director, Jonathan Krisel.

The Win the Crowd trailer stars Lenny Kravitz and actor James Franco and follows them in an axe-off to see who is truly the king of the music festival circuit in Guitar Hero Live. The trailer features Kravtiz’ best known track, “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, which is also playable in the game.

This marks the start of the release campaign for the title, so expect a few more of these releases in the next few weeks as the run-up to release day intensifies.

Activision’s Tom Ellis had this to say on the beginning of the launch campaign;

Guitar Hero Live gives you the chance to live out your rock star fantasy in front of a real audience that reacts to how you play, so watcing James Franco and Lenny Kravitz challenging each other to win the crowd in the game brought excitement to life in a really cool way. Some of the best moments captured on film were purely spontaneous between James and Lenny. They had great chemistry and had a lot of fun with the game. We just let them loose.

You’ll be able to get your sticky fingers on Guitar Hero live on October the 23rd in the UK and I for one, cannot wait.


Further Guitar Hero Live tracks revealed


Just as with another, music based, game making a comeback, Activision and FreeStyleGames are also trickle-feeding us track information for Guitar Hero Live. Yesterday they announced another ten tracks to add to the growing list of what promises to be hundreds of playable hits.

Revealed on what they’ve dubbed #TracklistTuesday were;

  • OneRepublic – Counting Stars
  • Paramore – Now
  • The Mowgli’s – San Francisco
  • Cypress Hill ft. Tom Morello – Rise Up
  • Asking Alexandra – The Final Episode
  • The Vines – Metal Zone
  • Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile
  • Disturbed – Down With the Sickness
  • TV On The Radio – Lazerray
  • Foster The People – Coming of Age

That takes the total tracks announced for Guitar Hero Live so far to an impressive 84, including some crackers from the likes of Alice In Chains, Bob Dylan, Green Day and System of a Down. All the tracks announced so far can be found here.

Guitar Hero Live is due for release on the 23rd of October and look, they included a mixtape of the new tracks for us all..


Guitar Hero Live to unveil new features at SDCC


Those folk at FreeStyleGames like to celebrate a good Comic-Con. They’ve announced that their highly-anticipated Guitar Hero Live game will be playable at the San Diego Comic Con.

In particular, the game will be showcasing the Hero Powers that form the boosts for your shredding skills.

Hero Powers replace the Star Power function from the previous versions of Guitar Hero and are billed to be much, much cooler. Hero Powers, firstly, will affect different areas of gameplay. They can be activated to give a boost to your score while playing solo or to give you a competitive edge while in multiplayer. You’ll still need your guitar tilting skills to activate them though, that hasn’t changed, or, if you prefer, you can hit the new Hero Power button on the new controller.

During the game, you’ll acquire currency, which can be used to buy various Hero Powers. Before each song, you’ll be able to choose your power of choice, so pick wisely my hard-rockin’ amigo. Unlike the previous Star Power though, these new boosts are ready to activate when you please, there’s no waiting for a power meter to fill up.

There are seven Hero Powers to choose from:

  • Clear Highway – Removes all immediate notes from your highway instantly and all notes count as hits.
  • Double Multiplier – Your score multiplier doubles for the duration of the power.
  • Dial Down – Temporarily reduces note frequency on your highway, giving you a breather during hectic solos but preserving your multiplier.
  • Dial Up – Temporarily increases note frequency on your highway, giving you a chance to increase your score.
  • Score Chaser – The maximum score multiplier is temporarily doubled.
  • Invincibilty – Temporarily hits all notes, and missed notes do not register

I’m really looking forward to the 23rd of October, when Guitar Hero Live is released on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

I wish I was going to the SDCC as any attendees with a valid event badge can actually get their hands on the new axe and play the game. It will feature in the Xbox Lounge at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, where fans can shred away from this Thursday to Sunday.

Guitar Hero Live playable at E3

Activision and FreeStyleGames have confirmed that the latest iteration in their Guitar Hero series will be playable on the show floor of E3 this year with more hands on content and further information on the 24 hour GHTV mode that lets you play along to a continually updating list of music videos.

We’ve been working super hard on Guitar Hero Live for years, so we’re so stoked to show people more of the game every chance we get and to give fans a chance to play it themselves – that’s why we’re bringing Guitar Hero Live to E3 and letting you get hands on,” said Jamie Jackson, Creative Director and Co-Head of FreeStyleGames. “Five years is a long time. Not only has technology changed, but we’ve had years to think about what makes Guitar Hero so much fun to play and also to talk to fans about what they loved most about the original game. We’ve developed an awesome new experience built from the ground up and we are integrating new technology and techniques that just weren’t possible back then. GHTV is a huge part of that and comes with a bunch of new songs, of which we’ll announce more next week. See you at E3!

Guitar Hero will be coming to consoles in August of 2015.


A Day To Remember for Guitar Hero Live


It’s about that time again. Activision have announced the next set of tracks that will feature on Guitar Hero Live.

This is a pretty eclectic metal mix, including the likes of Halestorm, Tenacious D and Anthrax. Here’s the latest announced list in full.

  • Halestorm – Love Bites (and so do I)
  • Tenacious D – Tribute
  • Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners
  • Beartooth – I Have A Problem
  • Rise Against – Tragedy + Time
  • Soundgarden – Been Away Too Long
  • Anthrax – Got The Time
  • Architects – Gravedigger
  • Chevelle – The Clincher
  • A Day To Remember – Right Back At It Again

These add to and compliment the already announced artists, like The Black Keys, Green Day, Fall Out Boy and System Of A Down.

Guitar Hero Live is running soundchecks for a late 2015 release.

New Guitar Hero Live tracks revealed


Hot on the heels of several tracks being announced for Rock Band 4, Activision have upped their marketing game and revealed 10 new tracks for the incoming, and much changed, Guitar Hero Live.

FreestyleGames have been working hard and are now in a position to reveal the following tracks ready for release:

  • Royal Blood – “Little Monster”
  • Marilyn Manson – “Disposable Teens”
  • Killswitch Engage – “In Due Time”
  • Marmozets – “Move Shake Hide”
  • Of Mice And Men – “Bones Exposed”
  • Deftones – “Diamond Eyes”
  • Vista Chino – “Sweet Remain”
  • Bring Me The Horizon – “Shadow Moves”
  • Mastodon – “High Road”
  • Trivium – “Strife”

Keep your eyes glued to us for further track revelations as and when they happen.

Guitar Hero Live is due for release this year.

Meet the new Guitar Hero Live controller


So, we’ve seen the Guitar Hero Live announcement and we’ve had some time to digest the changes in the game and how the new controller works with the changed game mechanics.

Let’s have a little look at the new controller, culminating with a short video presentation from FreeStyle Games’ Jamie Jackson, recorded at the presentation event held in New York.


So, here it is. As a plastic guitar fan, I think it looks very functional. The major change is that gone are the coloured buttons, replaced by a sleek looking set of six near the headstock, stacked for chord playing.  The keen-eyed among you will notice the “Hero Power” button where the bridge is on a real guitar. This can only mean one thing. Gone will be the note-missing instrument shake which was, let’s face it, sketchy at best. There’s also a cool new whammy-bar.

Don’t take my word for it, have a listen to the controller presentation below which explains the reasoning why the change has happened.

So, what do you think, like it, or loathe it? Let us know in the comments below.

Guitar Hero Live is hitting your home stage this autumn.