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Give your Xbox One a Hard Reset Redux


Ooh, today’s turning out to be all apocalyptic and wastelandish. I love it. Developer, Flying Wild Hog, have announced today that their PC futuristic first-person shooter, Hard Reset will be coming to Xbox One.

Titled Hard Reset Redux, this sees the world as we know it pretty much destroyed. Surrounded by vast hostile wastelands, the remains of humanity live within the protected city of Bezoar. The walls of Bezoar have finally been breached though.

Defend the city with a whole host of super destructive weapons including an all-new Cyber-Katana. You are CLN soldier, Major Fletcher and you are all that stands between the hive mind machines of The Sanctuary and humanity’s total extinction.

Hard Reset Redux is coming soon on Xbox One.

Feel the pull of Magnetic: Cage Closed in Xbox One trailer


As far as escaping from prisons goes, I have to say, I have very little experience. That could change however with the March release of the newly announced Magnetic: Cage Closed.

Guru Games drops you in as Prisoner XE47623, trying to escape Facility 7 armed with only a magnet gun to aid you in your escapology. This works by creating positive or negative magnetic fields to affect your surroundings.

Use the magnetic force of this unlikely escape tool to attract items, or repel you from metal surfaces and make your way out, all while humming the theme to The Great Escape quietly to yourself.

Crack conundrums in this Portal-a-like environmental puzzler and ultimately escape Warden Keene.

Every room is a new puzzle and every playthrough promises to be a different experience than the last, as Facility 7’s chambers shift randomly and because of the way the storyline is affected by the completion of each level.

Magnetic: Cage Closed is due out in March, have a look at the announcement trailer below and let us know if it’s captured you yet.