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Console Mods are coming to Farming Simulator 17

Mods have been around for years in PC gaming but it was not until recently that we started to see console developers embrace the community spirit and allow mods developed by players to be used within their games. Not missing out on this unique opportunity GIANTS Software, developers of Farming Simulator, have taken their already flourishing PC mod community and are finally releasing them on to the Xbox One.

Until now, mods have been exclusive to the PC versions of Farming Simulator. They’ve accounted for much of the series’ success, allowing players to add a wealth of new content – including new vehicles, environments, animals, game mechanics, and more, but this is no more. With the up and coming release of Farming Simulator 17, a mods option will be available to allow players to customise their games. GIANTS Software is currently working on having free mods available at launch on PC and Consoles, with players able to download them on October 25.

When asked about the introduction of Mods to the console version of the game Thomas Frey from GIANTS Software said;

The PC community has always shown a great sense of creativity, and demonstrated huge commitment by adding quality content to the Farming Simulator experience. This year, with the support of Sony and Microsoft, we will be able to provide a selection of the best mods created by the PC community, and port them to Consoles. These mods will be checked internally before being released in order to meet all of the necessary Console requirements. If PC players benefit from a larger quantity of mods, Console players will be able to continuously enjoy new mods released regularly for free. These mods will guarantee an optimal and renewed gaming experience for all Farming Simulator 17 players.”

Farming Simulator will released on October 25th for Xbox One and PC. For further information about the up and coming Farming Simulator 17 release and the various Standard and Collectors editions on offer, check out the Official Website.

Farming Simulator 15 adds racing wheel support


While you’re trundling around in your huge Massey Ferguson or John Deere tractor-cum-combine harvester, don’t you wish you could be pretending to be driving something else? Something like a Ferrari 458 Spider?

Well, now you can, as developer Giants Software have announced support for the following 2 excellent Thrustmaster racing wheels for Farming Simulator 15 on the Xbox One:

  • Ferrari 458 SPIDER racing wheel
  • TX Force Feedback racing wheel

Time to pimp your farming ride and Giants Software’s CEO Christian Ammann is clearly excited:

The possiblity for our gaming community to use Thrustmaster racing wheels is an undeniable extra. This will allow players to enjoy an even more realistic and intense experience.

The Xbox One version of the game will run a short title update to achieve this and will allow you to simultaneously use the official controller and the racing wheel to be able to access all of the in-game features.


Saitek unveils special Farming Simulator controller

Big fan of Farming Simulator on PC? Well, your experience is about to become more immersive as Saitek and GIANTS Software announce the new Farming Simulator Wheel, Pedal and Vehicle Side Panel bundle.




Currently only available to preorder in the United States and Canada, the bundle is currently listed for $299.99, and includes everything you need for your Farming Simulator experience.

They are also offering the Wheels and Pedals, and Vehicle Panel individually, at $149.99 and $149.99 respectively.

Farming Simulator 15 gets multiplayer madness on Xbox One


Focus Home Interactive are gearing up for the release of Farming Simulator 15 by outlining the new online multiplayer feature for the Xbox One version of the game, a first for Farming Simulator on consoles.

For those of you who’ve always wanted to spend your life hip-deep in, erm.. muck, only without the smell, you will soon be able to plough, sow, cut and reap to your heart’s content, all with your friends.

The game will allow players to live the full farming experience in this new mode, with the emphasis on co-operation by sharing tasks in order to develop your farm. Team up to achieve maximum farming efficiency and be one with the arable gods.

In the spirit of sharing tasks, it would appear to be your turn to feed the cows in’t top field.

Farming Simulator 15 is hitting the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 19th of May.

Focus Home Interactive at GDC15

GDC 15 Logo

This years Game Developer Conference is from March 4th to 6th in San Francisco and with less than a month before it all kicks off, Focus Home Interactive; an independent French publisher, have today revealed a line-up of titles and new announcements which will be showcased (behind closed doors!) during the show.

Blood Bowl 2 developed by Cyanide Studio, combines Warhammer and American football together, in an explosive cocktail of turn-based strategy, humour and brutality. Blood Bowl 2 is set for a Spring release this year.

From developer Spiders comes The Technomancer. Set on Mars and in the same universe as Mars: War Logs, this dark sci-fi RPG is currently in development for Xbox One and other platforms. You can read our review of Mars: War Logs the surprise Xbox Live Arcade RPG hit title of 2013 here.

The Technomancer

Farming Simulator 15 is coming to Xbox One. Developer Giants Software will be meeting press to discuss this surprise hit series and reveal its plans for console release later this year. Read our review of Farming Simulator when it was released for Xbox 360 back in 2013 here.

Maybe not everything in the above list is your cup of tea, but is there something you are keen to see more off? After the success of Mars: War Logs I am really excited to see The Technomancer released.

September Is Harvest Time


It wasn’t too long ago I was hoping for a ‘Grown up’ version of Harvest Moon to play on my Xbox. Of course there was Farming Simulator happily planting seeds deep within the hearts of PC players worldwide but I was missing out. Fear not fellow Farm Sim fans, Farming Simulator will finally arrive on Xbox 360 on the 4th of September. And I for one am genuinely quite excited about it.

Way more than a simple port, the console versions of Giants Software’s hit title bring its fair share of new content: an exclusive American environment and plenty of new vehicles! Today our friends at Focus Home Interactive are offering you the chance to learn more about this new content through these 5 images showing the new fleet of vehicles as well as the new environments that await your future farm!

And if you (unlike me) are lucky enough to be going to Gamescom ,  Farming Simulator will be playable on consoles for all attendees and a preview will be presented on the A-010 stand, Hall 9.

Enjoy the screenshots and video. As of the 4th September, I am off down the farm.


Farming Simulator 2013 Announced For Xbox 360

Farming Simulator 2013

A real phenomenon, Farming Simulator surprised the world by becoming, with the 2013 version on PC, a world-wide best-seller. The farming simulation game from Giants Software is now getting ready to release for the first time on consoles in September, with an Xbox 360 version full of exclusive content! Continue reading Farming Simulator 2013 Announced For Xbox 360