Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 and six more titles coming to Game Pass

The Game Pass content continues to grow and seven new titles will be introduced to the service on December 1st. Also, ICYMI, Xbox launched Game Pass Goals, a fun way to get rewarded for playing games ...[Read More]

Canals makes a welcome return to Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 has had its August Update, with new maps and games modes coming our way. Check out more details below: New Maps Forge Blitz Forge Blitz is a tighter, faster pace evolution of the map Fo...[Read More]

The Horde rises in the next Gears 4 patch

Coming June 6, Gears of War 4 is getting its largest patch to date, Rise of the Horde, which includes a free 10 hour trial so you will have no excuse not to give it a go. The trial is available from J...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 gets March update

March brings a brand new update to Gears of War 4. First up is two maps. Diner   A lone neon-lit Diner in a dusty wasteland is the latest battleground in Gears 4! Developed over the course of the...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 now supports cross-play between Win 10 & Xbox One in Social Quickplay

Gears of War players on Windows 10 and Xbox One will be able to play against each other, thanks to Microsoft activating cross-play between the two through Social Quickplay. Although you can only play ...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 gets third title update

Our game of 2016, Gears of War 4 is to get its third title update today. The full patch notes can be found right here, but to summarise; two new maps (details incoming apparently) are releasing as wel...[Read More]

New Gears of War 4 maps arriving November 1


Xbox have announced the first Gears of War 4 DLC is arriving on November 1. Two of the most popular Gears of War Legacy Maps will make their debut in Gears of War 4 with the addition of Checkout and D...[Read More]

Seattle Sounders celebrate Gears of War 4

In the final game of the season, the Seattle Sounders wore special edition Gears of War 4 kits to celebrate the release of the game. They also produced a video showing off the players playing GOW4. Wh...[Read More]

HDR Gaming on Xbox One

One of the most lauded features of the 4K revolution, HDR (or High Dynamic Range), has hit Gears of War 4 this week, joining Forza Horizon 3, NBA 2K17, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Whilst typically a...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 review

After narrowly escaping an attack on their village, JD Fenix and his friends, Kait and Del, must rescue the ones they love and discover the source of a monstrous new enemy. Unleash an array of close-c...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 review

We were lucky enough to receive a review key for Gears of War 4, unfortunately it only arrived late afternoon yesterday, which only gave me a small window to play the game. Here are some initial thoug...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 Xbox One S bundle available soon

We’re only a matter of days from getting our hands on Gears of War 4 – If you are looking for a new console, how about this? The Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Bundle, priced at £299.99, it com...[Read More]

Never fight alone with new Gears of War 4 trailer

The collation have released a new Gears of War 4 gameplay trailer. It tells us a bit more about the new story, showing Marcus teaming up with his son JD, as well as introducing the new enemy, known as...[Read More]

Horde 3.0 revealed in new trailer

Horde 3.0 marks the return of the popular multiplayer survival mode that pits up to five players against waves of enemies – a genre that Gears of War helped popularise with the release of Gears of War...[Read More]

Xbox announce Gears of War eSports Pro Crcuit

Xbox and The Coalition are proud to announce the Gears eSports Pro Circuit for Gears of War 4. Gears of War players can compete in marquee live open events around the world operated by world-class tou...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 @ SDCC

Hot off the heels of this morning’s news that HyperX are releasing an exclusive Gears of War 4 branded CloudX headset, Microsoft have unveiled a seven minute campaign walkthrough, which will be ...[Read More]

HyperX CloudX Revolver Gears of War 4 headset edition

There’s a new headset brand coming to the world of Xbox One and it’s Gears of War 4 branded! Developed alongside Microsoft and The Coalition, the headset is made by HyperX, a division of K...[Read More]

Loot Crate Gears up 4 War

Loot Crate the company that makes every month feel like Christmas, has teamed up with The Coalition to bring us a very special Gears of War 4: Loot Crate Edition. Packed with exclusive collectibles, a...[Read More]

Gears of War Elite Controller now available for Pre-Order

The wonderful looking Gears of War 4 Elite Controller is now available for Pre-Order from Game and the Microsoft Store You can Purchase from the Microsoft Store here or from GAME here. Crush the compe...[Read More]

E3 2016 – Gears of War 4 Elite controller

As well as bringing us more news and gameplay of the new Gears of War 4, Microsoft showed a short at the E3 conference of a gears of war special edition Elite controller. The controller has a Gears th...[Read More]

TiX Podcast: Quantum Infinite

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast. Join Greg Giddens and Steve Peacock and for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 27 Quantum Infinite. In this episode the pair discuss Quantum...[Read More]

On your bike – Gears of War 4 Collector’s Edition

Unsurprisingly, Gears of War 4 will also ship as a Collector’s Edition, either with a standard or Ultimate copy of the game. The centre piece of the edition is a statue of JD Fenix astride a COG...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition revealed

Microsoft have announced that the Standard and Ultimate Editions of Gears of War 4 are now available for pre-order from the Xbox Store and participating retailers, including the Microsoft Store. Fans ...[Read More]

Gears 4 multiplayer trailer released to get you excited

If you haven’t managed to bag an early code for the Gears 4 beta, then the multipayer trailer from Xbox isn’t going to help matters, sorry. The trailer shows off the new maps you’ll ...[Read More]

Grab a Gears of War 4 beta token with O2 Priority

O2 customers can grab a Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta code via O2’s priority app. The deal expires in 5 days 9 hours, and gives each member a code each. You can check out the offer via the web...[Read More]

Xbox One is having a beta time

There’s no shortage of beta opportunities on Xbox One at the moment with Doom, Gears of War 4, Overwatch and Battleborn all set to start their beta sessions soon – but when will each run and for...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 gets us thinking about tomorrow

A brand new teaser trailer for Gears of War 4 has just dropped. The game is set 25 Years after Gears of War 3 and spurred by a series of strange disappearances, JD Fenix must embrace his father’s lega...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 locked and loaded for October release

Gears of War 4’s release date has been revealed! Choosing to announce the news via Entertainment Weekly, The Coalition have also shown off the cover artwork for the next entry into the Gears ser...[Read More]

Gears of War 4 beta revs up for April

Dust of those chainsaws, polish those Longshots and load the Gnashers – Gears of War 4’s beta will hit Xbox One in early April. The versus multiplayer beta will begin April 18 as waves of codes ...[Read More]

Six exciting Xbox One exclusives in 2016

I have just purchased a new lounge chair, some fleece trousers, sore cream and a hemorrhoids pillow. Why you may ask, “have you been struck ill?” “In a horrible accident?”  No,...[Read More]

TiX Podcast: E3 Round-up 2015 Part 1

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast. Join Greg Giddens, Neale Jarrett, Richard Berry and Derek McRoberts in another special show focusing on E3 2015. In this first of two parts the foursome discuss ga...[Read More]

E3 Microsoft Conference – round-up

Well…what an evening it’s been so far! Bonnie Ross from 343 Industries opened the show and wastes no time in letting the crowd know about the fact that there are plenty of awesome games coming t...[Read More]