Let’s go on a (GTA) Heist

Ah the GTA Heist, one of my favourite pastimes from the single player campaign of GTAV – why then was it absent from GTA Online? Well the good news is that it won’t be absent for much longer. He...[Read More]

GTA V – Money Glitcher’s Getting Banned

Although I have long left the days of Xbox 360 and GTA V behind until I will get my ass in gear and devote a decent playthrough on the upcoming Xbox One version – it has been reported that Rocks...[Read More]

GTA V Independence Day Event Weekend LIVE

Thursday July 3rd through Sunday July 6th. San Andreas will be celebrating the birthplace of freedom with big RP & GTA$ bonuses, patriotic discounts at Ammu-Nation, giveaways and lots more –...[Read More]

The GTA Online Stimulus Package Direct Deposit

I won’t try and talk all gangster like again, I promise. Here’s the word from Rockstar Games. See you all in Los Santos tonight. Attention all Grand Theft Auto Online players, we have begu...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Video

Check out the official gameplay video above – those who pre-order any edition of Grand Theft Auto V (including the Special Edition, Collector’s Edition or the standard retail edition) between no...[Read More]

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2

The second trailer showcasing some of the goodness of Grand Theft Auto V – is in!

Upcoming CHIEF Magazine Soon To Have a GTA V News Blowout

The Belgian CHIEF Magazine is claiming that “The mystery solved | The first pictures | Los Santos already mapped | Who will be the new Niko Bellic?” will feature within the next issue of t...[Read More]