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Gigantic Corruption update released

Developer Perfect World has announced that the Corruption update for Gigantic is now available. This is Gigantic’s first major release since launch and it features the new Hero and mischief-maker, ORU! This mid-range caster introduces an entirely new set of tools to the battlefield. Oru releases with his first set of skins, Mordant, Voracious, and Garrulous which are now available in the shop. Also included in this update is a host of new systems and polish, including Custom Lobbies and the ability to set a Push-to-Talk key for the in-game voice chat.

Oru, also known as ‘The Fortune Teller,’ is a mid-range damage dealer who excels in teamfights. His kit revolves around combining his skills to deal high damage and provide utility to the team in the form of crowd control.

Check out the official website at https://www.gogigantic.com/en/

Gigantic goes Eternal in new update

Gigantic continues to plod away on early access via Xbox’s Game Preview program – and we think it’s awesome – receiving frequent updates that bolt more in to the game. The latest update, which is available to download now, includes a new hero, leaderboards, a new creature and Eternal Light weapon skins.

Eternal Update is the name given to the patch and the newest hero in town is cosmic hero, Zandora, an Eternal from Star City. Favouring the lance, Zandora is a melee/support class who can buff herself and her team and is available for free for those that bought the Founder’s Pack.

Check out her finer traits:

  • Star Lance Strike: Melee attack combo. Hitting extends active AURA.
  • Aura of Strength: Damage all enemies in melee range. AURA (3s): You and nearby allies deal +10% basic attack damage.
  • Aura of Haste: +8 Stamina. AURA (3s): You and nearby allies move 10% faster.
  • Aura of Life: Cleanse debuffs from nearby allies.  AURA (3s): You and nearby allies regenerate 25 health/s.
  • Focus Skill: Vow of Shielding: Give a 600/800/1000 HP shield to you and nearby allies for 4/5/6s.  Hitting with your basic attack restores 75 HP to the shield.

The update also introduces a competitive leaderboard, which tracks your wins/losses versus the quality of your opponents you face and ranks your skills accordingly.

Storm Drake, a new creature, also joins the fray with a lightning attack that will ripple through enemies that stand too close together. Lastly, should you master a hero and hit level 10, you’ll be able to purchase a new ‘Eternal Light’ skin for your weapons.

So it’s quite the update for Gigantic – if you haven’t done so already – check out the game, it’s free, and is easily the best MOBA I’ve played!



Gigantic to get major update

Gigantic is an extremely fun and action packed MOBA, the free to play hit has already given so much but it’s not stopping there not by a long shot. The second major update to Gigantic has been titled Eternal Dawn. Gigantic is still in it’s open beta phase as part of the Xbox preview program, with that said it’s worth signing up and giving it a bash.

Continuing the game’s aggressive content and gameplay improvement strategy, Eternal Dawn will release weekly updates as follows:

February 23

  • New Hero: Zandora

A lance-wielding Eternal who has emerged from the Star City to walk among mortals, Zandora is a melee/support hybrid who uses auras to empower herself and allies on the battlefield.  Zandora is already the second Hero released since the game’s Dec 8 Game Preview program live date, increasing the total cast to 18.  With the goal of a new Hero every 6 weeks, the team is excited to massively grow the Hero pool, expanding the highly strategic play.  Owners of Gigantic’s Founders Pack will automatically unlock Zandora for free.


  • Competitive Leaderboard

Check out where you stand amongst the greatest players of Gigantic and move up the ranks. The website leaderboard contains detailed info to assess your overall skill and give you breakdowns of the Heroes you play, and how you play them.


  • Zandora Aurion Skin

Seeking help from the Eternals, House Aurion strikes back against her foes. Don the colors of House Aurion on the Eternal Knight Zandora, including two color variants.


  • 18 “Eternal Light” Weapon Skins

These new progression rewards for all 18 heroes encourage players to master each hero to earn or purchase a new weapon skin at level 10.

March 2

  • New Creature: Storm Drake

A powerful addition to the drake family, the Storm Drake wreaks havoc on whole teams with chain lightning attacks that bounce from foe to foe.

March 9

  • Beckett Aurion Skin

Sport your support for House Aurion with a new skin on the adventuring shooter Beckett, including two color variants.

March 16

  • Vadasi Aurion Skin

Adorn the colors of House Aurion on the pilgrim and judge Vadasi, including two color variants.

March 23

  • Voden Aurion Skin

Inhabit the spirit of House Aurion on the trickster archer Voden, including two color variants.

So as you can see plenty to come and no signs of slowing down. If you need some inspiration check HERE for the twitch live stream the TiX team, we had a lot of fun.

Gigantic to get first major update: Exile in the North

Perfect World and Motiga today announced that Exile in the North, the first major update for Gigantic, is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10. Gigantic is an extremely colourfuland high action MOBA and was vailable as part of the preview program. The first major update for the game is called Exile in the North and will include the following:

  • New Hero: Pakko 

A huggable, playful giant who has no problem keeping cool in the heat of battle. The happy-go-lucky Pakko slides into action, pummeling foes with powerful paws while maneuvering around opponents with surprising agility.

