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Xbox Game Pass adds 7 new Titles to its Roster

Xbox Game Pass has this week added 7 new games to its already huuuge list of titles, taking the total amount of games to 119!

Added this week are;

  • Dead Island Definitive Edition
  • Resident Evil 6
  • F1 2015
  • The Flame in the Flood
  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
  • Bards Gold
  • Monaco – Whats Yours is Mine

For those of you unfamiliar with the scheme, you pay £7.99 a month and have full access to download and play all the games featured in Game Pass. With the likes of the Gears of War and Bioshock series, Halo 5 and Mad Max it is great value for money!

To check out Game Pass visit the website – http://www.xbox.com/en-gb/games/xbox-game-pass

Halo 5 gets infected

Zombies became popular with gamers back in the days of Halo 2 – manually switching teams when killed by a sword wielding zombie player – eventually, the mode received it’s own slot in Halo 3’s multiplayer and has featured ever since. Now, infection is coming to Halo 5.

Infection was unveiled during the game’s Halo livestream: Ghosts of Meridian. BRAINS!

Grifball coming back to Halo 5 in new update

The February update is almost upon us and coming with it will be Grifball, the fan favourite multiplayer mode. The Hammer Storm update will also feature a new Arena map dubbed Torque. The update will bring us new REQ items including the Gravity Hammer, Weapon skins, new Armor sets. Custom game options will now include Oddball and Richochet and much, much more.

You can read more about the pending update over at Halo Waypoint.

Christmas Gunplay

Yes it’s still November, but, Hark the herald angels sing “Glory to the new-born king” …of Christmas gunplay games that is!

Damn, wouldn’t you know it but it’s nearly bloody Christmas again, and with the arrival of the festive season just around the corner our wish list is littered with all the pre-crimbo games we’ve been waiting for all year.

Whilst there are many games out there worthy of your desire, I’m going to look here at some of the top titles competing for your hard-earned cash or that elusive top spot on your Christmas list this year that are centred around gunplay.

First up, cult classic Call of Duty

I worked out I have spent nearly nine months of my life to date playing Call of Duty online. That’s just in game time. New little people have been conceived and born in the time I’ve spent on virtual battlefields under the CoD titles.

Ghosts and Advanced Warfare both failed to meet the mark for me, I found they lacked the holding power of previous versions. Black Ops III, however, has recaptured some of the series’ original magic. This game has pulled me back in big time.

Whilst the single player story doesn’t endear you to the cast as strongly as it clearly want to the new load-out system and skills means it’s actually really fun to play still. And of course with Treyarch producing it means more zombie action. Woo-hoo! They’ve nailed it with slick graphics and a wonderful 1940’s setting. I’m yet to get very far – my friends suck. I hope your reading this – but the Easter eggs keep me coming back for more. Zombie slaying is just as fun as in previous titles and this time a new array of weapons are available that can be customised pre ‘off the wall purchase’. Chuck me some gum – new perks instead of bottles – I’m going for the pack-a-punch.

As expected though it’s the multiplayer that really shouts out loud. Ultra quick paced play, maps that support fluid movement, great level design that gets you using the new jump packs and wall running as well as a neat slide all makes the running and gunning feel terrific. Tons of slick-looking and shooting weapons with strong variety allowing for many viable weapon setups to please most play styles, indeed the series has come back strong with this one. It’s highly addictive and well put together. Rather obviously, this will do well and I’m sure many of your mates will already have it.

Black Ops 3 Zombies

Halo 5

I have a lot of love for the Halo series. It’s my personal favourite storyline in gaming – Halo 1-3 – and it’s been continued by 343 very well. They clearly want to put their own stamp on the series and it shows.

This is Halo at its core, the game you’ve always loved, but with some serious changes that go down well. A more fluid movement system with boost jumps as part of your standard load-out as well as a clamber ability, a whole new large game mode with vehicles and a REQ system. A classic Halo storyline – although a bit disjointed in places – powered along by a brilliant score.

I’ve always felt that Halo bridged the gap between old school first-person shooters like Doom and contemporary ones like Battlefield. The bright colours, timed power weapons and overshields make it feel much less of a ‘realistic’ shooter than the likes of Battlefield and even CoD. That’s not to say it isn’t believable, I straight up feel like a super soldier in a suit bossing around slaying, but the feel of arena is ‘war-games’ not just war. Again, a strong fan base will mean lots of people have already got this one, but if you haven’t it should be a serious contender for your stocking this year.

Halo 5 Warzone

Star Wars Battlefront

Well, Hell! If you ever really wanted to be in the Star Wars films this is your best chance – short of getting a role in the next movie. The sounds and sights are spot on with this latest Battlefront title. I played this with my dad and he genuinely thought he was watching a trailer for the new movie. OK, he’s old, but the point remains the same: the graphics are siiiiick! It is truly beautiful; I was reduced to a gibbering state of awe as I couldn’t handle the Star Warsness of it.

