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Dark Souls III shows it’s true colours


Bandai Namco are really gearing up for the release of the much antcipated Dark Souls III. They’ve released the next in a line of new teaser trailers, with this one highlighting the dangers of the Kingdom of Lothric. Set to a hauntingly good backing track, the Kingdom is showcasing it’s True Colors of Darkness.

Will you be ready to defeat them?

Dark Souls III is still on schedule for a 12th of April release.

Dark Souls III season pass details revealed


Who’s been waiting for Season Pass and digital pre-order news on FromSoftware’s incoming sword hacker, Dark Souls III? The good news is, your wait is finally over.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe have today revealed an exclusive digital pre-order deal on Xbox One for Dark Souls III, as well as a Season Pass programme for the title.

If you pre-order Dark Souls III from the Xbox Store, here, then you’ll recieve a digital copy of the original Dark Souls. This will be playable on your Xbox 360 initially, and later through the Backward Compatibility feature on Xbox One. This code will be delivered to your Xbox Message Centre 7-10 days after pre-ordering.

Also announced was the Dark Souls III Season Pass programme. This will be available for both the standard and will be included in the digital Deluxe Edition, containing the main game, the Season Pass, official soundtrack and dynamic theme. This is available for pre-order here, costing £69.74.

Pricing and further details will be unveiled as we approach the 12th of April launch.

New screens to claim your Dark Souls III attention


It’s scheduled to come out on the 12th of April, but already Dark Souls III is looking every bit as creepy as it’s previous incarnatons. Bandai Namco have released a whole slew of new screens to whet your appetite while your sharpen your combat skills in readiness for release. Developer, FromSoftware have pulled out all the stops visually for this, it would seem.

The screens, below, show a Pyromancer challenging some maggotty enemies, a Mercenary looking down Firelink Shrine and a new look at the High Wall of Lothric, amongst other views.

I’ve taken up too much of your time, here are those screens.

Xbox @ gamescom – Dark Souls III reveals some gameplay

Finally some gameplay footage! Pushing boundaries graphically, Dark Souls III looks stunning and looks like it runs really smoothly, we see some dark creepy locations and huge enemies with a healthy dose of gore. A new addition to the series is “Battle Art” attacks, which will enable you to deliver stronger attacks to break down your enemies defences and destroy them, each weapon is equipped with its own unique Battle Art.

E3 Bandai Namco reveal Dark Souls III


Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe haven’t been quiet during this E3.

Indeed, quietly, even such a short time after Scholar of the First Sin was released, FROMSoftware and Bandai have announced Dark Souls III.

This will continue the critically acclaimed storyline as fires fade, the world falls to ruin and only embers remain.

Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, this promises to be even more genre-defining that the last release and it’s heading our way in early 2016.

Dark Souls II DLC


As if the regular obstacles, enemies, and bosses presented in Dark Souls II were not enough to cause gamers to cry for their mommies; FromSoftware today unleashes Crown of the Sunken King the first chapter in it’s The Lost Crowns DLC trilogy for DARK SOULS II. Each chapter is specifically designed to enhance, challenge, and bring players to their knees as they experience the peril that is awaiting them in the DARK SOULS II The Lost Crowns trilogy.




Stalwart fans of DARK SOULS II will want to immediately head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase and download this newest chapter in the unyielding Dark Souls franchise. Players that are brave enough to take on this arduous journey will find new environments, enemies, traps, and bosses to conquer as they embark on a journey to reclaim the crowns that Drangleic’s King Vendrick once owned. Crown of the Sunken King features an entirely different world within the DARK SOULS II universe, where stepped pyramids span a vast underground cavern and death lays in wait around every corner.

DARK SOULS II’s Crown of the Sunken King DLC is available today on the Xbox Live Marketplace.