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Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale – Day Only Deals : Day 2

Xbox is currently running the Ultimate Xbox 360 sale, with big discounts on digital games both Games on Demand and XBLA titles. During the sale they are holding ‘One Day Only’ deals and to...[Read More]

Kung-Fu High Impact Out Now On Games on Demand

A brief reminder to all our UK readers that Kinect Kung-Fu High Impact will be released today on the Games on Demand service for just £11.99. I know Tomb Raider is out today also, but can you control ...[Read More]

Kung-Fu High Impact Kinect Review

UK gamers with Kinect can finally get to play one of the finest quality fighting games ever to be available for your Kinect Sensor as Kung-Fu High Impact puts YOU and anything in your house that you p...[Read More]

DEUS EX: Human Revolution – Games on Demand

Square Enix has today released the Standard Edition of the blockbuster action-RPG video game DEUS EX: Human Revolution on Games on Demand.

Be Careful With Glitch – Demo’s Become Full Purchases Costing You Money

A glitch has been found on the marketplace that could accidentally unlock you a full game whilst you originally intended to download a demo. In a video captured by Giantbomb, they show just h...[Read More]