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Fermi’s Path Review

Fermi’s Path is an action packed rhythm based game about a tiny particle travelling across a subatomic space to electro beats. You’re introduced to this spacious vibrant world travelling a...[Read More]

Get ready to take Fermi’s Path

Making music driven arcade games is a concept that’s been around for a little while now. There’s always one developer somewhere who’ll take it and add their own spin to it. GameArt S...[Read More]

Quantum Rush Champions review

The demand for futuristic combat racers is alive and well. Sadly, with Nintendo remaining tight-lipped on the prospect of another F-Zero after an eleven year hiatus and the closure of Wipeout develope...[Read More]

Become a champion with Quantum Rush

Quantum Rush: Champions is now available for some Xbox One territories. The F-Zero/Wipeout mashup is from GameArt Studio GmbH and includes quite the haul of modes to get you futuristic teeth stuck int...[Read More]