  • New Winter Themed Skins:
  • Pakko – “I’m Tido!”
  • Wu – “Mercy Gi”
  • Wu – “Shadow’s Chill”
  • Tripp – “Citadel of Frost”
  • Tripp – “Shock Therapy”
  • New Winter Themed Weapon Skins
    • Wu – “Mark of Corruption”

Tripp – “Icicle Shards”

Exile in the North also features several gameplay and quality of life improvements, including more generous end-of-match Crown Boosts and the addition of Honor Bonuses for players who battle shorthanded to the bitter end despite teammate disconnections and drops.  Hero Mastery Skins are also now available to unlock as you play and master each Hero.

Lots and lots to look forward to thats for sure, go HERE and watch our Gigantic TiX stream and make sure to like and subscribe to the channel for more videos.

Gigantic (Game Preview) review

There’s something highly compelling about Gigantic. Whether it’s tied to its unique take on the MOBA formula, its varied and well-balanced roster of heroes, its charming cartoon aesthetic, or perhaps a little bit from all columns, whatever it is we can’t seem to stop playing it.

Right now Gigantic’s Preview Program offering involves three maps and a rotating selection from the 16 available characters, that’s in its free version at least. Pay for the Founders pack however, and you’ll have access to the whole cast of quirky, anthropomorphised animal heroes. Trying it out then, is entirely free, and thanks to solid balancing between the heroes, and seemingly the matchmaking, whichever version you play there’s no obvious ‘pay to win’ shenanigans.

Of course, it’s early days but in our experience, things were fair between the competing sides despite the heroes selected. This felt largely due to the restriction of only one hero choice per team, and the free version’s roster including a well-sized selection of heroes to facilitate this. In the end, your five strong team naturally fulfils multiple roles: tank, DPS (Damage per Second) and support. The strategy is in the detail; are the DPS players ranged or melee, what’s the ratio of classes, and are individuals playing to the strengths of their character and class. And as long as the latter was true, matches were tense, action packed and closely fought battles.


The aim of each match is very simple: deal three blows to the enemy’s guardian, a massive lion eagle thing for the good guys, and a dark snake thing for the bad guys. And in classic MOBA tradition, this means securing points within the map and defeating players and the creatures they summon. This generates energy orbs, and once you reach 100 your guardian dashes across the map and engages the enemy guardian, opening up an opportunity to strike and injure it. The other team’s amount of energy also then aids in their defence, with more granting them a higher chance of pushing back against the onslaught and saving their guardian from taking damage.

However, Gigantic follows less traditional MOBA design when it’s comes to its map layout. Lanes are less of a focus, in fact the maps are more arena shaped. Instead of minions and creatures roaming around and pushing forwards via lanes, the creatures you summon are static, remaining at the strategic points you capture within the map. Here they grant different bonuses, such as healing, defensive barriers, or offensive abilities. Therefore, another part of the overall strategy is figuring out where to put each kind of creature to best benefit your team.


In truth, the strategy is fairly shallow, but this makes it far more intuitive to learn. With a little practice on each map you gain a good idea of the best strategic points to capture and what creature to put there, which makes for a player base that can pick up and play without having to worry about a steep or complex learning curve. The nuance comes in learning how the heroes work.

The 16 heroes offer a wide variety of move-sets to master, based around the aforementioned three classes of tank, DPS and support. A potion wielding mad scientist can buff the team with defence and attack enhancements, meanwhile, a robotic artillery piece can offer ranged DPS, and a hulking bull can charge on in, distract enemies and absorb its fair share of damage. Moreover, many characters can fulfil the role of two classes, depending on the upgrades you choose as that hero levels up within a match. Once a match is over, these upgrades are reset and you’re free to mix it up next time you jump into battle, changing your role and focus to meet the requirements of your team. There’s certainly characters that have some particularly devastating skills when in the right hands, but there’s always a character or strategy that can level the playing fields, it’s just a matter of finding it. However, the biggest threat your team will face comes from within.


Teamwork is absolutely crucial to your success, and managing the strategic points, upgrading your characters, killing enemy players without falling yourself, and then attacking the enemy guardian when the time comes, is a lot to keep track of during a match. This is exacerbated by just how fast paced it all is. The maps are small enough, mostly, so a re-spawning enemy can get back into the fray quickly, movement is equally swift, especially in combat, and smooth, lightning framerates makes the whole experience a visual treat. Moreover, the cartoon aesthetic and bright colour pallet is stunning, almost distractingly so.

