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Gameblast 16 raises over £170k for SpecialEffect

Gamers up and down the country took part in Gameblast this weekend, raising over £170k for the wonderful people at SpecialEffect.

Individuals, Teams and Companies including GAME took part in the event with marathon gaming sessions, livestreams and Auctions for some amazing items.

The sponsorship you raised through GameBlast16 will help SpecialEffec change the lives of many more people like Ben. It’ll let them visit people to find out exactly what they want to play, and what they need to play it. They’ll then match, modify or create equipment to lend to them, and give support so they can get the best out of it.

Your support is vital because SpecialEffect don’t charge for anything they do, and they don’t sell any equipment. SpecialEffect simply aim to do whatever it takes to raise the quality of life for everyone they work with.

Find out more how SpecialEffect are making a difference by visiting their YouTube channel that features the stories of Callum, Ajay, Becky and many others, whose gaming journeys have been kickstarted by your help. Check out the thank you video below too.

Well done everyone!!

Something for the weekend: Gaming marathon GameBlast

This weekend there’s a gaming marathon of epic proportions being held and it’s all in aid of the awesome SpecialEffect who bring the joy of gaming to those with disabilities.

GameBlast 15 is a nationwide gaming event that brings together around 50 companies from around the games industry to help raise funds for the work that SpecialEffect do.

There will plenty to watch over the weekend with the action kicking off with a global RuneScape event held by Jagex – be sure to tune in from 12pm via twitch.

300x300Coming from SpecialEffect’s London HQ, GameBlastLIVE will have interviews from top gaming figures, playthroughs of unreleased game content, giveaways and updates to how the fundraising is going – tune in from 10am on Saturday.

GAME will also be in attendance to this year’s GameBlast by putting on a variety of gaming events across their UK stores and from 6pm on Friday they will be streaming a special 24 hour gaming session in partnership with Ginx.

Enjoy the show and remember to give up a few quid!