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Ghost Games listening to fan feedback for Need for Speed

Last week Need for Speed raced onto the Xbox One with Ghost Games behind the wheel. The ‘reboot’ has had plenty of feedback since then and Ghost Games have been listening closely. Rubber banding is high on the list of ‘feedback’ and by the end of November Need for Speed should be patched to address this and […]

Need for Speed review

Rev your engines. Need for Speed is back and this year it has been ‘rebooted’. Recently developers and publishers seem to favour rebooting their most beloved titles – it worked for Tomb Raider, so why not Need for Speed? The latest entry into the arcade-racing scene is a mixed bag of ideas, taking some of […]

Become the ultimate icon in new Need For Speed

Ghost Games announced the car icons which inspired their reboot of the Need for Speed franchise, and revealed how technology is blurring the lines between life action film and in-game gameplay. Playing as yourself, players will witness the action from their own point of view, as their entourage of friends, and the icons of of […]