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Thrustmaster reveal the Y-300CPX headset

Gaming peripheral heavyweights, Thrustmaster have been around for a while. Their last multi-format headset, the Y-280CPX, offered reliability and performance in bags. The time has come for Thrustmaster to replace this hardware now, and they’ve revealed the Y-300CPX headset in order to do that. The new Y-300CPX incorporates all of the previous headset’s most popular […]

Skullcandy SLYR-GMX-1 for Xbox One

Another Xbox One gaming headset is on its way and this time it’s from the lifestyle and performance audio guru’s at Skullcandy Inc. The Skullcandy SLYR for Xbox One has been designed and developed by Skullcandy alongside ASTRO Gaming ensuring it is 100% compatible for Xbox One. The Skullcandy SLYR features the unique and powerful […]