Elite: Dangerous review

Elite: Dangerous is a truly massive open-world game full to the brim with possibilities. It’s a staggering achievement in design and function that’s transitioned from PC to console spectac...[Read More]

Elite: Dangerous flies in with a release date

Who loved Elite when it came out all those years ago? OK, OK, I’m an old git (No comments from the Editorial Team, thank you), and I actually remember the first version coming out. Frontier have...[Read More]

Frontier releases new update to Elite: Dangerous for Xbox One

The latest update to the intergalactic marvel introduces a brand new PvP mode called Close Quarter Combat Championship. Players are launched into intense PvP action, set in custom-built arenas set wit...[Read More]

ScreamRide review

I spent far too much time at Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park in my youth, I loved getting the chance to go to the park with school, it would always be quiet so you always got extra tim...[Read More]