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Rockstar giving away free money in GTA Online during Business Week

It’s Online Business Week in GTA Online and to celebrate Rockstar are giving away free money just for logging into GTA Online. So, on the first login you will earn $250,000 and then a further $1...[Read More]

Rockstar giving a Tax Rebate in GTA Online

We all love that wonderful time of the year when the letter from the Taxman drops through your letterbox, especially when it contains a nice fat cheque with your rebate. Well, it’s that time of ...[Read More]

Overtime Rumble comes to GTA 5 Online

Rockstar just keeps smashing it, with their release of high-quality game modes for GTA5 Online. This time it’s Overtime Rumble in adversary mode. To put it simply its Car Darts! Imagine the calm...[Read More]

$425,000 worth of reasons to log into GTA Online

That right, log into GTA Online between now and Sunday April 30 and Rockstar will give you $425,000 to spend as a “Tax Rebate” during May. The rebate is for players on all platforms, just ...[Read More]

GTA Online adds Tiny Racers on April 25th

The game that sold over 75 million copies and keeps going has released details of its next GTA Online content.  Coming on April 25th is Tiny Racers, a new game mode that takes some inspiration from th...[Read More]

Tron Light Cycles come to GTA Online

Ever fancied taking to the streets of Los Santos and reliving the famous Tron movie moments on LIght Cycles?. Well now’s your chance as Rockstar Games bring you their latest DLC for GTA Online, ...[Read More]

GTA Online: Bikers update now available

GTA V is the game that keeps on giving, and Rockstar have just given us another update to GTA Online, with the new Bikers update. Introducing a host of new features including Motorcycle Clubs, Clubhou...[Read More]

Biker Gangs coming to GTA Online

Ever wanted to run your own Biker Gang, well that dream could come true as the next big addition coming to GTA Online is Bikers. Form and lead your very own Motorcycle Club for up to 8 players. Simila...[Read More]

GTA 5 Stunt Racing Part 2 Let’s Play

Greg Giddens, Derek McRobert, Dave Moran and Max Powley return for another set of races in the new GTA Online Cunning Stunts update.

GTA 5 Stunt Racing Let’s Play

Join Greg Giddens, Derek McRoberts, Dave Moran and Max Powley as they compete in some of the new stunt racing tracks in GTA Online’s Cunning Stunts update.

New Rhino Hunt: Adversary mode comes to GTA Online

This weekend you can jump straight into the action and gain double GTA Online money and RP whilst playing the Rhino Hunt mode, this mode is all about Sticky Bomb wielding hunters in small vehicles lik...[Read More]

Spend Valentine’s Day in Los Santos

This year Grand Theft Auto Online will play host to another Valentine’s Day event and will be dubbed ‘Be My Valentine’. The update is available right now for download and comes with ...[Read More]

Date set for GTA: Online Heists

After what seems an eternity of speculation, rumors, delays and teasers, Rockstar officially announced today that Heists will be coming to consoles on March 10th. In the official announcement on Rocks...[Read More]

Let’s go on a (GTA) Heist

Ah the GTA Heist, one of my favourite pastimes from the single player campaign of GTAV – why then was it absent from GTA Online? Well the good news is that it won’t be absent for much longer. He...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto 5: The Last Stand Update Now Available

Rockstar has released yet another batch of free, downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto 5 titled “The Last Stand” and it’s unfortunately not as impressive as it sounds. This new e...[Read More]

GTA V Online: Rockstar To Take Action Against Cheaters

  Rockstar have always been active when it comes to cheating and use of exploits to gain extra RP levels and GTA $ in GTA V Online. Today they took to Twitter to announce that their next wave of ...[Read More]

10 New Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs

Recently, Rockstar challenged the GTA Online community to show them their best Races and Deathmatches during the Social Club #CreatorWeekend for a chance to win GTA$1M and an exclusive GTA Online lice...[Read More]

GTA Online – New ‘Capture’ Update Lands Today

  Today GTA Online gets a new title update which will add new game modes to the online experience. The update is free and will be released on Xbox LIVE today. With 20 new Jobs across four unique ...[Read More]

GTA V Online : Free Editor now Live with latest Title Update

  The free Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta update for GTA Online is now available for Xbox 360. Just download the latest automatic title update to gain access to some of the same tools our ow...[Read More]

The GTA Online Stimulus Package Direct Deposit

I won’t try and talk all gangster like again, I promise. Here’s the word from Rockstar Games. See you all in Los Santos tonight. Attention all Grand Theft Auto Online players, we have begu...[Read More]

GTA V’s First DLC Announced and Stimulus Package Explained

  Rockstar have given further details on the GTA Online Stimulus pack which players had been expecting two weeks ago and looks as though they will be waiting at least another week for it to land....[Read More]

GTAOnline 1.04 Title Update Now LIVE

  Rockstar have released the 1.04 Title update for GTA Online with patch notes shown below. Sadly, the first of two $250,000 installments as part Rockstar’s goodwill gesture to compensate p...[Read More]

GTA Online – Rockstar Confirm That Lost Characters Cannot Be Recovered

  Last Friday, Rockstar announced steps to compensate players of GTA Online for the multiple technical issues suffered since the mode launched October 1st. Anyone who plays GTA Online during Octo...[Read More]

Rockstar’s $500,000 GTA Online Apology

  Further to the 1.03 title update that was released to Xbox LIVE players yesterday, today Rockstar have taken steps to apologise for all the technical issues players have suffered since GTA Onli...[Read More]

GTA Online – Rockstar Details New Title Update

  Following the second title update for GTA Online last week which sought to resolve the technical issues with creating new characters and completing the first tutorial missions, more problems ar...[Read More]

GTA Online: Rockstar Investigating Online Issues

      The technical issues for GTA V’s online have continued post the first title update which looked to resolve the problem where users were unable to complete the mode’s t...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto V Claims Top Spot On Xbox LIVE

Despite it’s flaws and maybe the most obvious of titles to be top of the played list this past week over Xbox LIVE, but GTA V has been confirmed as the most played title this week on the Xbox 36...[Read More]

GTA Online – Xbox 360 Patch Now Live

Rockstar and Microsoft have finally released a Title update they say will help cure some of the online technical issues Xbox users have suffered since the online mode launched October 1st Update: The ...[Read More]

Rockstar Games Spill The Beans On GTA Online

Rockstar Games have released more information about GTA Online ahead of the launch on October 1st 2013.  First, they give some details of the roll out of GTA Online, and how they hope gaming communiti...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto V – Collectors Edition Content Detailed

Grand Theft Auto V’s Special and Collector’s Editions were previously announced, but today Rockstar unveils all the details for what you can expect to receive at launch if you have pre-ord...[Read More]

GTA Online: Gameplay Video Coming This Thursday

The official blog of GTA has spoken: Look for the world premiere of the official GTA Online Gameplay Video as well as coverage of first press previews here at the Newswire and at[Read More]