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Don your morph-suit for Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey


There are some game release trailers that I view and think to myself, yeah, that looks good, I know what’s going on there. Then there are some that I watch that leave me wondering which hemisphere of Bob Mortimer’s brain I’m currently sitting in. Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is such a trailer.

German-based Grande Games have produced a Kinect 2 + controller game that is not only bizarre, it’s bordering on the Noel Fielding side of surreal. You are in control of Commander Cherry and you have to figure out a way to traverse across the locations put before you. To do this, you take a selfie with your Kinect camera, holding some bizarre yoga-inspired pose to complete the bridges and platforms and to fill the gaps. The game’s creators want to make it all about being expressive with your body, in front of the Kinect.

Everyone following so far? Good, just wait until you see the trailer. You won’t necessarily have to wear a horse mask while playing this, but it might be an idea, if only to add the cherry on top of the utter randomness of this title.

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is out this year.

Go, on then, here’s the trailer. I spoil you, I really do.