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Rockstar giving away free money in GTA Online during Business Week

It’s Online Business Week in GTA Online and to celebrate Rockstar are giving away free money just for logging into GTA Online. So, on the first login you will earn $250,000 and then a further $150,000 for every subsequent day you log in, up until May 14th. All rewards will then be paid between May 15th to 21st.

Its an easy way to make some decent money in the game, and good news for the TiX staff as we have just started getting back into GTA Online!

There are also a massive amount of in-game discounts and new vehicles to spend your cash on, so visit the official website for all the detail.


Rockstar giving a Tax Rebate in GTA Online

We all love that wonderful time of the year when the letter from the Taxman drops through your letterbox, especially when it contains a nice fat cheque with your rebate. Well, it’s that time of the year in GTA Online! Simply login to GTA Online at any point between February 16th and 26th and you will qualify for a $250,000 bonus, paid into your Maze bank account after February 27th.

Also, any GTA dollars spent during this time will also earn you 10% of that spend back into your account, also after February 27th.

So, TLDR – Get free cash, spend cash, get more free cash. Everyone’s a winner in GTA!


Overtime Rumble comes to GTA 5 Online

Rockstar just keeps smashing it, with their release of high-quality game modes for GTA5 Online. This time it’s Overtime Rumble in adversary mode. To put it simply its Car Darts!

Imagine the calm, rigorous fun of launching yourself through the sky at the centre of a distant target in a Ruiner 2000 with only the onboard parachute separating a top score from a deadly fireball. Well, Overtime Rumble is just like that, only you and every other adrenaline junkie in Los Santos are all hitting the accelerator at the same time. This can only end well.

This team-based vehicular remix of Darts is for up to 10 players, and has you trying to land your Ruiner 2000 on platforms of various sizes, each worth anywhere between 1 and 5 points.

Accuracy is rewarded with Double GTA$ & RP now through July 17th in Overtime Rumble.

The new game mode is incredibly simple, but quite difficult and immense amounts of fun! The TiX crew played and streamed this earlier in the week, and it was one of the most fun nights of multiplayer madness in a while! Catch the video here – TiX plays GTA5 Overtime Rumble

Rockstar have also been busy and have added lots of new features;


For those with the entrepreneurial spirit burning deep inside them, Rockstar have a bevy of discounts on Executive Offices designed to help make starting your empire a little easier. Owning an Office comes with its perks; become a CEO at any time and tap into Special Cargo and Vehicle Cargo business opportunities through the SecuroServ network. Or expand your sights from high-rise offices to underground bunkers – tap into Gunrunning Businesses as a CEO to start a lucrative arms trafficking career:

Maze Bank West – 25% off
Arcadius Business Center – 30% off
Lombank West – 35% off
Maze Bank Tower – 40% off
Executive Office Garages & Custom Auto Shop – 25% off
Executive Office Garage Renovations – 25% off
Custom Auto Shop Renovations – 25% off

Pad that Maze Bank account with these Premium Race & Time Trial events:

From July 11th – July 17th:

Premium Race – “Big Drop” (locked to Sports)
Time Trial – “Up Chiliad”
Launch Premium Races though the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. The top three finishers receive GTA$ payouts and all participants are awarded Triple RP. To participate in Time Trials, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Sizable GTA$ & RP rewards await those who can beat par time.



GTA Online adds Tiny Racers on April 25th

The game that sold over 75 million copies and keeps going has released details of its next GTA Online content.  Coming on April 25th is Tiny Racers, a new game mode that takes some inspiration from the classic top down racing games of yesteryear.

GTA Online is a favourite pastime here at This Is Xbox, so be sure to keep an eye on our streaming channel for a close look at this new gameplay mode!

TiX Stream team is where all the fun is!


Tron Light Cycles come to GTA Online

Ever fancied taking to the streets of Los Santos and reliving the famous Tron movie moments on LIght Cycles?. Well now’s your chance as Rockstar Games bring you their latest DLC for GTA Online, Deadline.

Take to the streets on your blazingly fast Nagasaki Shotaro as up to four players compete in the new Deadline Adversary Mode. Like Light Cycles, each player is mounted on a different colored Shotaro, which emits a light trail as you race through the arena. Make calculated movements to force opponents to cross your trail’s path and take advantage of strategic power-ups for a competitive edge; use Boost to speed ahead and cut off your opponents, slow down time with Zoned for precision movement, or leap your opponent’s light trail with Hop. Any player unfortunate to come into contact with a light trail will meet an explosive ending.

Playing the new Deadline Adversary Mode will unlock the bike for purchase at Legendary Motorsport, and the Deadline Racing Outfit will be available at any clothing store. Like any new deal, for a limited time only, owners of the Shotaro will also receive a free Nagasaki Tee — whooooo!

GTA Online Deadline Tee

From now until the 21st if you play Deadline Adversary Mode you will recieve Double GTA$ and RP, but this is not all the kind people at Rockstar will give you. Until the 21st you can also get an extra 50% GTA$ and 2X RP from Biker Business Sales and also the following discounts;


  • Biker Businesses – 25%


  • Karin Technical – 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • Savage – 25% (Heist completion requirement waived)
  • MTL Brickade – 50%


  • Bullet Ammo – 25%
  • Throwables and Explosives – 25%
  • Body Armor – 25%
  • Drum & Box Magazines – 25%

However if you are looking for something a little different then why dont you try the ‘Over the Bridge’ Stunt Race. This race is locked to Bikes only and will be available until the 21st, offering Triple RP and generous GTA$ prizes for the top 3 finishers. For more information about this or any other aspects of GTA Online, check out the Officlal Site.

GTA Online: Bikers update now available

GTA V is the game that keeps on giving, and Rockstar have just given us another update to GTA Online, with the new Bikers update.

Introducing a host of new features including Motorcycle Clubs, Clubhouses, running businesses, 13 new vehicles, and much much more, the free update promises to inject an element of badassery into GTA Online.

Along with all the new toys, a brand new race mode has also been introduced. Slipstream pits teams of riders against each other, as they vie to be the first over the finish line. As teams fight for the lead, they need to stick together to hit checkpoints, and take full advantage of their opponent’s slipstreams to gain additional speed boosts. To add an element of Road Rage, melee attacks are now available to knock other players off of their bikes, so you can gain that important lead.


To commemorate the release of GTA Online: Bikers, there is a special Bikers Bonus Week which will run until October 10, with unlockable rewards and discounts. Play this week to unlock special clothing items, and get a discount on body armour, ammo, and weapon tints.

GTA Online: Bikers is now available to anyone who owns GTA V, and all new content will be added with a quick game update on your Xbox One.

Biker Gangs coming to GTA Online

Ever wanted to run your own Biker Gang, well that dream could come true as the next big addition coming to GTA Online is Bikers. Form and lead your very own Motorcycle Club for up to 8 players. Similar to the CEO role introduced in a previous update, bikers will bring new roles to your gang, from Fresh Prospects to Club President and a ton of new motorcycles. To top it off you also will get access to your very own Clubhouse, special custom bike mechanic and those special venues for your seedy business adventures.

GTA Online Biker Business

Along with the update a whole host of new competitive and co-op gameplay with be included and the usual new weapons, styles, tattoos etc. to make you look the part. While loyal MCs will fight to expand their foothold alongside black-collar CEOs and Organizations, there’s always another opportunity to make your mark just around the corner. Keep an eye out for high-level, high-risk vehicle based business ventures to spring up across Los Santos and Blaine County soon.

For further information check out the official Rockstar Newswire.