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Harmonix parts with Mad Catz for Rock Band 4

Harmonix have finally bit the bullet and parted company with their financially stricken hardware partners, Mad Catz. The pair had recently launched the new wave of the Rock Band franchise, Rock Band 4, but were beset with reported harware stock shortages at launch. Announced yesterday, Harmonix have signed a new hardware partnership agreement with accessory […]

Get Lucky with Rock Band 4

When you think of the Rock Band franchise, great rock DLC springs to mind. Now, I’m not normally one to be disappointed with Harmonix’s choice of artist for DLC, variety after all, is the spice of life. Today’s DLC however, is personally an anticlimax. Costing £1.69 each from the Store, Rock Band 4 has today […]

Grunge DLC coming to Rock Band 4

It’s about that time again. Time for a Grunge revival. The genre that peaked in the ’90s holds a special place in my memories and was formative in my musical taste development. Harmonix have been busy, looking at the best tracks they’ve yet to release from three of the Grunge scene’s best-loved bands. They’ve come […]

Get brutal in Rock Band 4’s new game mode

Who’s been having fun in the lounge with Rock Band 4 then? Have you been finding it just a smidge too easy? Harmonix have decided that it’s time to melt some faces. In the December title update for the game comes an all-new game mode for those of us who are brave (or stupid) enough […]

Rock Band 4 title update detailed

It has only been out for a matter of weeks but Harmonix have already lined up a title update for Rock Band 4. In truth they were always planning on regular game updates to tweak the gameplay, but it’s good that the first update is coming so soon after release. These will hopefully refine what […]

Rock Band 4 review

When I was a bit younger, I had aspirations. There were times when I thought I could be the best rock singer in the land. Then reality hit and what is arguably the country’s greatest undiscovered vocal talent had to get a proper job. From my point of view the Guitar Hero and Rock Band […]

Rock Band 4 80’s tracks and Stage Microphone announced

Harmonix announced today that a selection of classic 80s tracks will be coming to the Rock Band™ 4 Music Store this Tuesday, including music from Depeche Mode, INXS, and Naked Eyes. Rock Band 4 players can celebrate the 80s with these classic tracks, starting with Depeche Mode’s “People Are People,” the group’s first breakout single […]

Mad Catz sorry for Rock Band 4 Xbox One shortfalls

If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll not know that Rock Band 4 is out today. Harmonix and Mad Catz have been feverishly working behind the scenes to get the game ready for a 6th of October launch, and I for one was looking forward to picking it up and rocking out again without […]

Feature Update announced for Rock Band 4

It’s not even out yet and Harmonix have already announced a feature update for the much-anticipated Rock Band 4. Coming to Xbox One in December, the update will be free to all players and will feature that the musically-inclined community have requested, “Variable Breakneck Speed”. This will allow players to control the note scrolling speeds […]

Rock Band 4 announces final setlist

With release a mere weeks away now, Harmonix have blinked first in the battle of the band games and announced the rest of the setlist that will come pre-loaded on the disc. For this last #MusicMonday, Harmonix have revealed tracks from Brad Paisley ft Keith Urban, Gin Blossoms, Imagine Dragons and R.E.M among others. Rock […]