It’s basically a Battlefield game in feel and game style but with a Star Wars skin. The people at Dice have gone to great pains to tell us that is not the case, but come on guys, It is, isn’t it. This isn’t a bad thing as such; this is full on multiplayer grandness. Big lobbies lead to big games filled with all the lightsaber swinging, X-wing dog fighting and rebel scum squishing/empire destroying – depending on your perspective – that you could possibly want. If you like Star Wars and you like videogames then you’re going to have a good time.

As a reminder though, there’s no single player story. There is a Wave mode in which you face increasingly difficult AI enemies but this is otherwise entirely focused on multiplayer. Despite this however, this is a must for the true Star Wars fan, and comes strongly recommend for everyone.

Star Wars Battlefront Gunplay

Fallout 4

“Finally!” I hear you cry “a game that isn’t centred around online multiplayer.” Yep, and this is maybe the best single player experience currently out there, by a country mile in fact. A friend of mine got this on release day, his girlfriend has left him and he lost his job. But he’s over 50% completed and that’s all that matters, at least that’s what he mumbles with vacant awareness that only comes from the truly addict…dedicated.

Bethesda have done it again, despite some bugs that crop up – pretty expected from a massive open world these days – the game is wonderful. It plays very well, has a good combat system, and has some extreme depth to, well, everything. Skill trees, weapons, characters, and a build your own settlement; this game provides ample content for you to delve into. Think Skyrim with guns and set in a messed up, mutated future.

Whilst taking up days of your life, the solo play means you can jump in and out of it at leisure without feeling like you’ve been left behind. It has good graphics – not incredible though – given some room due to the vast open world it’s running as backdrop, it’s seriously immersive with its story and has lots of little things to keep you entertained, such as funny characters, side quest, interesting weapons, crazy mutants. This is another must have entry in the series.

Fallout 4 gunplay

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Although out since September I’m still giving this an honourable mention as it’s just so friggin’ good! This is gaming done right. I’ve never really played the MGS series, but got tempted in when Ground Zeroes came out. I played it through again and again for weeks, now the Phantom Pain is out and I’m putting it up with some of the best open-world games I’ve played. The maps are very large and can be explored freely with the missions taking place within confined areas in the maps. The story is nuts, plain old out there crazy storytelling, which is great and everything I’d expect for the next edition in a series infamous for its convoluted plots.

If you played the Splinter Cell games you’ll get along with this. It’s ultimate stealth operations and you really do have a huge amount of options for how to do 99% of the missions. Konami said ‘the most strategically unparalleled game every created’ and I think they might be right. Fantastic graphics, good control system and menu access, and an abundance of weapons/equipment to choose from brings the open-world experience to life. I have spent hours on his game and will spend hours more. There’s also the addition of a multiplayer mode that, whilst quite different to a classic head to head, is also very good fun.

MGSV Gunplay

There you go, five of the top gunplay games out right now that you can get for Christmas. Slip on your slippers, grab your energy drink of choice and settle down. The weather is crap, perfect for melting into your seat for a few weeks.

TiX Podcast: Spartan Neg Reporting For Duty

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast.

Join Greg Giddens and Neale Jarrett for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 16 Spartan Neg Reporting For Duty – where the duo are back to their old trick, talking about games they’ve been playing and news that interests them.


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The awesome music in this episode was provided by Bangmaid and produced by James Gill. (https://www.mixcloud.com/bangmaid/)

Halo 5: Guardians review

When the marketing campaign began for Halo 5: Guardians it had us all intrigued, Spartan Locke, out to get a traitorous Master Chief, surely not? I felt a bit let down with the story overall, but my experience of Halo 5: Guardians is positive, let me tell you why.

The campaign sees you play as two teams, the first you play as is Team Osiris led by Spartan Jameson Locke. They are new to the Spartan Program and it’s interesting to hear their dialogue throughout the game – they have a shared objective but are still learning a lot about each other. But we are here for Master Chief, and he heads up Blue Team who have grown up with each other and are almost like family.

Halo5 (3)

The campaign is essentially one big chase sequence, Master Chief goes rogue after making a discovery he can’t ignore, and Locke with his newly formed team are tasked to bring him in after rescuing Doctor Halsey from her Elite captors. It’s an interesting idea to make a character we’re all so accustomed to saving us turn his back on us – it would have been great to spend more time with the Chief to watch more of the story unfold but we didn’t get that which was a shame. It all felt a bit inconsistent, one minute everything seemed to make sense and then when you were left looking for a bit more explanation and depth into the story.

Throughout the campaign there are some fantastic set pieces and the amount of enemies on-screen makes for some truly epic battles. For the most part, the AI works well – they’ll revive you quickly when you request assistance and respond to waypoints or targets that you prioritise but I did notice some odd behaviour at times from them and my enemies. Most of the missions are pretty linear, but thanks to the huge environments there are plenty of ways to reach an objective or to deal with a group of enemies. The vast environments are worth exploring too, as well as gaining an advantage over your enemies, you’ll find weapon stashes and the odd vehicle to help you on your way – plus the elusive Skulls and numerous intel dumps thorughout the game, which serve to further expand the game’s background.

