Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

First Impressions Video: Giana Sisters Dream Runners

Black Forest Games’ upcoming multiplayer focused Giana Sisters: Dream Runners get the First Impressions treatment. As such, expect a mixture of funny and informative narration as our Video Edito...[Read More]

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners preview

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams offered a superbly designed, and strikingly detailed platformer with thrilling acuity. The unique environment switching abilities of Giana produced visually stunning and ...[Read More]

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners Gameplay Video

See the latest Giana Sisters title, Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, in action. This 8 minute gameplay footage shows four colour coordinated characters from the Giana Sisters universe competing over mult...[Read More]

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Review

Every once in a while, a great platformer comes along from nowhere and can steal your attention with its outlandish fantasy-world scenery and before long you are engulfed in its universe collecting th...[Read More]

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams on XBLA Next Week

Next week’s Xbox LIVE Arcade offering is a rather exciting platformer (you have to love a good platformer) from Black Forest Games titked “Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams”. It’s ...[Read More]