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There is no war, there is only Gunsport


I love retro stuff. I put it down to the fact that I’m an old git. Necrosoft and Iron Galaxy have announced a new ID@Xbox title that aims to bring some more retro goodness to your Xbox One, and probably mine too.

There is no more war. There are no more Gods. There is only the game. For the passion and the fame – it’s two guns against the world. Gunsport is coming to Xbox One and it ticks all of my retro boxes.

Gunsport takes place in an alternate future where humans have grown tired of war. Petty international disputes are now settled in Gunsport.

The gameplay, teased to us in the trailer below, is a little bit like volleyball but instead of keeping the ball in the air with your hands, you shoot the ball and keep it going over the net. The more times it goes over the net, the more valuable it becomes and the more dangerous it is to miss one of your limited shots.

This game will focus on teamwork, and you will be truly in sync with your team-mate. You fire off a Focus Shot together and the ball with travel twice as fast, but your opponents can fire it straight back if they are Drift compatible. It can be that devious and that complex, yet it looks so easy to play.

This will also feature team-based weapon sets, stage-specific gimmicks, unpredictable foes and online multiplayer.

Necrosoft’s Brandon Sheffield doesn’t underestimate the importance of their collaboration with Iron Galaxy.

We needed money, and we needed our multiplayer not to be awful. Iron Galaxy said heck yeah to both those things, so who are we to turn it down? They also seem to understand what an action game is, and that games aren’t just created with pixie dust and magic but require grinding work and misery.

Gunsport is set to load up for a release later this year. Have a look at the teaser trailer below and let us know if you’ll be taking up the challenge.