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GRID Autosport set for June release

GRID Autosport SS5

Codemasters have today revealed details on GRID Autosport, their most authentic racing title to date with a diverse new world to explore is due to be released on 24th June in North America and 27th June in Europe. The catch is it’s an Xbox 360 title with no mention of the Xbox One. To get you petrol heads excited, here’s the new gameplay trailer:

What follows below is the official press release (unedited) from Codemasters with new screenshots included. Go ahead, take a read and let us know what you think of this new racing title in the comments section below.

*** Press Release starts ***

GRID Autosport Packshot 360GRID Autosport will bring alive the experience of becoming a professional racing driver in a new world of contemporary and classic motorsport. Drawing in spirit from classic Codemasters titles such as the TOCA series, developed in conjunction with community feedback and retaining the core GRID focus of ‘being all about the race’, gamers will experience a world of breadth, of depth, of intensity and of course, of the excitement that only racing cars can deliver.

GRID Autosport SS4

Racing alongside a teammate, players must overcome key rivals and satisfy team sponsors in ferocious races where every pass and position counts. In GRID Autosport s huge career, gamers will specialise in their favourite racing discipline or conquer them all; players will feel the aggression of the pack in Touring Cars, manage tyre wear and race into the night in Endurance events, race Open-Wheel cars with precision, show car control in Tuner events and react on the fly in Street races.

Each unique category features series dedicated to different classes, including Touring Cars, Hypercars, Endurance GT Cars, Prototypes, Single-Seaters, Super Modified vehicles, Drift cars and many, many more. Bursting with content, GRID Autosport features over 100 routes across 22 incredible locations and the world’s most exciting contemporary and classic high-performance racing cars to collect, tune and upgrade.  GRID Autosport s features and tone have been shaped through consultation with the GRID community, professional racing drivers and the experts from AUTOSPORT magazine.

This includes the return of an in-car view and the most authentic handling in a GRID game yet. Multiplayer racing is extended by RaceNet, Codemasters’ free million member strong online community portal, which will deliver new challenges every week from launch and sees the introduction of all-new RaceNet Racing Clubs for online, clan-style team competition. Party modes, Demolition Derby and competitive split-screen modes all complement the game’s extensive career mode and expansive core online game.

GRID Autosport SS2

GRID Autosport delivers the most amount of content in the series yet and a truly authentic motorsport feel, but does not lose sight of what makes a GRID game a GRID game – it’s all about the race.

“The design philosophy behind GRID Autosport was to create a really focussed racing game,” said James Nicholls, Chief Games Designer, GRID Autosport. “We’ve jettisoned anything that doesn’t support the on-track competition and we’ve chosen a selection of cars and tracks that will give players a range of different racing experiences. That variety is crucial. There are five very distinct ways to race – this isn’t a game where basically every race is the same and the cars and tracks change. You need to adjust your tactics and learn different techniques to succeed in each racing discipline and each car has its own character too. Our AI will act and react in different ways depending not just on how you race, but the style of racing you are competing in and that’s vital in authentically capturing the feel of say, Touring Cars compared to Open-Wheel Racing.”

GRID Autosport SS1

In developing GRID Autosport, Codemasters consulted extensively with the GRID Community, professional racing drivers and the racing experts from AUTOSPORT magazine. “TOCA Race Driver 3 was an office favourite back in the day, so when Codemasters said they wanted to take the series back to its core fan-base we got stuck in to help,” said Simon Strang, AUTOSPORT.  “Many of our guys that helped with the handling are either former racers and / or active amateurs, but their deep and ingrained knowledge of all levels of motorsport, from so many weekends spent in far-flung paddocks meant that Codemasters were able to extract aspects of knowledge and understanding that otherwise would slip by. The other thing is that while you want the cars to feel authentic, you don’t necessarily want to spend hours mastering it – that’s what real racing is for. You want that experience of racing. We hope that the balance is struck right for the players of GRID Autosport and that is certainly what we aimed to help with. The diversity of cars and tracks is another factor we were delighted by and the return of traditional touring car series and classic tracks is great news for racing fans.”

