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MCM Comic Con Lands in Manchester

I am going to make an assumption based on the fact you are reading this… you like the ‘Popular Arts’; videogames, sci-fi, comics, cosplay etc. I know I am right, so if you are based up North and near Manchester, it might be worth getting yourself a ticket to the MCM Expo taking place at […]

Harry Potter for Kinect Review

When J.K Rowling sat on that delayed train for four hours in the 90’s concocting all the details for a novel about a wizard, I bet she never believed in her wildest dreams how record breaking it would eventually become – and that even you could become that very wizard through the power of a […]

Harry Potter for Kinect Demo Out Now

Warner Bros. has today released the demo for their upcoming spell-binding Harry Potter game for Kinect on Xbox LIVE. The Kinect sensor allows each player to scan in their own face to create a unique witch or wizard to study at Hogwarts and journey through the adventures of the film series.

Exclusive Kinect Harry Potter This Autumn

Warner Bros and Eurocom will cast a spell among Harry Potter fans of all ages this autumn with the Harry Potter for Kinect exclusively on the Xbox 360.