However, there’s always a ‘but’, or indeed a collection of ‘buts’, fortunately in this case they’re smalls ‘buts’, ones sure to get a good kicking during Gigantic’s time in the Preview Program. Matchmaking is a rather lengthy process, leaving you waiting at the title screen for several minutes. Meanwhile, when a match is found you need to confirm you still want to participate, which often resulted in matches not going ahead and the matchmaking starting from scratch. Hopefully this is more a limited player-base problem than an issue with the matchmaking itself, but that confirmation step really needs to go. One of the maps, Sanctum Falls, is also significantly larger than the others, and despite its attractive design, its size makes matches more drawn out and frustrating. Fortunately, Gigantic’s trick of reducing the map size when the guardians clash – triggered when a match is taking too long – works splendidly at hurrying up a prolonged competition.


Gigantic also doesn’t feature any private match options or bot battles. A singleplayer tutorial helps you figure things out but the ability to play with and against friends with bots filling up the spare slots would go a long way to making the title more engaging to a larger audience, and aid in people’s quest to master the many characters and their unique upgrades trees and move-sets.

Gigantic is one of the most stable preview program titles on Xbox One, and offers highly compelling MOBA style battles with enough unique twists on the genre to make it stand out. It looks and runs terrifically, and has a wonderfully diverse set of quirky characters that’s hard not to fall in love with. We cannot wait for more maps to be added, in fact, add half a dozen more and we’d call it retail ready, fix our ‘buts’ and we could well be seeing a game of the year contender here.

Thanks to Xbox and Motiga for supporting TiX

Gigantic open Beta available on Xbox One and windows 10 now

Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga’s Gigantic is now in Open Beta as part of the Xbox Game Preview Program. The free-to-play competitive action MOBA is available on the Windows Store (Windows 10 PC’s and Xbox One) across North America and Western Europe and features cross-play between the two platforms.

Gigantic is a free-to-play competitive action MOBA developed by Motiga, offering a light-hearted and charming MOBA experience aimed at all types of gamers. players are pitted against each other in two teams of five heroes, and with the aid of their massive Guardians compete to dominate a variety of maps. The game combines combat with fast-paced teamwork, strategy, and skill, as players are required to work together and fight relentlessly to defeat opposing Guardians with spells, guns and swords.


Gigantic will always be free-to-play and its entire roster of heroes and creatures are unlockable through in-game currencies earned by completing matches and fulfilling Fortune Cards. Purchasing the Founder’s Pack grants players instant access to 16 Open Beta heroes (plus four future heroes) ready to battle for supremacy. Finally, Founders will receive two limited additional “Imperial” skins and two exclusive Founder’s profile icons. Gigantic and the Founder’s Pack is available now on Windows 10 and Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview Program, but will follow on Arc (PC Windows) at a later date.

In its free-to-play version, Gigantic will feature weekly rotations of six heroes, from a roster of 16, and three maps: Siren’s Stand, Ghost Reef and Sanctum Falls. Each hero features a unique playstyle that can be further customized through skill trees during each match. You’ll need to work together as a teams to attack enemies while claiming points on the map to summon powerful Creatures. Players will power up their team’s Guardian by controlling the battlefield and defeating enemies. Victory is awarded to the team who can overpower their opponents’ Guardian.


Players looking to unlock more for their Gigantic experience can also purchase the Founder’s Pack ($39.99) to gain access to all 16 current heroes, four upcoming heroes and additional unique rewards. Valued at over $150, the Founder’s Pack offers a substantial savings to players looking to establish themselves right away.

Gigantic is an entirely new action MOBA experience that combines high twitch skills and deep strategic choices. Paired with innovated design that includes giant Guardians (to fight with and against), and creatures that you can summon, Gigantic is way beyond Overwatch or Paladins,

said Chris Chung, CEO of Motiga.

We’re carving our own destiny.

We’re certainly looking forward to checking it out. See you on the battlefield.

E3 Microsoft Conference – Exclusive Gigantic announced

Gigantic was announced during the Microsoft Xbox E3 Briefing. Confirmed as both an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, Gigantic is a visually stunning evolution in team action gaming, where freedom of movement, play-style choice, and towering Guardians makes 5×5 competition more accessible and fun than ever before.

The beta launches in August 2015.

More details as we get them!

Motiga makes Gigantic announcement


Motiga Inc, has announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to publish its competitive action game, Gigantic, on Windows 10 and Xbox One later this year.

Gigantic puts you in a team of five players, fighting fantasy battles alongside a five-storey-tall guardian monster. The game is free to play for Xbox Live Gold Members and Windows 10 PC players, and is currently going through its Alpha testing phase.

“It’s gratifying to see our partners at Microsoft express the same enthusiasm for Gigantic that Motiga and our community have felt all along,” said Motiga CEO Chris Chung. “The game itself made this collaboration happen, and we can’t wait to get Gigantic in as many gamers’ hands as possible.”

The game is a mixture of first person shooter and RPG, bringing a fresh combination of a fast paced action with the satisfaction of leveling up characters and unlocking new skills and abilities.

More information about Gigantic can be found here, but if you’re interested in getting hands on while the game is still in its Alpha phase then you can sign up here.

Gigantic is expected to be released fall 2015.