GRID Autosport will be available for Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and Windows PC. Fans can keep up with all the latest updates straight from the studio by speeding over to www.gridgame.com and www.facebook.com/gridgame or follow the team at www.twitter.com/gridgame.

*** Press Release ends ***

GRID 2 Review


Codemasters who (based out of Birmingham) are the sole remaining truly independent British publisher, and with this comes with a certain expectation from UK gamers. Predominantly we want games that will appeal to us; the local audience. However as DiRT proved and now GRID 2, this is the last thing that Codemasters seem to be keeping fresh in their mind. It’s quite apparent by the lack of UK based career races that this title has been aimed at where the money is…. The United States of America and the Asian markets. If it wasn’t for the fact Codemasters still create enjoyable games you might find us more upset.

As a somewhat spiritual successor to the TOCA Touring Car series, the game finds itself sat in between Gran Turismo and PGR (Project Gotham Racing) in terms of what you can expect. It’s not quite a simulation title, but then it’s definitely not an arcade game either. It’s a 5 year late sequel that blends game mechanics and modes together in way that leaves us feeling a little confused about the intent. Oh… and it includes a ‘story line’. They are trying to fill a very narrow niche market, but Codemasters feel they have cracked it, and I agree.

One of the major new features for GRID 2 is the ‘TrueFeel’ handling. This does exactly what it sounds like by ensuring it looks and feels like you’re driving a real car while simplifying the experience just enough to make sure it’s fun for less experienced players – although removing the driver aids (as seen in previous titles) seems an odd move given that goal. Ensuring that this doesn’t raise the entry barrier too high for newcomers and first time players; GRID 2 has retained the Flashback rewind feature that has now become a standard feature in a good deal of race games, not just from Codemasters. Flashback allows you to remind the action by a few seconds and rectifying those little mistakes made. You can change the amount of Flashbacks available or switch them off entirely.

grid 2 1

There are some race types and features missing from GRID 2; team mates and Derby races for example, however GRID 2 still features an eccentrically random collection of different motorsports, race types, and locations – with an equally wide-ranging collection of cars from across the last four decades. Although this feels like a lack of focus on one era, this was a purposeful development decision from Codemasters and does become one of GRID 2’s main appeals. Checkpoint races in ‘70s muscle cars rubbing shoulders with drift challenges, duels, time trials, and circuit races – all taking part in a variety of real-world cities, stadia, and closed-road events combine together to give GRID 2 a great variety of game modes ensuring boredom doesn’t set in too quickly.

So I mentioned earlier on that there is a story line to GRID 2… unfortunately this is something Codemasters are still convinced they need to include; a plot to explain everything happening. But even this doesn’t work the way it should and there are massive gaps in the players learning curve to understanding just what is happening. Whilst there is no ‘team building’ in GRID 2 as the career is structured around competing against different race clubs with the goal of bringing them into the World Series Racing (WSR); the way the player is rewarded is unclear. The main way to unlock new cars and events is by winning fans – a process that the game fails to explain properly in terms of how you’re actually rewarded for a race. And it seems to be at completely random intervals you are told to pick a new car, without the explanation of what club it will be used for etc. Even specific in-game rewards and penalties can be confusing, and whether you get away with cutting corners seems to be largely random. Hitting an opponent never is though: they always get the worst of it whether it seems to be your fault or not.

Whilst the variety of modes available is excellent and storyline aspect annoying, both are overshadowed by just how good the graphics are. Codemasters never seem to get the full acclaim they rightly deserve for their visuals, but both the scenery and the cars themselves are easily within the top-tier of the genre. The landscapes in particular are presented with a good deal more showmanship than either Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport. We are at the end of current gen titles with a few more weeks before the Xbox One and PS4 are released, but Codemasters have done a fantastic job with squeezing the last bit of performance out of our current gen consoles.

grid 2 2

There is a 1 major graphical/presentation issue however, and oh boy has it been complained about. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and online forums have all been awash with complaints. There is no cockpit view. Apart from the drain on a console’s horsepower there doesn’t seem to be any satisfying explanation for this and the only replacement that comes close to resolving IT is a bonnet view. Not exactly what some of the diehard fans were looking for.