Halo5 (4)

No doubt 343 are reading this so take note; Missions that involve talking to people are not missions! Also there are some epic cutscenes that would have been superb to actually play, it was great watching them but I was desperate to take part. The ending of the game had shades of Halo 2 about it and while slightly annoying, I’m already looking forward to how the next game unfolds.

343 have done some great things with Spartan movement in Halo 5, introducing the best mobility and skill set I’ve ever used while playing as a Spartan. Firstly their movement is faster and you have some awesome new abilities to make you feel like you’re a huge powerful tank of a Spartan. You can ground pound enemies from above, taking out three or four smaller opponents at a time, the dash boost helps you get out of some tight situations and you can combine sprint with melee that will send your foes flying. The best move is while you are jumping – zooming in with any weapon allows you to hover – it’s resulted in some of my favourite kills.

Halo5 (5)

Halo wouldn’t be complete without the co-op experience would it? Frankly I’m no good at Halo beyond the Heroic difficulty so I need all the help I can get from my friends. It’s a superb way of playing Halo and perfect for hunting down all of the Intel and getting hold of all those pesky achievements. What else is great with friends? Multiplayer! Fans of Halo 2 will appreciate the efforts made by 343 but they might feel it’s not quite there… yet.

Despite the route they took with Halo 4, 343 have scaled things back for 5 – there are enough Call of Duty games around if you’re all about loadouts and abilities – in Halo 5 you can expect fast paced action and you’ll have to rely on your own skill to get by – grabbing power weapons first also helps!

The gameplay is fast and frantic and most importantly, fun. During my time online I found a things a bit hard to get used to. Firstly, your shield is nowhere near as strong as it is during the campaign. Also your melee game needs to be strong – its various combos should play a dominant role in your strategy. The mini map needs some work, it doesn’t pick up your opponents until it’s almost too late. I haven’t noticed as much as Rich has, but he often complained about lag when he found himself going up against our friends across the pond, it would be great to be able to select which location of servers we would like to play on.

Halo5 (1)

The lobby system, while fast, is a bit weird in that it always knocks you out at the end of each match and sets you into a brand new lobby. While good so you don’t end up with the same team, or losing against the same players, it would have been nice to have had the option to party up. You can’t vote for maps either which is a shame. Generally the game modes within Arena are pretty good, the standout mode for me is Capture the Flag, it’s full of action and is the mode I’d go to first if it ever gets it’s own playlist.

New to Halo 5 is Warzone, simply put your objective is to score 1,000 points by capturing objectives and killing bosses that spawn during gameplay. Capturing all the objectives allows you to attack your opponents base, if you destroy the base’s core it’s game over. What I love most about this mode is that your are constantly having to adapt, changing priorities in order for you team to score the most points. As you play in any multiplayer mode you’ll earn Requisition points (REQ), which can be used to order vehicles and weapons in Warzone and boosts in either multiplayer mode. Choosing the right piece of equipment at the right time can be enough to turn the game – but you can’t just call in a Scorpion from the start.

To use REQ cards in your collection you must first gain energy from killing enemies and capturing objectives – the more energy you have the higher the card you can use. New cards are gainned by opening REQ packs or achieveing certain milestones in your Spartan career – each pack rewards random items. Remember how annoying the cryptarch from Destiny was? Yeah, these can be just as frustrating – I never seemed to get any armour pieces – while Greg opened two gold packs and got several pieces! I can’t see my self putting any real money into these but they are a nice little add-on.


Despite the slight disappointment with the storytelling and character building, Halo 5 is awesome, it looks stunning – even during multiplayer – there were no drops in framerate and the audio is spectacular, from the incredible score to the sound of the weapons, which have seen an overhaul and sound more brutal than ever before. The multiplayer, especially Warzone is brilliant, there are still improvements to be made but in Halo 5: Guardians you are getting an awesome package.

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Halo 5 Guardians – Chief is back!

Master Chief has made his way back onto the Xbox in an epic 4-player cooperative story, play online in new multiplayer modes Warzone, a massive 24-player battle with capture points, vehicles, big guns and mayhem, and fight for supremacy in Arena, a core 4-vs-4 competitive combat setting where team play is everything.

Halo 5 Guardians is out now on the Xbox One store for $59.99 or get the Digital Deluxe Version for $89.99. Halo 5 also has some multiplayer specific DLC in the form of Requisition packs, which is where you unlock and change everything for your character from armor, stances and visors to weapon skins and vehicles in related modes.

Locke and load with this new Halo 5 TV spot

It’s not looking good for the Master Chief. The people of earth have been shown footage of his death, but this is just a cover story to protect the hero’s legacy – supposedly rogue – Agent Locke has been sent to take him down.

These TV spots are really setting the bar high for my expectations for Halo 5’s story – it sounds like it will twist and turn, playing with your perception and emotions around Locke and Master Chief.

Locke and load Spartan.


Master Chief falls in the latest TV spot

According to this live action report, the Master Chief has fallen in combat and died, and although there will be no special ceremony, the people of earth are being urged to strive forward together to continue the fight.

How’s that for some ONI propaganda? The TV spot aired last night during Sunday Night Football – make what you will of it!