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Xbox One set for an Organic Panic


GameMill Entertainment have today revealed that developer, Last Limb’s side-scrolling physics-based puzzle-platformer, is coming soon to Xbox One.

Featuring single and multi-player modes, this title boasts totally destructable environments using Last Limb’s DAFT (Destructable and Fluid Technology) engine. Nearly everything in the game can be manipulated in many interesting and creative ways to solve problems or overcome obstacles. Wood floats and burns, earth can be smashed through, lightning conducts. Ice is well, icy, water flows, acid disintegrates. You get the picture.

What’s the story behind the game? Well, this is a story of the inifinte war between organic fruit and vegetables against technologically produced meats and cheeses. Swap between four elementally charged heroes, Cherry, Kiwi, Carrot and Coconut over 200 levels. Play alone or battle with up to four players in local or versus multi-player.

Organic Panic will be coming soon to Xbox One.

Guncraft will be Blocked and Loaded


What Minecraft, as great as it undoubtedly is, misses, what is actually misses; are guns. A while ago now, Exato Game Studios promised to put that right with an Xbox release of their PC hit, Guncraft.

Well, it’s been a wee-while and finally, Exato are in a position to announce a release date. There’s just one teeny problem.

The PC community have loved Guncraft. So much so, that Exato decided to release the game, with some bells and whistles on it, for the Xbox 360. That’s right, the 360.

To this end, Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded will release finally on the 14th of July (I double-checked), this year. But only on the 360.

The Xbox version will get the following features over it’s older PC cousin.

  • Exclusive Xbox Live maps
  • All PC add-on content and two-player split screen local multiplayer
  • Player controlled vehicles, perks, killstreaks, class load-outs, clan system and ranks
  • Weapon, level and character customisation
  • Outlandish game modes such as, Lava Survival, Onslaught and Spleef where you have to mine the blocks under players to score kills
  • A leveling system with rewards, all the way to level 550.
  • A new tutorial system
  • High-resolution models with an unlockable aesthetics system featuring 300 pieces of unique gear to customise your characters, giving over 4 billion combinations

Shoot your way through dozens of maps in the traditional deathmatch and team deathmatch modes as well.

Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded is set for release on the 14th of July on Xbox Live for 360.