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Prepare to be spooked in Overwatch Halloween Terror

From now until November 1st our friends at Blizzard Entertainment have brought another event driven change to Overwatch, Halloween. See your favorite characters all dressed up for the occasion, but wait are you brave enough to face Junkenstein’s Revenge?

As like the Olympic event, standard loot boxes have been replaced with Halloween Terror loot boxes, rewarding players with a whole host of new customisations for their characters. Fancy a vampiric Symmetra skin, a witches costume for Mercy or even Junkrat’s Professor Junkenstein outfit, the loot boxes contain over 100 new cosmetic items including skins, sprays, victory poses, emotes, highlight intros, player icons and voice lines! Every time you level up you will be rewarded with a Halloween Terror loot box or you can purchase the new customisations with in game credits or through the in-game shop (this is sure to disappoint a few people).

OverWatch Halloween Lootboxes

On top of the subtle changes to the maps and the new character customisations, players will also be able to take part in Overwatch’s first-ever co-op PvE Brawl:  Junkenstein’s Revenge. Team up with three other players and face off against a host of eerie enemies, including Dr. Junkenstein himself, Junkenstein’s Monster, the Reaper, a mysterious witch, and host of shambling zomnics.

OverWatch Halloween Junkenstein's Revenge

Players will choose from the Alchemist (Ana), the Archer (Hanzo), the Gunslinger (McCree), or the Soldier (Soldier: 76) and defend Adlersbrunn castle’s doors against Dr. Junkenstein’s onslaught. Heroes will need to work together and develop strategies to withstand not only the advances of his macabre entourage, but also wave after wave of zomnic attacks. Are you brave enough to accept the challenge?

For further information about Overwatch’s current spooky event or general information about the game check out the Official Website.

Dead Rising: Watchtower released on We Are Colony

It’s that time of year again where monsters pretending to be children ring the door bell and threaten to brutally maim you and your family… or they want sweets, I don’t know. I lock door, turn off the lights and watch a scary or gruesome film, ignoring the outside world entirely.

Well this year digital streaming site We Are Colony have a new release that’s ideal for Halloween watching, Dead Rising: Watchtower.

We reviewed Dead Rising: Watchtower when it hit Blu-ray and DVD and found the gory and energetic videogame adaptation to be an enjoyable if slightly flawed zombie flick. Now you can see for yourself whether it’s your kind of undead delight, by renting it through We Are Colony. Even better, We Are Colony also have some behind the scenes content for the film – including interviews, stills and making of documentaries.

With videogame to film adaptations so regularly missing the mark, Dead Rising Watchtower is absolutely worth a watch to see how tantalisingly close this adaptation gets to cracking that problem. The authenticity of Watchtower to the videogame source is excellent, giving fans of the games a great new chapter to the story and new comers an ideal introduction.

Dead Rising Watchtower releases today on We are Colony and can be rented for £4.49 or bought for £9.99.

Dead Rising Watchtower Colony 2

Dead Rising 3 Gets Season Pass Treatment With Halloween Trailer

Dead Rising 3 has a brand new Halloween trailer as shown above, and it comes alongside new information on the Season Pass available at launch on November 22nd with the Xbox One.

Capcom’s own blog shared the news:

The Season Pass will be available for $29.99, entitling purchasers to four upcoming content packs at a 25% discount. The first pack, “Operation Broken Eagle,” will be available in late December for $9.99 (if you buy it individually), followed by “Fallen Angel,” “Chaos Rising,” and “The Last Agent” later on.

Prices will vary in other locations, but Dead Rising 3 is one of the most exciting exclusives to hit the Xbox One console when it launches next month. The season pass is sure to be a great way to save some money on extra content.

Look out for our review in due course.