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First Impressions Video: Hand of Fate

It’s time again for another First Impressions video, this time looking at the unique mixture of Rougelike, CCG, and action that Hand of Fate has to offer.

This extra long episode sees Video Editor, Greg Giddens, take on the first two boss encounters, whilst learning the ropes of what we believe to be a highly innovative, genre mashing success.

Xbox One is dealt a ‘Hand of Fate’

Launching February 17 for Xbox One, Hand of Fate mashes together an action RPG with a deck building card game – sounds intriguing doesn’t it!

The game comes from Australian based studio Defiant Development, starting life as a Kickstarter. Build your collection of cards and explore enemy laden dungeons in a game that takes its inspiration from tarot cards and tabletop fantasy board games – well, it’s certainly an interesting concept – take a look at the videos below and look out for our review soon on TiX.