So here we are, we’ve been playing the game for 1 week now and suddenly it’s apparent that once the ‘excitement of the new’ fades away, we aren’t actually left with as much as we initially thought. There is the concept of LiveRoutes, which creates randomised layouts by connecting together separate pieces of a course, but although this ensures even more variety randomisation rarely satisfies in any type of game – and least of all a racer where one of the primary pleasures is getting the top time on a hand-crafted course. LiveRoutes kills off the ability to learn a route inside and out enabling that record breaking time and for a few race simulation gamers I know, this could be a problem… Benjos I am looking at you!

It’s been 5 years since the original GRID, that is 5 years of planning and brain-storming, design concept, creation, beta and bug testing and more. But for a game that’s been five years in the making GRID 2 is frustratingly inconsistent, and lacks the genuine innovation that marked out the original. That’s not to say it isn’t enjoyable or a well-polished, graphically pleasing title – it just feels lacking in certain areas. So to make sure you get my point… it’s a great all-round racer with modes and features to please and entertain pretty much every kind of petrol head, it just feels there may have been too many sacrifices made in pursuit of the big bucks.

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GRID 2: LiveRoutes Trailer



Making us even more excited for the release of GRID 2, Codemasters today revealed another new feature; LiveRoutes, which will feature exclusively in GRID 2.

Offering millions of route possibilities, LiveRoutes comes into play for specific events in the game’s city environments – Paris, Barcelona, Chicago, Miami and Dubai. Junctions on LiveRoutes circuits can switch the track up to six different ways, as LiveRoutes randomly selects a route through the city.

LiveRoutes is the new challenge event that we’re most proud of in GRID 2. It’s as fresh to racing games as Flashback was when we introduced it as a mechanic in the original GRID.

said Clive Moody, Senior Executive Producer for GRID 2 at Codemasters.

In a LiveRoutes event, you don’t know what’s coming next and it turns each race into a test of your racecraft, car handling and reactions on circuits that cannot be learnt. In both career mode and online, LiveRoutes offers near limitless possibilities in every race and it’s a great leveller, even for the most experienced racing game players.

So there have it, LiveRoutes sounds like a great new features. The new LiveRoutes video (below) shows how the road changes ahead dynamically on different play-throughs, creating new routes through GRID 2’s Paris Street Racing environment. Let us know your thoughts below.


GRID 2 Trailer


Today Codemasters released an extended multiplayer GRID 2 gameplay trailer showcasing new locations, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and features such as vehicle customisation from the game’s online mode.

The multiplayer video gives us a first view of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Circuit in-game, the iconic venue which is the world’s largest sporting spectator facility and has been the spiritual home of American motorsport for over a century.

The trailer also reveals the game’s livery editor in action, which features up to six billion different design combinations so we the player can stamp our own identity online. Game modes including Checkpoint racing in Paris and street racing in Chicago are shown alongside RaceNet’s extensive suite of social features in the video.

GRID 2 is out on May 21st so keep your eyes peeled for a review from TiX soon!

Grid 2 Multiplayer T​railer


grid-2-logoMAINWhether players want to dive into a quick race online or in two-player split-screen, specialise in their favourite event or become one of the best cross-discipline racers in the world, GRID 2 offers a multiplayer experience that revolves around the gamer’s play style and choices. GRID 2‘s wide-range of game modes can be played online with up to 12 players, including custom races based on player preferences and choosing from pre-defined playlists to jump straight into the action. Players can modify their cars with upgrades and make their mark on the grid by customising their car with a simple yet powerful livery editor which offers up to 6 billion different combinations. New anti-griefing technology includes player grouping, so gamers who like to trade paint will be brought together online whilst clean racers are more likely to find similar drivers in their online sessions.